agree:Reviewer:Jade 8/11/98 | Reviewer: jade coupe | 1/11/12

It is an amazing song, it has true feeling.I love the part that said"Were part!,Forgot! and scream out! till the lungs fill up with blood . shut up and wait for the breakdown now!

So true | Reviewer: Rowan | 10/24/08

This is very true. I feel like this all the time, or used to, still do sometimes. This song just shows that sometimes you can have guts to show that you are worthless and will admit to it. Its shows you're strong for admitting your problems, and allowing other people to know them.

AGREE | Reviewer: Creacy | 11/9/07

I truly believe that everyone feels this way at some point and time in their life. I just have to say I'm grateful for friends and family who care about you when you feel worthless. I love this song, I can really relate to it.