re; third eye shadowed | Reviewer: no name | 3/29/10

..."third eye shadowed?"...

drug addiction is a disease. once someone is addicted to a substance it has a physiological effect on your body. That means that your body chemistry changes and becomes dependent on the substance. While part of the disease of some addictions are psychological, there is a phsyiological change that occurs in the body. That and the fact that detoxing can be dangerous for drug addicts (can actually kill them if long time abusers of certain drugs quit "cold turkey") makes addiction a serious problem. Henceforth it isn't appropriate to say that addictions is a choice. Not trying to be a just letting you know what the truth is. It's easy to think that people are making the choice to continue to do drugs past the point of recreaton and to have no compassion for them...but it's not as easy to quit using as some people think and you have to understand that most addicts do want to quit and be healthy again.

the meaning of Maynard' Lyrics | Reviewer: Charney | 3/7/10

The meaning of this song is really whatever you want it to be. As with all of Tool/Perfect Circle/Puscifer's songs (all Maynard), as soon as you start to think about the lyrics, you automatically apply them to your life, and you start to think that the song is really about your specific situation. This is what is great about Maynard's lyrics... they're not vague and cheesy, but they still can relate to EVERY listener.

What i think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/10

I think it took 5 years for somone to come along and say somthing like " Hey, it's Maynard." He's probably reffering to all of those things to provoke some thought into his listeners/readers. And hell, it worked.
Its not about what he says, its what we (the audiance) get from it. Last anon said a recent experiance affected his perception of it, which is true for me. On the other hand i agreed with most of this pages opinions.
Whatever the case, this is a great tune that really lets you think.

Lol, im getting marks in school for this analysis, WOOOOOOP!

Sounds better than drug addiction | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/09

Haha, this may just be because I see the song through something that happened recently, but I see it more like a bad relationship hitting the end of the road. The person Maynard describes sounds like the type of person my ex is. She isn't suicidal in the outright sense of wanting to blow her brains out or something, she's suicidal in the sense that she's dedicated to self-tragedy. She ruins everything for everyone so she can be the center of attention so she can say "Poor me". It's a self destructive behavior where she kids herself that she's really the world's punchline and she lies to everyone else to get them to feel the same.

Maynard's singing from the POV of the guy who's sick of the crap and telling the self-centered prick/bitch to take the garbage somewhere else because he's over it and doesn't wanna sit by and watch them kill themselves in such a stupid way.

a differnt meaning | Reviewer: Third eye shadowed | 12/4/09

ok, firstly ann, u said it was about drug addiction, then u said Specifically heroin addiction. that was it then u rammbled about how your son is, and i do wish him to get better, but u are no better than the person in this song that just rabmles to get attention. Also drug addiction is not a disease. It is bull, plz someone try and convince me otherwise but for right now i see it as a choice, a life choice to be exact. As for me i think this song is about all the drama and bull that goes on in the celeberty world, talking about mdicated drama queens can be interpereted as many things but the reason i think it has to do with celeberties is because it talks about why would we want to watch you, also talks about wanting fame. And i dont think he is trying to tell who ever to go kill them selfs he actualy isn't doing that all in my opinion, he says Everyone will have his day to die, this doesnt seem like he is telling that person to give it all up and kill himself just sounds like he is telling them they are going to die, it is inevitable but it is your choice if you kill your self.

It's not so easy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/09

I think this song is about someone who has a suicidal friend and just can't take it beeing scared all the time and just tells the friend to either get over it or do it. I've myself been in the situation of suiciding and for you people who says that it's bullshit doesn't know what they're talking about. Actually I had a problem with a neurotransmitter called Serotonin so I got medication for it which helped. But to live for months without feeling happiness is tough.

RE: Please... | Reviewer: Seomay | 9/30/09

Excuse me, not quite so educated individual, but the National Institute on Drug Abuse readily defines addiction as a brain 'disease'. Also, I applaud not only your ignorance but also your lack of compassion as your only response to 'Drug Abuse' was to simply flame that. Shame on you.
As for 'Drug Abuse' I wish your son good luck on the path to recovery. It isn't easy but IS possible. I have a brother in law going through it and yes, this song does seem to portray it very well.

Please... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/09

Addiction is not a "disease." It never has been, it never will be... you may be "genetically predisposed" to become an addict, but you have a clear choice in allowing it to happen. There are several factors that play a part in addiction, including genetic, social, environmental, and so on... but it's not a disease... a "sickness," perhaps... but those are two distinctly different things.

take as you may | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/09

I beleive this song is about someone that has an addiction problem and keeps disapointing everyone around them; usually with a an addiction your selfish and the world is all about you and you dont care about anyone else just making yourself happy but sometimes you would rather die

drug addiction | Reviewer: ann | 9/9/09

I believe this song is about drug addiction. Specifically heroin addiction. My son is fighting this addiction and when he relapses, I sometimes get angry ( but mostly I am sad) i understand all about this addiction as a disease but it still hurts to watch someone you love very much go through it. Anybody out there contemplating using heroin to numb whatever pain they feel, Don't Do It!! Don't ever get messed up with that shit.

i... | Reviewer: MYOPINIONIS | 6/20/09

I think this song's more like, "go die if you have the balls to" Most of the people that say there gonna suicide are just that, imbecile drama queens, liars begging for attention.

So yeah that's why I think.

Actually... Yes. | Reviewer: Kyle | 6/8/09

Great song, I have to say !
But actually.. People do see these comments..
I always go down to see the others guys opinion about the songs, what the songs me be referring to or what its about. So "Still a Mystery"; People read this.

Great song : >

GET OVER IT! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/09

This is pretty much what I think the song is about. Telling some self involved narcissistic drama queen to just get over it, get over yourself. It's not pro-suicide or anti-suicide it just says that people who think they are the center of the universe need to wake up and gain a little more empathy to try to feel for others instead of just themselves. And if you can't do that just get the fuck away from me because I can't deal with it anymore.
Maynard, in his attempt to interpret how a person such as this thinks the way they do is lost and disconnected from the broader view of the world.
Like somebody already said Tool and A Perfect Circle's songs have always been about broadening your mind and expanding your perceptions to understand the world better. It's about opening your eyes to the truth, however much the truth may hurt you or piss you off.
I think this song tells us that as a society need to stop being so self absorbed and overly emotional.There's far too much of this "emo" crap these days, if we can just rid the world of it we will all be much happier.

irony? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/09

haha, personally i think this song is somewhat ironic.
the whole song is about berating this person who is seems to have problems (whether real or imagined) calling them an imbecile, drama queen, etc. in the end, telling them 'who cares, but if youre goind to kill yourself, go somewhere else.'...

just putting it out there as a possibility...but maybe he's making an ironic point that we (people) for the most part tell people to keep their problems to themselves...and sometimes it's too much for them.
and of course, we never feel guilty after that, even though we could have certainly at least given them enough care to listen to their problems.

it seems like a maynard thing to do...

Wade | Reviewer: Wade | 4/8/09

To the one who said they couldn't believe Maynard felt this way about suicide - you've obviously missed his whole point all along. His music - specifically with Tool - has always been about expanding your mind and perceptions. To be as critical of yourself as others and to grow as a human being and develop to your ultimate potential in the human experience.

How could he possibly be pro-suicide? He may not be anti-suicide per se; but I think he recognizes that it's not his choice, and just doesn't really care. He wants people to think for themselves - so condoning suicide would be against his "mission statement" if you will.