Passivity | Reviewer: Zoey666 | 12/6/11

I think that this song is pretty straight forward, he is talking about passive- aggressiveness whether his( "dead as dead can by my doctor tells me", than later in the song he says "don't play dead") or someone else's, and how it frustrates him.
" Wake up and face me , dont play dead"
When someone's passive aggressive they just don't deal with the problem or the conflict so they avoid it.
I think he is just saying how passive aggressiveness angers him.

Well... | Reviewer: Anya | 10/8/11

In my opinion the song is about someone who is so used to getting into fights with others that when he picked a fight with another person and they wouldn't fight back he felt frustrated. This can be shown at "someday I'll walk away", he hasn't backed down yet even though there is nothing to face. This can be reflected about society in a similar manner, instead of fighting they just go to a lawyer as a form of "passive-aggression". It could also just be reflected that he is indeed suffering from dual-personality... Either or really.

Call to Arms | Reviewer: Jon | 8/23/11

I read a few reviews and I somewhat disagree. I feel like people are trying to find some hidden meaning in the lyrics of the song, but I think based on his style maynard intended it to poetically apply to many things.

However overall I believe he is just pissed off at people not doing anything with their lives, sitting around and not doing shit. He never went to any doctor, it's just a figure of speech. He's being very sarcastic throughout the song. He obviously doesn't think they're better off being passive asswipes but he's pretty frustrated and at his limit with putting up with their bullshit. It probably applies to many people he's met, whether it's been actual passive-aggressive attitudes expressed toward him (i.e. gossipping negatively behind his back), or people just not telling him the truth and being upfront and to his face or not expressing any negative emotions they have to him directly. He wants to hear it himself. He's probably just really sick with a lot of people he knows being pussies. But more than anything, I feel it's call to the millions of lifeless americans (or anyone) to rise up and live and have passion and energy and to stop being cowards.

I feel like this is the prevalent meaning mostly by bringing all of his other songs/lyrics into mind and his overall feelings toward society and how people should live, how people should treat each other.

My Ex | Reviewer: Andy | 8/21/11

This song reminds me of my X. After years of knowing each other and being together she lacks the courtesy to say i'm sorry, she won't face me or talk to me after she ran off with another guy. I'm tired of her stupidity and I know her well enough that I know that not talking to me is eating her up inside. She will keep hiding behind her vail until its too late and I am gone. She's fucking disappointing.

Drug Addict | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/11

I think the song is about a drug addict friend, who disappoints because he can't be a good friend when his drugs take precedence- and become more important than friendship. But I think "The Outsider" is about the same thing..

Moonlit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/11

I think this lyrics is about depression, and he went to a psycologist and the psycologist told him that you are dying and you are totaly lost, like many other psycologist, but the person in the lyrics, knows what is wrong with him. I think the whole lyrics is saying not to lose your faith, and go ahead and face anything comes in your way. and I think that it has nothing to do with ex-girlfriends or a dead mother or ... .

Moonlit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/11

I think this lyrics is about depression, and he went to a psychologist and the psychologist told him that you are dying and you are totaly lost, like many other psychologists, but the person in the lyrics, knows what is wrong with him... I think the whole lyrics is saying not to lose your faith, and go ahead and face anything comes in your way. and it has nothing to do with ex-girlfriends or a dead mother or ... .

Well.... | Reviewer: Israel | 6/27/11

I don't think he's literally dieing or even near a doctor. I think he's just stating how optimistic he is. Then comparing his optimism to the person playing dead, pretending they're hurt or hopeless and weak. He's a close friend to them, trying to be there for them but they continue to push him away. He only sees the good, trying to get the friend on his side. Then finally says "maybe you're better off this way". It's just a depressed friend. The morale of the song is you can't help the people who don't want it. No matter how bad they need it. I swear, this same friend must be in his song The Outsider. Just my take on it. Seems to make sense.

What I think... | Reviewer: ShadoKitti | 6/7/11

I think this song is about a guy with a very nice girlfriend. He found out that she had cheated on him and he left her (Your ability to become my perfect enemy.). Then he found out she had a strange disease and died... (Wake up and face me, don't play dead...)

passive-aggressive bullshit... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/11

My take is that its about a person's duality. Say he goes to a doctor and the doctor helps him deal with this dark side. He is now stronger but empty with nothing left to fight and he becomes lost and wants the other side awakened so he can fight it. So he is left with this anger and hopes that this side will rise again to fight. He's saying that, "maybe you're better off this way" as in this bad part is better off dead but he needs to fight it to live with himself. and so on. That's my take.

My vision from the inside out | Reviewer: Mich | 3/23/11

My thoughts....he is disappointed and angry at someone who should have been the most important person in his life. Someone who should have shown him unconditional love but never did and only showed by hatred. I see a vision of an abusive parent and them being so weak and small that they can't face the destruction they have caused the child (now the child inside the adult). Nothing more than a coward, yet was seen as something so big and important in the child’s eye. Now grown up and feeling empowered it is too late to stand up for himself…because the parent is now dead. This vision connects with the relationship I use to have with my father. I would long for the day that he would die yet I felt this need to take care of him and only want him to be happy. A sick relationship I had with him, many years of counseling and being able to understand (although it can still hurt) has helped me grow as an adult and not repeat the cycle with my own child. That is what I interpreted.

Dep | Reviewer: Valen | 3/23/11

I think this song is about depression, it makes sense with the doctor part and all the other catatonic, passive-agressive bullshit things
I meen common, if he would have written it about his mom (who was in a coma), then this sentence would'nt make any sense:
Of what you could and might have been
It's your RIGHT and your ability
To become my perfect enemy.

I think its about despression, evrey sentence makes sense if you look it from that perception

Cancer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/11

I believe this song is about cancer. I mean it makes sense with the doctor part in there but maybe the cancer is in recession or something like that ( wake up and face me don't play dead). But he wants to face it head on and defeat it ( it's your right and your ability to become my perfect enemy) Just my take on the song great song however u think of it

Passive/Vacant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/11

Maynard didn't write this song. Passive is a remake of a song written by Trent Reznor called 'Vacant' for a band named Tapeworm.

Nevertheless it's an amazing song but it's not about Maynard's mother

Dear Lucid... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/11

Maynard wrote this song about his dying mother. It has so many meanings though. Lost, blind and confused love. Avoidance. Passive-agressiveness. Fighting happiness and what that can do to those who love you. Wake up and face me...