Perspective | Reviewer: Awakened Beauty | 11/16/13

I can relate to this song, being a version of a "sleeping beauty". Years and generations of alcohol abuse within my family and having broken the chain. The self realizations that follow when you quit, of all the poor choices you make and the ripple effects. The third eye does decalcify when you quit drinking, awakening the inner-self and being able to see clearly, the forest and the trees from a birds' eye view. There is hope for the awakened beauty.

Oddly enough, I've also dated "sleeping princes" and realized also, that they were too poisoned for me, but I didn't know that at the time.

I've always admired this CD and it brings new light to my life, every song. Great album and thanks guys for the perspective.

all of you are mislead | Reviewer: mika allen | 12/6/11

This song is simply about Maynard attempting a woman to see her higher self.. to get her to look at the world the way it is meant to be seen.. the higher truth in all things.. its the same thing Led Zeppelin tried to convey in some of their songs.. Maynard sings about the third eye and this song in other words is a failed attempt to get his woman to separate from the material plane of existence.. higher consciousness.. the song is way deeper than that guys

Been there | Reviewer: Aidan | 8/10/11

This song has always reminded me of a relationship i was in, the girl was 'damaged', for want of a better word. I knew she had issues before we got together, but - like the song says 'drunk on ego' i thought i could fix the problem. Eventually, i had to leave, the whole experience damaged me nearly as badly as she was initially. Sad part is, i don't know if she ever found her peace.

I get it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/11

A reviewer noted that Maynard said this song was about a girl who slept thru an entire relationship. I have heard him state the same, and dont feel that he is being metaphorical on this one, but if you want to interpret it that way because you can relate to it better, I see no harm in that.

I get this well, because my husband prob feels the same way about me. I suffer from chronic insomnia which has also fueled a depression. I only get it now because I am going through sleep therapy and can now understand and attempt to correct 29 years of behavior that supported the insomnia.

I literally sleep constantly, without ever feeling rested. It is nearly impossible to wake me, especially without pissing me off. When he sings "coax or trick or drag" that is literally the process my husband has been going through to try and help me get up. And to try and make me more comfortable and feeling protected from my epic nightmares, he tries to cuddle me and shower me with affection. Just like in the lines, "truly thought I could make it right if I kissed you one mire time to help you face the nigtmares."

This particular beauty must be a real tortured soul and does not realize she needs professional help. Insomnia with depression is like a prison, and those who don't understand what it is like to not sleep like a normal human being often times think that they can heal or help those afflicted. Not true, per say. It is one of the hardest things I have had to overcome, and I have needed the help, but it is essentially my battle. No one can cure me but myself.

I am the sleeping beauty and totally get why he would leave. The song sounds like it is written about my life, or that of my husbands. One could apply a deeper meaning to it, but i think maynard is being literal here. I'll leave it at that.

Some facts... | Reviewer: Doug | 5/8/11

Not sure what album but I know it's on a live track Maynard says that the song is about a girl that he dated for quite a few months that practically "slept" threw the relation ship, meaning that it was very one sided and he got tired of it. He wrote this song hoping that she would realize why he left.

fjap | Reviewer: spi3 | 11/22/10

Maynard was a heroin addict. He often wrote from the perspective of the drug as a lover TO himself. Interpreted this way, he could be writing from the perspective of heroin, a would-be solution for Sleeping Beauty (his own soul), and finally giving up, realizing that it's not the right solution. He can't wake up from his poisoned insides and is actually making them worse.

A Commentary and Synopsis | Reviewer: Ray | 4/30/10

I've felt this song strongly over the past 5 years. I'm in love with a "Sleeping Beauty" as well. This song has brought many tears for me. In allowing myself to feel sorrow, I've found relief. With this song, infact - with the entire album, I've experienced healing.

The following is a synopsis of the lyrics based on my subjective interpretation. If you take into account the lyrics of most of the songs on the "Mer de Noms" (Sea of Names) album, this song just cries out that it's about the final stages of giving up on trying to heal someone else through love. Bitterness runs heavily in his words... He has given up. Said the grapes were sour (a referrence to one of Aesop's Fables, "The Fox and the Sour Grapes"). I guess I haven't reached that point yet. I hope that I never will. She's not hopeless. Poisoned, yes... but not hopeless.

"Delusional, I believed I cure cure it all for you, dear. Coax or trick or drive or drag the demons from you; make it right for you, sleeping beauty... truly thought I could magically heal you." - I must have been delusional to think that I could make you well again. I tried every trick I knew to get you to be healthy, but what I didn't realize was that I can't do the work for you.

"Far beyond a visible sign of your awakening, failing miserably to rescue 'Sleeping Beauty'." - I can't see any hope of you waking up from your self-absorbed trance (a referrence to some lines from 3 Libras). I've failed.

"Drunk on ego, truly thought I could make it right if I kissed you one more time to help you face the nightmare, but you're far too poisoned for me. Such a fool to think that I could wake you from your slumber... that I could actually heal you, 'Sleeping Beauty'...

Poisoned and Hopeless." - I couldn't see past my own ego. I really thought I could make it right by lavishing my affection on you, showing you kindnesses to give you something wonderful and real. But I was a fool to think it would work. You're too far gone... too poisoned by your own pain to have any hope of recovery.

"Far beyond the visible sign of your awakening, failing miserably to find a way to comfort you. Far beyond a visible sign of your awakening, hiding from some poisoned memory.... Poisoned and Hopeless: 'Sleeping Beauty'." - These words are pretty plain. I have difficulty to expound on them.

awesome song | Reviewer: societys_reject | 12/11/07

This is probably my all time favourite Perfect Circle song. It's sad because there's just some people you can't help no matter how hard you try, so you just have to watch them slipping further and further

hmm | Reviewer: merkaba | 10/29/07

seems to be about helping the damaged. People who've had a lot of bad experiences in that past, terrible childhoods, who need compassion and understanding to overcome.

The narrator basically says though, that all his love, compassion, and understanding weren't enough to pull the little lady out of her sleeping body.

Leave em' be | Reviewer: cowboy | 7/3/07

Some can feel good to use their time to change another. It won't ever fully work, period. Don't get too set on placing your world viel over another's eyes; egotistical to think it'd work. If you do find yourself in this situation, and feel you will continue to nurse the wounds of the one you love anyway, remember that it is in the best interest of us all to over come our own trials on our own. Be an observer - not an enabler. To love sometimes is to leave. Some will still stay anyway. Such is life.