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Performed by A Perfect Circle

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this song's origin | Reviewer: abe76016 | 10/26/07

This song was written by Danny Lohner, for NIN sideproject band called Tapeworm. It was originally named "Vacant" Though Tapeworm (including Lohner, Trent Reznor, Maynard and others) never actually recorded or played any of the music under that name, after they officially disbanded in 2004(i think), APC reworked Vacant and named it Passive. This info is true to the best of my knowledge. :)

I like | Reviewer: Kris | 9/9/07

OK so I am a new listener to apc but a big tool fan and i would say i like them both, as many of you have said mjk's voice is just mysitcaly soothing, amped, angrey, confused, hopless and hopefull all at the same time. I would say from what i have heard though i do like tool best because i like every song i hear from them. apc sounds alot like a band 10 years i like as well, if you havn't checked them out and you like apc then you would suggest you do.

backstabbed by a friend | Reviewer: nunique | 9/4/07

and this song helps me to cry my anger out...
but it is ability of the guys... especially maynard. he has the gift to wake the deepest places in human's soul...

Hassan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/07

Hi Everybody
I am from Pakistan, and I have to say that the first time I heard this song in Constantine, I went crazy for it. At the Time I did'nt know what APC was, yet I did recognize MJK's unique voice since I have been a Tool Fan all my life.I have to say MJK is the man, and Passive is definately up there on the top of my list with 'sobre' and 'parabola'. Hey Guys you should listen to Blue from APC, its a pretty cool song too. But Passive is by far will be the Best APC song ever.

Happy sadness | Reviewer: alekk | 8/2/07

Hola: My name is Alekk I'm from Argentina Please forgive my english. When I heard the song by first time i feel free and happy, I found a new world into the old world. i found the new answers to my old questions. I found the real way to walk..

An overview of greatness | Reviewer: Zach | 7/28/07

This song literally changed my life...I'm a passive aggressive pussy. Even though I hate to admit it! But no more fuck that, it's a waste of time.
I read some of the other reviews and one stuck out to me in particular, the one about APC and how they're music and lyrics are trash. Wow, I can't believe you would make such a ridiculous statement. Maybe you should try reading some of the lyrics and realize that over half of their work is simply flawless musicall genius and to state anything other than that is just an atrocity.

APC at their best | Reviewer: undertaker45 | 7/2/07

What's up w/ the bozo saying APC sucks? What, just because Keynan recognizes Reznors' talent and you don't? I remember people like you from grade school, just because a good tune was performed by someone they ordinarily didn't care for, they refused to give credit where credit is due. Come on man, grow up!So? You like Tools' music better, big deal, that's why APC isn't called "Tool" it's SUPPOSED to be different. WTF would be the point of MJK doing a side project that sounded exactly like Tool? Why not just make a Tool CD?
Anyhow, heard the tune on the Constantine soundtrack, it was certainly apropos for the movie, which was also killer!

Passive... | Reviewer: Daniel | 6/24/07

First off to Martin, yes i do realize this is a review page.. but to put down A Perfect Circle as you do, and for you to be a nuthugger for Tool (which is a great band) you truly dont get the meaning here A Perfect Circle this group was formed for the best talent in a band.. You shouldnt put down APC b/c i mean come on its Maynard here! The song Passive is Beautiful it gives me goosebumps time and time when i hear it.. Almost neone can relate to the lyrics it is truly awesome..

best song ever!!!! | Reviewer: rachel | 6/14/07

Well, I have to say that Martin must not have a clue about what beautiful music is all about. Don't get me wrong....I LOVE Tool, but Maynard's voice is just beautiful and he expresses it much more in APC. I love both, but if I had to choose to listen to one, it would be APC...and if I had to pick a favorite song, it would be PASSIVE...definitely!!! Best song ever!!!

jokers play | Reviewer: The Cosmic Castaway | 6/10/07

i love this song i can listen to it over and over and over.
mainly its the silent anger thats runs throughout and bursts up every now and then that keeps it goin. we all with hold anger but we can only ever hide it never can we cage it. it also deals with the fact that weve all felt the weight of the world pushing us down and drowning in our own sins and sorrow and also the way we think about giving up and throwing in the towel while still showing the self disgust of we feel at those thoughts afterwards. its like a song for a dying poet...... angry yet thoughtful

THIS IS WAY TO GOOD GOOD ...Just like always.. | Reviewer: Kenyan | 5/16/07

I love this song. It does have a large variety of emotional value that brings each emotion out at different times throughout the song. It doesn't matter who wrote it, it matters that is a darn good song, with an awesome tone and tenor that goes from slow to fast with a rhythmic twist that APC always has provided to it's listeners!

Keep playing, this ALBUM IS HOT HOT HOT !!!

Best By Far | Reviewer: Sam | 4/28/07

I honestly wasn't too impressed with the majority of the eMOTIVe album. It's nothing against the band, or Maynard, but when you compare it to Mer De Noms or even 13th Step it doesn't seem to hold a candle. But when I heard this song for the first time, I wet myself. Despite it being co-written before with Reznor (and I loath him) this song won the album. Lots of emotion, and a great theme over all. I compare it to other APC classics like Judith and Pet, just because it is a great song

Passive | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/07

Wowzie. I'm listening to the song right now - my hands are shaking, my mind's blank, and I'm very very angry. Goosebumps too. Wow. Shit. Shit. Shit.

Lyrics= Great | Reviewer: Martin | 2/11/07

For those of you who love A Perfect Circle, this is a wakeup call. If you did your homework, you would know that this was not written by A Perfect Circle, but by Tapeworm, A Maynard James Keenan-Trent Reznor side project. These lyrics are good, but APC sucks. Tool is so much better. Better music, lyrics, MJK sounds decent in Tool. Please, realize that APC sucks.

Sighs.... | Reviewer: Tammie | 11/7/06

I remember not being able to wait for this album to come out....and when it did, I bought it the day it was released.

Driving in the car, my daughter and I were listening to it, and when it ended, she and I both looked at each other...with tears in our eyes.

It's amazing how a song such as this can stir up such emotion.

She and I were both in agreement when we said it was just "sad"...
Meaning: It's a shame that one can be so easily brainwashed to turn against another human being...all in the name of War.

I love the entire Album...even the covers, which were done in Maynard's own style.

The album is a classic....and in my opinion, was a classic the day it was released.

I've seen APC perform a few times....and every time I have, the passion is there, along with the brilliance that is put forth in every thought put to paper.

Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.

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