only maynard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/11

only maynard and apc knows what means this song to them... and that's the only thing that really matters, 'cause they made the song for us to listen, but they feel it... as all great musicians and composers in all the world since ever and forever... who really knows? maybe it's not a song, it's a real feeling played on musical instruments... PEACE AND LOVE

I don't claim to know anything since I did not write the song but | Reviewer: GthcWrtr | 3/15/11

Maynard was a strong voice against The war in Iraq and I believed upon hearing this song that the words echo What was happening at the time when George Bush admitted there were no weapons of mass destruction he was "casting his demons out" he made himself to look the innocent with a halo while our men and women were dying in a war we should have never started.....

Song about dark to light? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/11

It's about someone who has successfully come out of rehab and is selfishly happy and satisfied that they are ok and a new person forgetting what they have put everyone else connected to their life through, it's not got a positive message to emerging from dark to light or why would it have been called the noose? Far from a positive song

Moving forward | Reviewer: Tom | 1/17/11

This song seems to hint at the notion that guilt will entangle all who emerge from darkness into light. If you can let go and forgive yourself, you will have made your amends. Pain manifests sympathy. When you've been through hell, you can recognize and help others suffering the same emotional pain. Don't be afraid to share your heart.

Trods Endlessly Alone (For Good Reason) | Reviewer: Renonymous | 12/1/10

To the author of the review posted on 11/13/10, the title of your review seems very apt. Until you learn to communicate in an intelligent way, your thoughts will be discounted as the disjointed ramblings that they are. As for the song's meaning, Dante Alighieri comes to mind.

Trods Endlessly Alone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/10

I believe that there are only two parts to most music(escp. mainstream). One is the sound/feel the other the words. However simple the words, they are what I focus on to understand the msg of the song. So many talented and deeply spiritual meanings that help man find life's meaning. Lets corrupt it and fool the people eh! Sounds good to me money. ARETHEYAWAKEN!

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king | Reviewer: William | 8/12/10

To all you know it alls... pun intended, I'd suggest checking out the music video for this song before getting all high and mighty; even if you are of the opinion that the meaning is up for grabs and that's the beauty of it. At least try and get the full picture before speaking up pointlessly - unless you count self expression as an end. Truth be told, there is very little difference between a comment, a criticism, an opinion and a suggestion; and they all have one thing in common: ''I''. So let that be that, and stfu

@ ignorance is a bliss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/10

i totally agree with you.

this song is just so beautiful, i even get goose bumps once in a while. it means a lot to me because i connect it with certain experiences, times and places. its way more important what the song means to each one of us than trying to find out what they meant by it.

still, its human nature to ask questions - and thats good as long as we don't stop trying to find the deeper meaning behind things we're not completely dead yet.

enjoy the song and the goose bumps!

The Meaning of Meaningless | Reviewer: Psycho | 7/15/10

We're allways trying to find the meaning of the arts, cause without it, you can't enjoy it. The tru meaning, what the author is trying to say it's the basis of the creative process. That's why, we got our own meaning and that's what you feel when you hear this song, but if you think the song talks about dogs and you're feeling allright cause you love cats, the main objective is not complete. That's why there's a lot of meaning levels. The real one is a mix of all.

By the way, amazing song.

Not to get too into it | Reviewer: Trods | 6/15/10

I agree with the guy who titled his review "ignorance is bliss." it's much more valuable to me anyway to let it apply to what it means to me rather than trying to tear apart Maynards life story and ideologies to try and figure out what he was trying to say.

How you're plannin' to go about makin' your amends To the dead | Reviewer: chris | 6/3/10

the truth of this song can be seen to anyone that has been in a 12 step program or has had a loved one in one. One of the steps is to make amends to those we have harmed along our destructive way. However, as all rehab programs, they are flawed. People think that we can just sit around a group, air or stupidity and mistakes and all is forgiven and we can move on. truth being, what of all those we hurt physically,mentally and mortally? we sit on our high horses and pat ourselves on the back and think that we have made everything alright. Our egos are so overinflated we make ourselves believe that we no longer have to be accountable for these deeds. If you watch the A Perfect Circle DVD Emotive with the commentary on, you will see that virtually all the songs on 13th step are dealing with addiction. Some people that act as if they truly love a band or there music really should try and research them before becoming no it alls. I myself, am not saying i know all there is to know about APC or TOOL or Puscifer, But i have been a true fan for 16 yrs. I live and breath this music. please try to hold your ignorance to a minimum when posting things u have no idea about. Thanks. Maynard rules!!!!

Ignorance is Bliss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/10

Why does there have to be an exact meaning? Why bother fighting over what you THINK the exact meaning is?

It's open for interpretation. Stop pretending you know what it's supposed to mean to everyone and start finding out what it means to YOU.

beautiful song | Reviewer: C_pax | 4/22/10

I'll have to agree this song can mean so much to so many people. To me,this song makes me think of self-riotousness. Trying to overcome a "holier than you" past. How so many ppl get caught up in their own self worth and eventually their self important halo becomes their noose. Their own undoing. And for some reason this song also makes me think of someone atoning for an abortion. lol don't ask me why,it just ran across my mind. I don't think Maynard was targeting any one single act,thing,or event when he wrote this. This song,like his music is for everyone. And everyone will get something different out of it:)

Strong song | Reviewer: SirBobert | 4/14/10

Fantastic song, I have enjoyed it on every level. Music, his voice and words.. to which i do not have my own story attached ... but that will come in time.

I find it very warm that every person in here finds their own interpretation of the story told.

Who cares what the exact meaning is? | Reviewer: ozena | 4/10/10

I think it's pretty obvious that this song is about self-righteousness, regardless of what sphere that might exist in - addiction, behaviour or otherwise.

Anyway, I for one think this is a beautifully bleak song, and the lyrics are perfectly complemented by the amazing music. Just enjoy the song!