War hero? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/07

I dont think its about bush and the war, or about christ as i have read in some of the previous reviews, but what about a war hero coming home from the war, overcoming injury and being exalted by the military and his country for a job well done, then after all that fades away he is left with the haunting thoughts of war and the people he killed. Just a thought to add to the many interpretations. Cheers

US War against the world... | Reviewer: GK | 10/7/07

It's up to interpretation. But I noticed a few things:
1. GWB is born again (Recall the deeds as if they're all Someone else's Atrocious stories
Now you stand reborn)... speaks volumes

2. This preventive war was a lie, no explantions as to the real reason (only speculations).

3. How many people (US, Iraqi and anyone else involved)have died at the time of this song was released? Hence: But I'm more than just a little curious How you're plannin' to go about makin' your amends To the dead.

4. To me it personally sounds as if President Bush, thinks he is doing the right thing, or portrays it as such. It is a fact he prays (if he receives feedback by "GOD" is questionable. And if he really believes this, he is delusional to an extreme. He has caused devestation; 100,000's dead for WHAT?

The Noose | Reviewer: Orig | 10/8/07

It's obviously not about the war and bush, since the time the song was made was quite some time before the war was seriously happening. Suicide? Possible, a person who is depressed slipping in and out of depression. A God meaning? Also possible, look at all the songs that sort of "bash" religion though. A murderer, same sort of God time meaning answer.

I'd say it has many meanings, and it would depend on what you have happening...as is the way with most APC songs.

It's basically a person who has done something, stopped doing it, and is being pulled back in again, just as they have before, it doesn't mean sinning, doesn't mean killing, or drugs. It can be anything.

He is about Jesus | Reviewer: Bugyman | 10/7/07

he is talking about Jesus if you read carefuly
Recall the deeds as if they're all
Someone else's
Atrocious stories
Now you stand "reborn"
Before us all
So glad to see you well.
But in some "reprovingly" way.

What the song means. | Reviewer: Flip | 10/5/07

Look, I've read some of these interpretations but not all of them and so if this is already posted than sorry. But listen, I work with a lot of guys in a rehab and they have the most heart touching way of looking at the song. And if the album is on addiction... I bet you its this way. He is singing from the perspective of a fellow member of a rehab. Singing about his friend who is clean and act like his addiction never happened (so glad to see you well). (With heavens help) rehabs take you to church and u do pray and he probably became a more religious person once is (demons) or addiction was lifted. But he tries to forget about everything he has done as if it never happened, refusing to acknowledge his past instead of embracing it as a testimony, instead, he passes it off as someone elses (atrocious stories). Standing reborn as in reborn in christ, which there is nothing wrong with, the problem lies in the fact he thinks he is better than his counterparts. The people still in rehabs and apparantly the people he was in rehab with. From perspective as a fellow in rehab.. He says (not to pull you halo down and tug you off your cloud, but how do you plan on making your amends to the dead), in rehabilitaion one of the steps is making amends with those you've wronged. So not to slap you back to reality but how do you plan on making amends with the people you made addicts out of and killed by getting them hooked on drugs? Selling them drugs? What about them? Hes saying your forgetting everything about it... But how in the hell are you gonna forget about the people you couldn't make amends with because your problem killed them?

Jesus | Reviewer: Derek | 10/4/07

Everyone has they're own interpetation of songs and what they mean, which is one thing that is great about Maynard.... so many of his songs can be applied to different things...although he has said that all the songs off this album have something to do with addiction from different perspecitves....but i like to think of it being about Jesus..i mean read the lyrics... a halo being pulled down, amends to the dead, reborn before us all, it makes sense does it not...but then again the whole idea of addiction, and a relapse also make sense...like i said its all about how people apply it to they're own lives.

Great. | Reviewer: Richie | 9/24/07

I have been 'into' A Perfect Circle for about three years now and I absolutely LOVE this song. I think that this song is the best song EVER made in the history of the world.


Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/07

Well, the theories that I have read have not even come close to actually saying what it is about. The true meaning of the song is that it is about a "born-again christian" one who was guilty of the sins that we are all guilty of, but once they became born again, they no longer sinned and therefore would "be wearing a halo" sitting on a cloud. This song is calling them out by telling them they can't distance themselves from the sins they have committed in their life before being "born-again". "Recall the deeds as if they're all Someone else's Atrocious stories Now you stand reborn Before us all So glad to see you well" is illustrating the point that if you ask a "born-again christian" if they have done anything bad in their life, they will say no, and look at their life prior to finding Jesus as someone else's life. The whole questioning and calling out religious organizations is a big part of Maynard's style of writing and own personal belief. Listen to Judith by A Perfect Circle, the song is criticizing his mother for blindly following God even after He allowed her to be in the accident. Also listen to "Right in Two", "Eulogy", "Opiate" by Tool. You will see the reoccuring pattern.

Guilt | Reviewer: Aidan | 9/13/07

It about skeletons in the closet.
when one does something bad that they dont want anyone esle to find out about they hid it and try to for get a about. our pretend it did not happen like being reborn thru heaven. but the guilt will eventually catch up to you one day. thus the vary halo that one puts up latter chokes them with guilt.

The Noose | Reviewer: DIW | 8/30/07

The Noose
guys...the song is about a murderer, who does crime,with evil deeds,a grievous offense against morality... will walk out free without any punishment, with heaven's help....and so reborn...! AMAZING SONG...! but can beat TOOL songs

? | Reviewer: Punn | 8/30/07

You kids are dumb. Its about Bush n the War.

=) | Reviewer: Quirkycat | 8/26/07

I love all the theories on this song: it's poetry of the best kind, where there is not necessarily one answer and everyone finds something they relate to.

Nice ideas, people!

------ About the song The Noose performed by A Perfect Circle | Reviewer: elias | 8/21/07

i really cant understand how you came to that suicide conclusion. the meaning of the noose, the tuggin down and the halo around the neck that eventually chokes... is metaphorical, differently you can't explain the "glad to see you weel, overcome this" phrase and the song loses its spirit given in the beginning. also "the dead" in the song are just ruined things, things you cant reveal and can't do anything about'em. it's not macabre. dead things; not..... bodies!! calm down! anyways... i agree with nate, mostly.

Not suicide | Reviewer: Cassie | 8/20/07

It's about a once corrupt person that found God and thinks that excuses them from their crimes. They dont acknowledge their actions as their own "someone elses atrocious stories" but the people they hurt or killed along the way won't care- how does a reborn murderer make amends to those they killed? It's impossible to be forgiven for some things.

hehe | Reviewer: Alex | 8/1/07

To me this describes alot of things. Most of all it reminds me of my ex girlfriend, who in high school she had alot of problems, and her friend committed suicide. She apparently went out of control and was sent away to boarding school, a REALLY expensive (more so than universities) one. They basically brainwashed kids to think they were flawed and that they had to be "fixed" so to speak, or they couldn't graduated.

So she did what every kid in that school did. She faked it. You can't "cure" kids by making them hate you, or repressing what got them there..that only makes it more likely to explode in the end. ANYWAYS when she got out all of a sudden its like she was reborn (this is when I met her), she seemed like she had her head on her shoulders, she talked like she did, she dressed like she did. But inside it was the same old bullshit. And it made her ashamed-made her ashamed that after all that she was the same, if not worse.

Anyways it happened again, her dad was dying, she pushed away everyone she loved (including me), and found sleezeballs to degrade her (because of she thinks she deserves it). Just reminds me of her, because she went away to get better, and she came back only FAKING, pretending to be better. But there was nothing wrong with her in the first place...They just brainwashed to think she was flawed (when in reality all teenagers go through similar phases).

I think its just about the fake halos (facades) people put up, even though they haven't really changed. This in turn suffocates them, and causes them to 1) not know who the hell they are, and as long as they are faking, never will 2)Are more likely to relapse, or break down again, and 3) continue the cycle over and over.