His Mother | Reviewer: Wyatt | 6/28/14

To me, it sounds a lot like he is talking about his mother, who was paralyzed. Not sure though. It doesn't seem like something he would want to say to her. I'm pretty sure he adored her, so maybe I'm wrong.

Opininons | Reviewer: Lurogallo | 6/11/14

While every song has its own reasons to the lyrics they have, i like to figure out first what it means to ME. And i dont think im the only one. I always think it through before i check the original reason for a lyrics and i think this is what makes us human. That a song wont mean the same thing for every one of us. On the other hand, its a good thing to know the origins and see it that way or compare it to our ways. But a great song no argue about that

Narcissists | Reviewer: Michelle | 3/14/13

I feel like this song talks about the empty, unfeeling, passive-aggressive nature of the narcissist. He or she cannot feel, cannot love, and is barely human mentally. No matter how much we love them or try to be a friend or partner to them, it just won't work. It's best to leave them to their hollow lives - they are not alive emotionally and will never care about us.

Strokes | Reviewer: Mr x | 1/7/13

Its about his mom who had a stroke, sad thing. I would assume this is a venting of frustration towards her being in an almost vegetable state. 10000 days is also about her death after 27 years. (27 years rounded up is approximately 10000 days)

Opinion | Reviewer: One_peccable | 11/25/12

I never commented on these lyrics, but somehow i feel it's neccesary this time.
I read most of the existing reviews, but 2 i want to mention

I think it's on the contrary. Almost everything is right what you said, but it's EXACTLY about inner struggling - as far as i'm concerned. Either you didn't listen to enough Tool, or don't know enough about "spirituality" - a thing you clearly disapprove, and what Maynard talks about a lot.
It's about the core of every religion (and what religions succeded to distort), that your spirit should rule your soul (today called ego), not the opposite. He is singing about a CONNECTION OF THESE TWO. Everybody experiences when ego takes over, or most people live their lives this way nowdays. These individuals can be called dead, Christ also used to do (btw, i'm not Christian, but called Chris xD), if you want i find it in the Holy Bible. And one more mistake, IT'S NOT DUALITY, it is Unity...
If you are interested in it, I can offer books: "Letters of a Sufi Master" by ad-Darqawi for example.
And if you read this long and try to classify me: i am not philsophy student (but engineering), and not Arabian (but C.European).

You are grasping it.

himself | Reviewer: Psycho | 11/3/12

i really think the song is just a self evaluation... a judgement looking inward upon himself, giving up on whatever it may be that he's long'd for. Maybe, a touch of bi-polar. An internal conflict in which he see's self as giving up.

good & evil | Reviewer: philiph | 10/25/12

hi everyone.. my opinion is that jesus is playing dead and the devil is so alive in our days ... so satan is challenging jesus to come and fight ... satan is very desapointed ... thanks ..

... | Reviewer: Kaleb R. | 9/10/12

This song moves me, it summarizes the way I feel for a few years now. If I'm right, I think it's about the eternal conflict love/hate. My best friend and I consider each other as his "best ennemy" too. I just can't imagine my life if I can't face him. We always try to surpass each other just like rivals. He's the reason I stay alive.

Anyway, the "Passive-agressive bullshit" is about a behavior which prevents you to unleash your anger. Maybe the dead of this friend (?) is the key to free his hatred?

Seriously? | Reviewer: butacupz | 9/6/12

I should never be shocked at the general listeners knowledge, however this is disturbing. Passive aggressive individuals are sometimes known as the living dead. Maynard seems to have a broad understanding of psychology.

_ | Reviewer: No one | 8/3/12

It's the end of a troubled relationship, for instance:

You have a parent, and all your life youve been called a disappointment, and now, at the end, you're left standing there looking down, unable to believe that's it over. Feeling that you can move on, and the reality is flipped: "you fucking disappoint me".

my opinion | Reviewer: krystalmethod | 7/18/12

I think it is about a person with expectations of another person but this other person is failing to deliver. He lets it be known that at some point he will grow tired of it all and leave. Towards the end of the song when he says "go ahead andplay dead", he has given up and grown tired

F**king wow... | Reviewer: Jxuptosae | 4/25/12

I'm sure that something, or someone, literally being dead is not meant at all. Period. Hence the word "play". It would make a lot more sense if it was about somebody giving up. Especially in a relationship. (It need not be romantic.) Silent sulking is certainly passive-aggressive. It is about choices, and how in a relationship failing to take action, or being resentful are avoiding doing so. Who else would have the ability to control ones actions? Furthermore, should anyone have that right? No, hence... "It's your RIGHT, and your ability". Now, the doctor bit just refers to anyone with an informed opinion. Most people in a failing relationship that has resulted in the individuals involved becoming more distant will not be willing to address accept the observation of another. Hence, "optimistic one".

The "maybe you are better off this way" is acknowledging that there is only so much that anyone can do for another, and at some point, you have to leave them to their own devices. Taking it to mean that it refers to a permanent state is too much of leap.

It doesn't have shit to do with duality, multiple personalities, or most of this other nonsensical drivel.

Personal connection makes a song important, sure, but that doesn't mean that twisting phrasing to meet your purposes makes you interpretation right.

close enough. | Reviewer: Marthas | 2/5/12

the last line.. passive-aggressive bullshit. nuff said. it's about giving a cold silence treatment.. who'd love that? but feel free to find yourself in another way in this song..

subconcious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/12

this song is only about the human subconscious...this sort of theme has been seen on many other Maynard's song...as in TOOL...the PART OF ME song or PUSH IT or JAMBI... he pays a lot of attention to the battle between our conscious and subconscious...in this song he tries to go through a psychological aspect and defies the passive-aggressiveness by pointing at his subconscious saying it can be a PERFECT enemy but it doesn't act or evolve....it just weaken us...it can help us to become perfect all the while it doesn't...it's obsessed with all it's memories ( that's why in the song it mentions the doctor , because a psychiatrist always go through our experiences and past to find a solution )...although i have to say, since 10000 days album of tool...maynard seems to have revised his opinion and in JAMBI he praise his Sub conscious saying it can grant any wishes we want...we just have to prepare the circumstances so it can evolve...anyhow this is pretty damn good song...it contains a lot of memory for me and beside it's about one simple fact, the endless struggle in our mind ( Cause maybe(((MAYBE ))) someday i'll walk away ) ...that's the most conclusive sentence in this song!

Father-son struggle | Reviewer: Gordon | 12/18/11

It's so obviously a father standing over the body of his dead son at the morgue. His son should be fighting him (for independence), but he is dead, but the father is ever optimistic (denial). Ultimately the grieving father realizes that if his son were alive he'd be telling his son "you F'n disappoint me" and that's when he says, "maybe you're better off this way" but that is an unthinkable thought. That his son is dead is unthinkable! "Get up and face me!"