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Performed by A Perfect Circle

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It means just what it says | Reviewer: Alex | 10/9/10

The song is about Maynards mother who was in a coma at the time. He's written a few songs about her.If you'd like to check them out they are: "Judith" by Apc off of the Mer De Noms album and "Wings For Marie" by Tool off of 10,000 Days. ENJOY!! MAYNARD IS GOD!!!

You disappoint me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/10

The song makes me think of someone who the protagonist loves but is acting in a very coward, hurtful way.

There's this girl who I like and she likes me back, but she's afraid of ending her current relation with her boyfriend because she fears she will like him 

Lyrical debate | Reviewer: CDS85 | 8/18/10

My bud and I LOVE this song... we're pretty sure its about "Superman". NO... not literally... but about a hero or protagonist, if you will....

....visiting his arch-enemy on his death bed... and yes, he's already dead....

think about it... what would go through your head if your sole purpose in life was fend off the evil of "Super Bad Guy Man" and now you're looking him dead in the face... no pun intended... and he's deceased? What would you then do with your life? Think about it... its pretty deep if you listen and understand.

No... my review or interpretation may not necessarily be correct, but I think its a good one.


My belief in the meaning of this song | Reviewer: Guy | 7/29/10

I think that he is talking about someone is possibly terminally ill. Basically our lovely trained medical professionals (doctors) telling someone that he doesn't have long to live. Listen to the first and second verse and u will catch on. He is saying "wake up , don't play dead" meaning just cuz a doctor gives u a certain amount of time to live doesn't mean u have to give in and just die. He says" maybe u disappoint me". The guy winds up living

My friend's view of this song | Reviewer: Daia | 7/26/10

A friend of mine told me he'd listened to this song over and over again during the time I told him I didn't want to see him anymore because he'd fallen in love with me and I didn't want to deal with
it. I stopped talking to him. Broke his heart. After months of being best friends we just stopped talking, and the difference was noticeable, it was as if we hated each other each time we’d had to be in the same place (co-workers nonetheless).

Now that I really analyze the song, it does have something to do with us. Me being the passive-agressive coward and he finally giving up and leaving because he's becoming self-destructive
by lingering after me with shreads of hope.

So basically, he's saying: "Wake up and face me" , Would you stop this and talk to me? “Don’t play dead” Stop avoiding me, “cuz maybe someday I will walk away”, If we don’t fix this now, I will leave and we’ll both lose someone very special in our lives, “and say ‘you disappoint me’”, Maybe you aren’t the person I thought you were , “Maybe you’re better off this way”, I can’t keep going after you. Maybe this is for the best.

I becoming his perfect enemy in a way. Kinda makes me feel what he had to go through during that time. Kinda regret putting him through that. Lol, I read too much into things. Love the song.

Oh, and don’t feel too bad about my friend, turns out I didn’t like not talking to him either. Two weeks later we met in a park and talked it out. He’s been my boyfriend for almost a year now XD

notes to self | Reviewer: Sin. | 7/24/10

Dead as dead can be
"MY" doctor tells me,

I had a friend who was very depressed.
She criticized herself for not acting in accord to her true intentions,. Not pulling her life together,. and was mad at herself for not using her potentials, this song reminds me of her a lot.

Meaning | Reviewer: Maria | 5/27/10

The thing I always got out of these lyrics was very literal. There's a friend/lover in coma or brain dead, and he believes, or refuses to accept otherwise, that he's just faking it, and thinks that he's cruel just by making him believe he's dead.

Tapeworm ftw | Reviewer: nilum | 3/2/10

Would be great to see Reznor and Maynard to work on more music together.

Not sure what the intended meaning is, but definitely I can see a few viable ones.

If you take a literal interpretation then you might consider the death of a rival.

A more symbolic interpretation might be as another has said that he is trying to stir someone who is emotionally dead. This is more likely because he mentions a 'catatonic state.'

what i think | Reviewer: jacki | 1/1/10

just my two cents.... from my own experience. i dated a man for a few weeks after knowing and talking to him for 2 years. he simply disappeared out of my life, gave no reason. he disappointed me because he wasted our friendship on his assumptions, he threw away a great friendship where we shared intimate details and philosophies and theories on life. i ended up feeling betrayed in the end and angry out of his sheer abandonment, after we shared that much together. so, yes, he did disappoint me, he still hasn't given the real reason why he just stopped talking to me that day, and closed up. passive aggressive bullshit, indeed. i have expressed my anger toward him very simply, without aggression. that's exactly what i think about when i hear this song; that experience... angry about my vulnerability being wasted.

"da" song | Reviewer: Art | 12/22/09

this song has nothing to do with whatever movie you idiots are taling about. It was not written for it. The fact that the movie uses the song shows only a coincidental overlapping of the movies theme and one of the many interpretations of what "da" song may possibly be about. You are an idiot.

Somehow a selfish thanks | Reviewer: Rick | 11/26/09

Reading Ben and Cody's replies I can't help but feeling honored being a writer/poet myself. I also think my lyrics are really double and open to multiple interpretations. Real metaphorically. The lack of other people really understanding what I am trying to say must be seen as a compliment then is actually what you are saying and that's good for the ego. I almost drew all my inspiration from Maynard, Jim Morrison and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Pink Floyd and Anekdoten. All these lyricists are really top notch.

Meanings | Reviewer: Cody | 11/11/09

To those like ben chapman... He leaves the meanings to have different interpretations on purpose... Which is why his band is named Tool, they are our "tool" and we interpret their songs so differently and truely there is no wrong interpretation. You can believe u know what his songs are about, but officially we will never know until he tells us, but why would be do that? That would ruin all of the fun ;).

Waste of life | Reviewer: Clement | 11/10/09

I think this song is about trying to draw the life and potential out of someone... someone who has all the potential in the world.. yet for all they are doing with their life they may as well be sleeping the days away. Wasting the thing called life.. and the other trying so hard to draw it out of them.. before eventually giving up... disgusted.
I believe the meaning of this song is in a similar vein of 'Time' by Pink Floyd.

That's what's genius | Reviewer: benjamin Chapman | 11/10/09

I personally don't care what exactly he meant. I think the beauty of a lot of the APC songs is that he leaves the interpretation so open that people are able to derive their own meaning on many different levels. It's very hard to do that in writing and he is able to master it quite well. Passive is a perfect example of that.

Literalist | Reviewer: Ketixrei | 11/4/09

A lot of the songs written by Maynard reflect events of his own life.
For example, the song Judith was a contribution towards his mother, who suffered from a stroke and was restricted to life in a wheelchair.
It wouldn't surprise me if Passive was yet another production of his feelings toward some sort of past event.

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