APC the noose | Reviewer: norwood | 3/3/07

the first time i heard this song i was fucking and i just put it on repeat. this song is really what i wish APC should base around. Its great for coming down or to chill you out and really put you in a dissasociative trip throught the whole song. Fucking Great piece of work.

Brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/07

Not every song he writes has to have a certain numbers of dimensions and depths and meanings, perhaps some can be about just expressing a feeling, or an event, like "the outsider"

this song is absolutly brilliant, it mends, and hurts so deep at the same time! 5 out of 5

Killer | Reviewer: Colin | 3/2/07

this song in my eyes is about a killer saying he found the way of god and is a new person. the song is saying how that is impossible and that he'll be hung for his actions, saying murder is unforgiveable even by his god.

a metaphor? ur an idiot | Reviewer: a bird | 2/27/07

i love when people try to analyze songs... saying the song is a "protest song about the Bush administration, or about Bush himself" seriously, i dont like the war or bush but find some other way to hate on it cuz the album came out only a few months after we first went to iraq suggesting it was written and conceived before the war. this is a great song, dont ruin it earthworm

the noose | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/07

it's a song that really makes you think. not only to what he's saying, but how he can express that in such a light tone yet it still hits you so powerfully. it's definitely a song you listen to when you want to be calm and at the same time generate strong thoughts.

Amazing | Reviewer: Colin | 5/17/06

This song is just amazing. I love the way his voice goes up and down through out the choros, and the various instruments. Not to mention the last minute is some of the best music ever, what with the over-lapping and all. I really could listen to this song all day without gettin gbored, its just that good.

A metaphor? | Reviewer: earthworm | 4/6/06

I've listened to "The Noose" a lot, and I've come to the conclusion that lyrically it could be a veiled protest song about the Bush administration, or about Bush himself. The lyrics refer to a kind of religious transformation that has apparently occurred in the subject, such as the one Bush supposedly had which (also supposedly) helped him quite drinking, among other things. The song then goes on to point out the hypocrisy of this transformation, asking how the subject plans to make amends "for the dead". This is a possible reference to the Iraq war.

+favorite | Reviewer: jmkogut | 4/5/06

This song is #1 on my chill list, i'm pissed off at someone, or just want to hang out with friends, this is always the first song played :p

this familiar parabol | Reviewer: brynt | 10/19/05

maynard is a genious,
his music is in some cases hard aka his old band TOOL
and also spirtual,
his music is inspiring and helps too shift moods of his listeners,

kick ass | Reviewer: Brawk | 3/19/05

maynard sure knows what he is doing...i think this is a great song to calm you down, to chill too, and definately to jam... wonderful 5 out of 5

Awesome | Reviewer: stephen | 10/27/04

I think this song is awesome. It really calms me down when i'm furious over something. If you wanna get put in a "chill mode" then you should listen to this song, i love it.

Brilliant song from a brilliant band. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/04

One of the greatest songs out there at the moment. Listen to it and feel Maynard. Great live as well...

Beautiful | Reviewer: Riko | 8/29/04

Compared to the other Perfect Circle songs, this one is really pretty. It's not really hard rock or anything, it's one of those quiet, tender songs that artists do. I realllly like this song. It could just be me, but I would love it if everyone else gave it a listening to