review I guess | Reviewer: Paige Moore | 4/13/11

Tool is the most amazing group of people to ever come together to make music. I am a die hard Tool fan. Along with APC. I love their music, it really is true that music can change people. I started listening to Tool, and I was changed. I think differently about everything, the way I interpret situations and every day conversations is all the result of how they have changed my life. I don't think the world could function correctly if Tool no longer existed. If we could get everyone to listen to Tool or apc, just think of how the world would be :)

Interpretation | Reviewer: Thomas | 3/28/11

Many people come to their own conclusion that they have figured out the meaning behind maynards songs, and claim that it is the ONLY interpretation that is correct. But here is one of the many things about maynard: his lyrics are made for everyone to interpret differently and in their own way. take Weak and Powerless for example. Many belive maynard was talking about drug addiction due to the lyric "someone feed the monkey while i dig in search of china, white as dracula as i approach the bottom". Notice how he put China and White together? China White is a Very pure form of heroin. Many take that as him talking about drug addiction, but that is not the only answer. he was talking about addiction itself. and not only addiction, but anything that harms you, mentally and emotionally. This band isnt famous just because of the people in it, they are famous because of the way they're songs touch you. hell, they arent even all that famous. but thats because alot of people only listened to them because they were Tool fans, and when they heard they're work, and they noticed how differently they sounded from Tool, they became uninterested. A Perfect Circle is better than Tool by far, but most people are too shallow minded to understand the meaning behind the lyrics. I love this band, and love what they do, and i wouldnt be the person i am today if it wasnt for them. Thanks.
Thomas Butler
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You can't die without been in a tool concert | Reviewer: Rolan | 3/25/10

I'm from Honduras and here we love maynard's music.
TOOL is my #1 Band in the world and I always tell my friends that I simply can't die without going to a TOOL, A Perfect Circle or a Puscifer concert.I really can't wait for TOOL's new release. I hope one day we can have bands like this in Honduras. When I hear "Reflection" I feel fu***ng good.

exactly that................... A perfect circle | Reviewer: lilly of the valley | 3/13/10

i dont think so much so much sense has been made out of sumthing that neva intended to make sense or sense to anything indivually. EVERY SONG aND EVERY LYRIC mEAN EXACTY WHAT U THE LISTNER MAKE IT MEAN, THE SPACE UR IN? THE thingz u wana hear!! And i beleave this beecause maynard makes music, then applys lyrics and neva black prints them' just what comes out is what is rite at that time! That is why we all interprit the songz for us, Music is the most powerful thing in my world and for maynard to have done what he has done is truly what a lot of us cld only dream about. Im not sure by me writing any more will make any mre sense to you that it does to me but ive tryd tried to discribe what was just there! 4 me. An oportunity to see apc or tool or pusifer live in nz wld be just f**kin* awesum. So come on everyone get behind them BUY the music support what deserves to be nurtured, please help them get to nz as i need to see them!!!! lol the nassisistic drama queen.

amazing amazing | Reviewer: angelique | 2/17/10

most music is not appriciated, like a person will hear a song and think.. hmmm cool...
but real music lovers know it more Intimately... when the music takes your soul over, ur life is like a music vidio, lyrics are not as they seem... there is always a deeper meaning... the true meaning.. u will only find if you give your soul into the music.. let it take over, block everything out...

E.g weak and powerless... it says it all... but there is more than meets the hear, understanding how.... (my conclusion) a person is always faced with issues and the song represents the way its all faced, and no matter how hard things get... u must learn to face your demons and keep rolling with the punches... dont belive me watch the music vidio... concentrate, and try relate...

APC- RULZ 4eva and always

I Love Maynard | Reviewer: Heather | 7/17/08

I love APC (and Tool, and i am also enjoying Maynard's new band Pusifer) The music and Maynard's voice are amazing and great for taking any anger or stress I am feeling right away. The language could be better, but it is an amazing artistic expression, and I can live with it.
Quote Wheelie | "God sure would have hated it if you ever listened to an intelligent song that might make you question your surroundings, political views, or enjoy life. Please learn to think for yourself before you judge."
I understand your anger/frustration with people who can not open their minds please be aware that some people have flawed views of the world, you seem to also be one of those people. I am a Christian and have been for the majority of my life and have always been taught that God wants me to question everything and not just to follow blindly, which is why I love Opiate it reminds us to question religion and what we are being taught. Also that God loves (not hates) everyone, not only those who follow him (blindly or not). It would be nice if we all got our facts straight before we made comments that make us look ignorant.

Hiatus | Reviewer: Renholder | 12/16/07

In an interview with MJK which Revolver magazine published this month APC expressed the intention to reunite in the future bring back some of the most beautiful music you can get your hand on! Sorry Tool fans :p

rose | Reviewer: sinan düzgün | 8/8/07

ı never heard a voice like maynard's,it'not about only voice,lyrics are driving me insane!!!noose......

A Perfect Circle | Reviewer: Lithoniel | 6/9/07

I love A Perfect Circle so much, my number one favorite band for quite some time. I love how their music is so unique, and definetly not like other bands, but what I especially love is Maynard's voice, he's so good and perfect for the band. My personal favs are Counting Bodies Like Sheep, 3 Libras, and Imagine.

Transcend | Reviewer: Allen | 5/24/07

APC is one of those bands that just absolutely has the power to knock me into that trance-like state that is accessed by listening to the best of musical works. Their lyrics are as potent and powerful as anything I have ever witnessed.

As for sir Atheist Song, you really need to close your little book and open your own eyes for once. That is what the majority of APC's (and Tool's for that matters) songwork is about.

And Jay: I don't know what you're hearing when you listen to Wings For Marie, but listen to both parts fully. Really listen. If you're thinking it is in essence a rebuttal of Judith, then you're not getting the true message.