Lyrics= Great | Reviewer: Martin | 2/11/07

For those of you who love A Perfect Circle, this is a wakeup call. If you did your homework, you would know that this was not written by A Perfect Circle, but by Tapeworm, A Maynard James Keenan-Trent Reznor side project. These lyrics are good, but APC sucks. Tool is so much better. Better music, lyrics, MJK sounds decent in Tool. Please, realize that APC sucks.

Sighs.... | Reviewer: Tammie | 11/7/06

I remember not being able to wait for this album to come out....and when it did, I bought it the day it was released.

Driving in the car, my daughter and I were listening to it, and when it ended, she and I both looked at each other...with tears in our eyes.

It's amazing how a song such as this can stir up such emotion.

She and I were both in agreement when we said it was just "sad"...
Meaning: It's a shame that one can be so easily brainwashed to turn against another human being...all in the name of War.

I love the entire Album...even the covers, which were done in Maynard's own style.

The album is a classic....and in my opinion, was a classic the day it was released.

I've seen APC perform a few times....and every time I have, the passion is there, along with the brilliance that is put forth in every thought put to paper.

Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.

Amazing | Reviewer: James | 5/28/06

This song is absolutely amazing. In my opinion one of their bests, if not the best. I can listen to this song over and over again, and never get sick of it. You can feel the anger in the song, and it's fairly easy to relate to.

Amazing | Reviewer: cAin | 10/30/05

Amazing song ;o It's really very emotvie (like the album title says). You can catch all of those emotions from this music and make them your own ones, you just fell what the song wants you to fell...
sorry for my english :] I just had to post it

One of their Best! | Reviewer: Jessica | 9/22/05

I loved this song...I can hear it over and over and never get tired of it. It's songs like this that A Perfect Circle is known for. A good song to listen to while driving down the road, not caring where you go or how you get there. This kind of song lives in your soul and makes you want to cry and shout and break stuff and smile crazily all at the same time.

It's one of their best.

stand-out track | Reviewer: Deez | 11/12/04

This is classic APC, more reminiscent of 13th Step, but classic none the less. It spotlights Maynard at his pissed-off best. Nobody communicates anger throught tone of voice better than APC and Tools' frontman. I've heard the song 10 times by now and still get chills from the final bar.
Unfortunately, the rest of the album doesn't have enough of this, none at all in fact.