My thoughts - a more general view | Reviewer: Todd | 3/15/08

The beauty of Tool and A Perfect Circle is that any one person can have a completely different view on the meaning portrayed in the lyrics and this view is my own. I like thinking of this song as describing someone who has had a dark past, perhaps drugs as many of you have suggested but I think it is more general than that. I believe this song sings to anyone who has had a drastic change for the better in their life, anyone who has "cast their demons out". This person has found god in the sense that they have righted their wrongs, they're now so high up on their cloud, looking down on you. I think Maynard is saying "Good for you for fixing what is wrong, but by doing this you are in no way better than everyone else, there is no way to erase the past. You must still live with your past and all the burdens that remain. (The people hurt, the damage done)" This song is basically a satirical reminder to of all those people who make a selfish recovery from a hole to remember the people down in that whole with them. Definately one of my favorite songs ever, check out Lateralus if you want to have your mind blown.

I think... | Reviewer: Linda | 3/16/08

that it also might mean that there is this asshole person that treats his friends and family like shit... possibly an abusive father or an abusive boyfriend or person who treat someone they're suppose to love really bad and cruelly. then the person dies or it could be parents that has been putting up with the heartache of addict child. then they die. this asshole person gets better and becomes a good person and changes. however, the damages are done, this changed person can't make it up to the girlfriend, parent, friend or whomever because they have passed away. they have to live with it and even if they've become a better person, the dead will never witness this because they can't. this changed person can never make amends with the dead. the dead ones memory of this person before they die will be of how they were such a bad person who caused them misery until they died. this is possibly sends another message while people are alive because life is fragile, you should take advantage of that and treat them good.

None of the above | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/08

This just another interpretation, but I don't think this is about any specific person or event. It's about people in positions of power who do horrible things, get found out, and then publicly say they've made their peace with God and have been forgiven. Maynard is saying, "It's great that you've made peace with god and you're up high on your cloud in heaven, but what about all the dead you left in your wake?" Think Ted Haggerty and the like.

The Crucible | Reviewer: Haroon | 1/23/08

Is it just me or is anyone else seeing a possible reference to John Proctor from the Crucible? I kno it isnt the idea behind it, but can anyone else see how it fits rather nicely???

Art & Language | Reviewer: Pekida363.360.77 | 1/10/08

its really pathetic if the real Maynard did not appreciate the another person, fans, opinion... it's a free new world order, you involved in something abstract like music & language... it is an open matters... You call yourselves artists, but have never crawled a metre... God, drug, war etc... be jaded and become a freemason!!! open your minds

argue with it! | Reviewer: | 12/27/07

you guys are fighting over song lyrics.. seriously... get a brain..they leave songs open like this so every one can relate to them thus creating more fans.. the point is .. that apc and tool are all songs about post drug use and past... the effects you get from them and withdraw. i agree with what someone said up there.. don't listen to this song if u are in the process of recovering.. during the stages of my drug use i have interpreted the words completely different than the time before. now that im done and i have a clear mind. i see the real meaning. i am a hard core tool and apc fan..the song noose is trying to say sorry to burst your bubble but you fucked up.. glad to see your better now, a new person, but that old person is still inside, dead, but scarring your mind and heart... that pain will never go away though that state of mind will with a correct chemical balance ... how are you going to forgive yourself once you realized how bad you got? end of story. =)

You're all a bunch of tools | Reviewer: Tristan | 12/22/07

I agree with Ashton on the intention of the song. It gives no suggestion of Jesus, and the references to halo's and God are simply metaphor. Don't take it so literally or you've forgotten the point of music.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/07

I cant believe someone would think this song is about Bush, war, or Jesus. MJK lyrics are meant to be taken in multiple ways, but not like that. jesus. Thirteenth Step is all about drug addiction and recovery, that should give all your dumbasses some sort of a hint.

think about this | Reviewer: brian houck | 12/9/07

as far as the reviews go u r all kinda right. it fits for all explenations of jesus and addiction. he used the story of jesus when he wrote the song to apply to alot of complicated issues we all question. i believe in God and jesus but i also aggre u could arrgue that jesus and God knew what they were doing and its close to suiside like saton might argue and thats the whole point. free will. but the artest is actually against suicide in the song. so in a way he is against jesus but in a way he understands man. he is just saying like every one else who cant even aggre on what the song is about is that is contrivursual. we can understand both sides and disagree. but ultimatly he is aggainst suicide so its almost like a catch 22. i love jesus and i say to him also that he knew what was coming so its almost suicide. its comon scence. just like im not spelling everything correctly but u can read it and understand. there are to sides to every story. u cant love God truely without knowing lucifer. the light makes the dark and the dark devides the light. but ultimatly to waste even the slightest chance to walk out ot hell and give a shit about someone but yourself and understand why they put u though hell to begin with is the whole point of this long ass explination and the kick ass song im talking about.

Thoughts | Reviewer: UltraDubious | 12/8/07

You're all attaching your own labels and beliefs to this song. Which is ridiculous. It's a simple message, and it applies to many things which is fucking awesome. It can be a chastisement to a powerful leader or at the other end of the spectrum a message to someone in recovery who's full of themselves because they overcame their addiction but in denial over the people they hurt. But it covers many many things in between.

The Noose | Reviewer: Ashton | 10/29/07

This song is, as someone almost correctly stated, someone who has gone through some severe mental (drug related) mental illness where they would have constantly been destructively affecting the lives of those around them eg their loves one etc. Maynard is saying its all good and well that you have pulled yourself together and im not trying to knock of you off your pedastool (not to pull your halo down) but how are you possibly going to make amends with those who have died (not necessarily as in actually died, perhaps he is insinuated that you have killed lives around you by draining people to a point where they no longer even feel like they are alive), how are you possibly going to make up for the things you have already done.

How are you possibly going to make amends, to the dead.

Right | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/07

This song is about recovery. It's about the anger and doubt people have towards the recovering addict. It's not easy to forgive if you still have doubts about a person's character. It's a satire on people who claim sobriety and still have the -ism. The -ism that makes a person long for either all the attention, or none of it at all. -absinthe702

Do people really think this is about jesus? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/07

This is all about recovery. If you dont think so, go do some drugs for a few years, get sober, and than listen to the song. A fair warning, do not listen to this song if you are in recovery and have any bit of desire to use. it will make you sad and you will use.

Amotion | Reviewer: The real Maynard | 10/29/07

The menaing of this lyric is on the DvD Amotion. basically, it's about some sort of experience people who have been over drugs and their attitude. To Maynard's experiences with this bunch, they all seem to live up in a cloud, and don't realize how much pain and suffering they caused to their loved ones. Don't have to believe me, just watch the DvD...

The truth | Reviewer: Maynard | 10/21/07

Wow. Only one guy got it right. Of course its about drugs and getting off of them. Whats with all the cristian bullshit interpretations? You people call yourselves fans, but have never walked a mile.