Sticky | Reviewer: Maffew | 8/15/07

This song always seems to find a way to get stuck in my head every morning. So I wind up getting home and listening to the whole album, great song, 10/10.

Horizontically, not vertically. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/07

I dedicate the lyrics of this song to all the emos out there.

Go die. We barely care.

total joy | Reviewer: asmfan | 6/25/07

absolute hit, also try a mix by Apocalipse - can listen it for hours!!!

10/10 | Reviewer: John Smith | 4/30/07

This is a really good song, I also recommend watching the video...

a good song | Reviewer: stewie | 9/6/06

i really like it. it is intense and fun

10/10 | Reviewer: ev | 11/15/05

this is SUCH an amazing piece of music, for me its one of the best songs EVER made. i absolutely love it!