sad love hug | Reviewer: teri | 5/6/12

i a strange 4 real. and perhaps unwise, for I didn't step further to see, I simply type now my confusion and desire to see love had, love felt and love applied. A perfect circle. yet lyrics raw raw super raw...pain. ouchies. I know some about. and wanting to find a connection I guess...with the reading of the lyrics had to type....unwise maybe but here am i. Let the question me, when a suicide goes from attempt to complete. Where is then, this one called God? I thought...He held life and death within His hands? How can one who believes in God and even that one who takes their life is hell bound, do this? Personally, I never could believe if God was loving, how He would not understand the things that go on within...even just me when the thoughts happen. Only a cold cruel uncaring distant god wouldn't see... the pain. And to send one to hell? For what? Hurting? F that! But opinions and facts are two different things. Though I can believe as I wish, I don't know what really happens. When someone I love, took themselves. I go on a journey when any of my people go, but this was...way more challenging. I can only speak from my heart, and from my journey and again if God be God, each and everyone of us are different and therefore there is no set law or rule or statement, we all work out our own salvation...through fear and trembling. It's not my life, but it is my person. I need to know they are ok! God! My journey to find, to love, to know my step dad was ok in his afterlife took me to a trembling night his spirit boldly invaded my prayer. To a peaceful meeting that left me knowing he is ok. God, I believe gave me this to balance out them thoughts when i felt challenges to believe God had power or love. This is what, I got. If, man had the power to take his life, why attempted suicide? My conclusion, knowing first hand about mental problems. Attempted suicide, is when a person under mental stress tries to take their life. Suicide, is when God calls one home. I just love and want so bad to help if I encourage an openess with God. Ask, yell, cry out to him and see if he don't or can't connect with you. A perfect circle..led me in hopes to find something matter what ugly, no matter what depth of pain, we in skinned earth can see, the spirit world completes a key when each circle completes, showing us a view from both sides seeing all the views. Ya the person reached afterlife, ya they commited suicide, and ya God was right there with them, not only were dark spirits there, angels were too, and God does love and does feel. We are forgiven and loved. And the soul never dies, love be always.

Typo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/11

"to be somewhere far away from here"
needs to be:
"do it somewhere far away from here"

cuz it's talking about the person committing suicide and he's trying to talk the person out of it, but he's getting fed up with all the drama and at the end he's basically saying "well, I've done my best to talk you out of it, but the choice is still yours and if you do decide to do it, I don't want you anywhere near me when u do"

i think | Reviewer: preston | 9/1/11

i bleve its about being an outsider to drug addiction you don't understand the way they lie every time you use its like shooting your self and the singer dosent understand why shes willing to through her life away to drug use

just one more | Reviewer: to whom it may concern | 8/4/11

This is a great song, no denying that... Loved it since I heard it... It has a little special meaning to me... And it will take a while to explain.

My best friend... She has had a very bad experience so far, and at the moment her boyfriend is being a complete ass in at least not even trying to understand her situation... She's suicidal, she cuts and has been declared 'clinically depressed' and let me explain... In some people... Pain increases adrenalin and dopamine levels... That is a good feeling, and she feels it is the only way she can feel good sometimes. And I suppose I understand why. She was teased constantly at school, for her weight (of which, she was wrongly accused because she weighed little over 8 stone) however, she still had a big build, and people just teased her endlessly, she was nearly kidnapped, and like I said, her boyfriend isn't exactly supportive of her. She is known to blow things way out of proportion however... She tells the kidnapping story like there's no tomorrow... Often it changes too, its true, I was there but, she isn't always truthful about it... Which leads me to believe she isn't exactly truthful about domestic violence either. I now don't get me wrong, I love her to bits, but I grow tired of her lies, deceit, and talking behind my back... And I grow weary of her threats as well... I often tell her 'why would you throw it away like this?' Referring to our friendship of course, she doesn't listen to that part, but something always stops her doing it. Its pretty annoying, but I'm a sucker at heart and will always forgive her.

I think the writer is in a similar situation, this girl is beautiful, however she has severe problems and is often self destructive

The first verse 'help me if you can' the writer is trying to ask the girl to help him understand why she's doing all that she is doing. Then the 'put it no a fault line' means that she should look at who's fault whatever has happened really is, as she's always saying 'its always my fault' 'what's it gonna take to get through to you precious?' Clearly, the writer isn't getting what he's saying over to her, by her either ignoring him, or doing the opposite against his advice... And obviously, he doesn't want to watch her harm or traumatise herself any more. The chorus is obviously about her committing suicide, and how he thinks everyone goes someday, just wait for yours.

'Medicated, drama queen' clearly, treated for some kind of depression, and the writer misinterpreted her actions. It happens all the time. My best friend for instance, actually has had very bad times, but people assume self harming is attention seeking. And why wouldn't they? They have no idea what's happened. As far as they know, they are just like them. Except they harm. It really bugs me about society.

Narcissism also is a misinterpretation, they believe self harming, or even the notion of suicide is selfish, and its all about them... Even though sometimes there Is little else to turn to. With my best friend, her family actually doesn't like her very much, they are booting her out when she turns 16 and won't give a damn. I've met them, and the disrespect and hipocrisy they treat her with... I sometimes wish I could call social services on them... However, she would have even less than what she does now.

And the rest is pretty much the same put forth in many different ways. Hope this wasn't too much... >.< that was a lot. Hopefully it clarifies some issues and raises more questions, as always.

dood | Reviewer: swagmaster | 7/30/11

This song is not as subliminal as you all think. Its about a beautiful woman who who is obsessed and thinks she has faults and pushes her problems on everyone and makes herself seem so faulted and wrong that she wants to kill herself. The singer is talking about how no one wants to hear he drama and if shes going to actually do it he doesnt want to hear about it or see it because its, in his opinion, a stupid, childish act of self indulgence and attention seeking.

maybe about a relationship? | Reviewer: GHOSTRELM@GMAIL.COM | 7/8/11

I kind of think that this song is about a relationship possibly with a girlfriend, and the references to suicide, pulling the trigger, are more or less metaphors for ending the relationship. Maynard is saying that he's sick of the bullshit, of the empty threats, and he can't understand that particular thought process. Just my first reaction to the song.

// | Reviewer: George McGeorge | 6/4/11

In my opinion, the song pretty accurately describes the behavoir of someone suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. We`re reckless, given to hysterics and desperate bids for love & attention, and much more likely than non-BPD sufferers to fall victim to addiction (as a means to cope) and suicidal impulses. A great number of us self-mutilate. BPD is hard for most people to understand; we`re often seen as whiney attention whores, but the thing to remember is that borderlines are made, not born that way. Some psychologists see BPD as an especially severe, prolonged form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Guess I kinda went off on a tangent...

hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/11

I agree with all the guys saying Tool/APC's lyrics are up to personal interpretation, but this one to me, sounds like it's from the perspective of someone not understanding someone else's will to take their own life. He's trying to deter them without giving them the attention of his sympathy.

Self destruction | Reviewer: phoenix | 12/27/10

For me the song is, to put it simply, refers to trying to destroy oneself by giving into vices, doing plastic surgery (to be specific) or anything unnatural, wasting away who you really are, to be a completely different person. Which is to the writer, a ridiculous thing and it's very related to religion (if you know what i'm saying) considering most of apc songs are connected to religion.

It's funny how Maynard singing this song reminds me of its hero | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/10

It's a very funny song from a perspective I'd like to present here.
I know these kind of situations, where there are brothers that have some common problem in their family, but look at it from polar perspectives. They are both hurt in some ways, they both suffer, and are in pain. Let's say that one of them turns to drugs, and another one turns from his own weakness, and becomes hard on the outside. Both are trying to cope with a situation that is hard for them, and both fail in their own ways.
I feel that in this song Maynard is to quick to turn his back on the second brother, misunderstanding the situation, seeing only the simplest and most immediate fact: the addiction of the first brother. In forgetting the seclusion and loneliness of the second brother, MAynard treats him exactly in the same way as the second brother treats the first one. He just says to the second brother (in a way): "Coalesce! Coalesce! Treat your brother with all the love you have trouble to show! Be well and show your emotions, even though you are scared to death..."
I think it's very ironic, and as such funny.
I don't want to play a psychologist, but Maynard is an only son. Maybe that's the reason he doesn't seem to understand the full complexity of the situation, maybe it's not that simple to write a song about it, or maybe just it's for no particular reason. Maybe he is just caught in his own emotions, and is angry at the second brother. And this anger prevents him in a way from understanding his side of the story. I don't know, but please consinder looking at this song in this light as an interesting (I hope) side to the problem.
I'm from Poland, and I'm sorry for my terrible English. It's self-taught, and I have never took any real English course.

My interpretation of this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/10

My interpretation of this song is that it is about someone close to Maynard (or whoever wrote the lyrics for the song, typically that is Maynard but you never know) who has issues, specifically with substance abuse and mental issues, someone who is self centered and narcissistic etc. I know I have met people like this - totally self involved, complete drama queens, always doing anything for attention, sometimes they are medicated due to being hypochondriacs and pestering many different doctors to "fix them" etc. The person he is referring to clearly has drug issues as well, and i could have swore that when he says "Disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time" one of the times he says " one BOWL HIT at a time" implying drug use etc, but i could be wrong on that. It would be like Maynard to do something sneaky like that.

So in the beginning of the song, Maynard is trying to understand this person and help them etc, but by the end of it he realizes that it's a waste of his time. This person is also clearly suicidal (or at least pretends to be for attention) as stated in the lines
"What's your rush now?
Everyone will have his day to die" basically saying that we will all die eventually, why would you want to rush towards death, rather you should enjoy life to it's fullest.

By the very end he is saying "They were right about you" meaning his other friends etc that had warned him about this person, but Maynard being the non judgemental, open minded person that he is, does not just assume they are correct, but draws his own conclusions, and realizes that his other friend were indeed correct. Finally, he says
"If you choose to pull the trigger, should your drama prove sincere, do it somewhere far away from here" basically saying that he is done with this person, if they actually DO end up taking their own life, then that is their choice, but he wants no part of it, or them any more.

Sigh. | Reviewer: Blake | 8/31/10

I find that comments and reviews without proper grammar or sentence structure tend to be absolutely retarded.

@Ray: Fantastic review, I live in a family plagued by addiction and your information is all correct. In fact, my step-mother has Borderline Personality Disorder and has been known to behave rather erratically. Addiction is, indeed, a disease, one for which there is no cure.

It's what you want... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/10

It can be what ever you want to put it to. Personally I like to make videos of footage around the world and put good cryptic music it to it and let the people take what they want from it. Personally I think this song would go good to visuals of war and the same old bull crap politicians feed us.

The Mind is a good observation and decryption tool. It finds things relative to it's own past or current experiences and automatically assumes a connection. References and symbols are a good way to push people towards thinking in the way you want them to so they can see it from your perspective. Also music has a MAJOR influence on emotions and it only multiplies feelings. Couple that with your own message and you can get people to care about what should be cared about. I suggest if you care about something deeply put music and visuals together and you are sure to get people on your side.

One suggestion in making a video is time the frames with the beat and mood of the sound building or dieing down. Small facts help strengthen you message. The last image should be something you want to stick in the mind of the viewers.

to add on to the last review... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/10

@Ray I think you've pretty much hit the nail on the head. Though to add on to that I think a lot of the unstable/narcissistic people you mentioned will often threaten suicide to get attention (like my own mother) or even attempt suicide via half-assed methods like pills or slitting their wrists, again for attention. And I think in the last couple verses Maynard is saying, "alright, if you want to commit suicide so badly, go right ahead, just do it the hell away from me".

A Brief Commentary | Reviewer: Ray | 4/30/10

This song is from the album, "A Thirteenth Step" which seems to refer to 12 Step Programs such as AA, NA, CA, CoDA and SA. I think anyone who is a fan of A Perfect Circle or even Tool can see the obvious referrences to Addiction, but it's not just about drugs. I've read many reviews so far which say that this song is about drug addiction, and I agree... but not completely. Most people who have addiction issues also have unhealthy relationships. As do I. For the past couple of years, as I've faced many challenges being in a relationship with someone with mental illness, A Perfect Circle and Tool have helped me greatly to work through my feelings toward my partner. I'll give some examples.

"You're lying to yourself again" - addicts and other people who suffer psychological or emotional disorders have a tendancy to lie to themselves. We call it Denial.
"Lying through your teeth again" - these same people (though never exclusively) tend to lie as a rule of thumb. When you're dishonest with yourself, you will be dishonest with others.
"Lying to my face again" - being in a relationship with an addict or someone with psychological or emotional disorders is an excercise in patience. You just have to expect to be lied to... but yet stay open to change. maybe she'll tell you the truth one day, huh?

"Medicated drama queen... Picture perfect numb belligerence. Narcissistic drama queen, craving fame and all it's decadence." - If anyone has cared for someone with psychological or emotional disorders, I'm sure you've noticed a higher degree than normal of narcissism. Maynard tends to go for beautiful women, and Ive noticed that beautiful women tend to be a little narcissistic. they crave attention and adopt personal (usually individualist) philosophies which morally permit them to endulge in the decadence of the world of beautiful people. *Disclaimer: There are exceptions to every rule including this one. There are many humble beautiful women in the world... If you're offended by my statement, it's probably because you relate to it.

"They were right about you... I'm over this." - Usually your friends will see when you're in an abusive relationship and will warn you. You dont know how many times over the years I've thought this same line.

"Disconnect and self-destruct one bullet at a time." - Addicts and people with psychological and emotional disorders tend to isolate themselves and behave in self-destructive manners. One disorder which is Very common in north america is Personality Disorder. One type is called "Avoidant". This is what people with Avoidant Personality Disorder and also Borderline Personality Disorder do. They desperately want closeness and intimacy, but for whatever reason they're too afraid and so they push people away and slowly kill themselves.

"If you choose to pull the trigger, should your drama prove sincere.... do it somewhere far away from here." - sounds to me like he's pretty pissed off and tired of her crap.

Please remember that this is a synopsis based on my own experiences and what I know of Maynard James Keenan. It is entirely subjective. And for those who are curious... I'm pissed off, but not tired enough to quit. Love is unconditional, right?