"Atheist Song" | Reviewer: Jay | 5/11/07

"Judith" has little to do with God. It has to do with a person. And, as evidenced by Tool's "Wings for Marie", the opinion put forth in "Judith" is dated; no longer relevant.

And A Perfect Circle is "not that famous" because they are...well...talented. They are not the overly-accessible garbage that constitutes popular music today.

"I love that they got a chick to play bass and she's hot" is the most ignorant statement I've ever laid eyes upon. They didn't "get" Paz to play bass, she co-founded the band (with Billy Howerdel, not Maynard)

eMotive is a step in the wrong direction, and is as far from Tool as can be. It's a useless record of covers and remixes.

Amazing Band | Reviewer: Wheelie | 3/30/06

Truly an awe-inspiring band. I can't wait for the new Tool CD to see what Maynard can do with what he has learned from APC.

And to the Mr. Anonymous poster, the reason you haven't heard of them is most likely because you only listen to one of the multitude of Christian bands who don't deserve a recording contract. God sure would have hated it if you ever listened to an intelligent song that might make you question your surroundings, political views, or enjoy life. Please learn to think for yourself before you judge.

Maynard is a musical God | Reviewer: Lori | 1/22/06

I have all Tool and A Perfect Circle cd's and lyrics. I know all songs by heart. There is such deep meaning to them. Most are my favorites. Gravity and eleven are like prayers to me. I will always be first in line to buy any cd's with his name on them. I wish Paz was on all the songs. Her sound is amazing. I could be bordering on obsession. I have had to replace all the cd's at least once.

.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/05

I dont know whats up with these guys and their atheist song. No wonder they arent that famous

Amazing | Reviewer: S.t.r.o.m | 6/6/05

Maynards Band A Perfect Cricle is one of the best bands I've ever heared, their lyrics are just as incredible as strong. The Tool influence is present, but in a more melodic way (excepting some song of their last album "eMOTIVe" wich has really dark songs and others are really melodical, like the reversion of Lennon's "Imagine"). At this time, for me, their best album is "13th step", with songs like "Blue" or "The outsider", with great lyrics and simply amazing music. Maybe their change in "eMOTIVe" is influenced by the leave of Paz (she and Maynard founded A Perfect Circle") or maybe not, anyways they're as good as before.

{But yes, Tool is better}

Regards S.t.r.o.m.. :)

Amazing | Reviewer: Sophia Rose | 5/21/05

A Perfect Circle is one of the one of a kind bands, they're music is so awe inspiring and the lyrics are so much more intellectual and beautiful than most other bands. Maynards voice is so captivating and emotional,everytime I listen to their music it's like I'm in heaven.A Perfect Circle, is definately a band I would reccomend

a perfect circle | Reviewer: b-rad | 4/5/05

a perfect circle rocks and there will never be another band as good as them (accept tool but thats a given) i love the fact that they got a chick to play bass and shes hot.