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Performed by A Perfect Circle

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you guys are all LAME | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/09

i seriously cant believe people are getting all but hurt on here, getting all crazy and religous over LYRICS....who gives a FUCK what hes talking about. i read somewhere that he wrote this song when his wife was pregnant with his son because he wanted to kill her ass, but he couldnt because she was carrying his child. so there. put that in your pipe and smoke it. fucking lame asses

Christ worshipers get over yourselves | Reviewer: Eyes WIDE open | 12/31/08

Religion is the biggest, most horrific, lie told to human beings in the history of mankind. So all of the so called "Christians" who want to sit and make this song out to be something that it's not, PLEASE!!!! Maynard loves to stir things up, always has and always will. The beauty of music, is to be able to listen and take in your own meanings. It's time that Christians realize the true meaning of Christ--a pagen astrological metaphore, and a money making, control taking story by the roman government to supress it's people into slavery.

ha | Reviewer: GrimmReefer | 12/10/08

Kind of funny people are arguing about religion when Maynard pretty much hates religion. Cant blame him all it does is start wars and kill Millions all in the name of "my imaginary friend is better than yours" You have the right to your opinion dont bash other people for theres

Error | Reviewer: none | 12/11/08

Quote: "Any true Christian will live and let live and accept that other people have different views. Just remember, you're worshipping a Jew - Christianity isn't real. Jesus wasn't a Christian. "

For the person who said Jesus isn't a Christian.. um... Christian = follower of Christ... Christ = Jesus Christ. Of course Christian didn't come till after paganism, lol. Jesus wasn't born yet. O_o

If God wasn't real, we wouldn't be making such a big deal about it for so many years.

has no one read the classics ? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/08

this song is simply about ... Orestes.
Who seeks courage to kill his mother in revenge of the murder of his father Agamemnon by said mother Clytemnestra and lover upon his return of the trojan war. This horrible courage requires that he no longer consider the love a child has for a mother and to severe those ties (ombilical metaphore and all).... when did the God of christianty enter the ATrides cycle ?

Wow. | Reviewer: sampson | 11/29/08

Why is everyone arguing about religion on here? This song has *nothing* to do with religion. It's about despising the fact that you bring your parents down with your failures and getting away from them to stop bringing others down in your downward spiral.

your time is ending | Reviewer: Isaac | 11/17/08

This is to you, the reviewers of this song. With some of you I am well pleased; but with others I am dissapointed. I pity you people who think that God is a joke. You walk through life only seeking what you may devour. You without faith and an open mind will one day be judged upon your accomplishments of this world. You sit around and poke at christianity like it is a disease. You see other christians faults and misdeeds, so you exploit them and make a mockery of what you call a "religion". First of all, the term, "christian", means, "to be like christ". It is not a religion,it is a beleif; it is a one on one relationship with you and your creator. It's not about me or any other christian it's about you, it's always been about just you; so before you point the finger remember to cram it up your ass first.

And as for the bible, it speaks pure truth. Not once has its history, nor its morals, been proven wrong. Woe to those without knowledge, for your burden will be heavy when the day of judgement comes.

Circles and strife | Reviewer: JustSomeJerk | 11/16/08

It's no wonder Christianity has a bad name; such a bad name, in fact, that I can't even consider myself a Christian anymore, only a follower of Jesus Christ.
Secondly, There aren't nine circles of hell, and if you ever find scripture telling us what they are, and what happens there, then I'll gladly change my opinion and stick my own foot in my mouth. In luke 16: 22-23, it talks of the "Bosom of Abraham", where the Righteous dead wait for judgement day. Then, there's a place of Torment, called "hell" where the unsaved/unrighteous dwell for eternity. Then, heaven. the lake of fire was also a place IN hell for the wicked, it's in revelation.
Also, Maynard is an intelligent guy, I'm sure that he wrote this song knowing that people would take from it what they want. The great thing about art, is that people will take from it, whatever they want. It's deconstructionism at its best. Maynard himself said in a Tool interview, that we should use Tool as our catalyst, because it is exactly what it's titled, a TOOL!

I hope that one day, all of us come to realize that there are too many different paths of life to stay constrained to one narrow minded belief. before you choose a faith, you better search and experience a little more.

ALL HUMANITY, is united under one common goal - to figure out this life, and the point of it.

So, with that being said. Stop sitting dumbfoundedly in your own realm of consciousness, evolve and get educated. If your going to disagree with someone, and voice your opinion, you better be able to articulate your thought in a way that others can understand.

The First Circle | Reviewer: Wilhelm | 10/25/08

According to the Christians, there are nine circles of hell, the first one being pretty much life now, just with many people from the past, sounds better than heaven, life requires strife, life without strife is pointless, burning in hell would be more interesting than heaven. Christians below that seek to convert the atheists among you, leave us alone.

just my opinion | Reviewer: dee-the-bear | 9/24/08

the song is beyond beautiful...and in that beauty we find ourselves tumbling through tailz from our own livez..that is the wonderful power of can mean what ever who ever..each listener makez it their own..juzt sayin :}

my humble opinion | Reviewer: guety | 8/28/08

Interestingly enough, nobody here thinks the song talks about Orestes' feelings before killing his own mother. I mean, the tittle of the song is Orestes, and the lyrics could perfectly be talking about how Orestes killed his mother (who had killed his father) but couldn't hate her and then become mad (well, the story is more complicated). If you have no idea of what I'm talking about, search on wikipedia.

Reply to most of these last bunch of posts | Reviewer: Mark | 8/18/08

I think there's a lot of misunderstanding in this discussion. Why retort to Matt's comments by denying beleif in "the afterlife," in "heaven or hell, places to go after death," and in "the almighty," even by discussing the Bible?
The term "God" does not have to refer to these misunderstood ideas. God is all around us and god is inside of us, God is everything and Heaven and Hell (silly terms...) are states of being/states of mind. I don't think that Matt was preaching the existance of misconstrued christianity's "Big Guy Upstairs" so much as he was preaching that inside all of us is a Spark dying to be willed to exist, dying to come out and play, and inside most of us we cover this spark in place of something less frightening, something more acceptable, we aren't always true to ourselves, and in these moments of denying our true nature, we are in "hell"

Oh yes, God is real, but how easy it is to not understand what I (or anybody else for that matter) means by "God"

APC is so good and so is Tool. Maynard's lyrics always seem to reflect whats on my mind, because they're so universal or fundamental that they can be applied to a lot

dear Bible freaks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/08

This isn't really about the song, more to the close minded people who can't deal with non-christians.

Paganism has been around longer than christianity. The old testament is jewish therefore god is jewish. Jesus was a jew. Christianity is a made up mixture of paganism and judaism. Your god is jewish and yet you despise jews. There are so many branches of your religion that all state the others will go to hell. Enjoy your pathetic religion full of hatred and enjoy your hell which is apparently where you're all going anyway.

And finally, god forgives all your sins when you die apparently - therefore no one goes to hell. Research your bloody religion properly before you preach it. Jesus showed compassion to all regardless of what they believed. He would hate all of you for being so bloody rude and closed minded. You are pathetic hiding behind your petty little narrow mindedness and claiming it's your religion.

Any true christian will live and let live and accept that other people have different views. Just remember, you're worshipping a Jew - christianity isn't real. Jesus wasn't a christian.


hello.....apc is awesome! | Reviewer: randy | 4/15/08

I love jesus. I love apc. I love everyone who has a soul. And yes.....we all have one. No ones is better than the other. Life is just a mist.....and then it passes. LIfe is just a which many fail to is a pool of limitless possibilities.

Really People! | Reviewer: Craven Levay | 3/10/08

God. Who knows right from wrong? We all do. If you are doing something that you feel is wrong and you do it anyway well that is the Way. Evil is evil good is good. I sin and so does everyone. God is testing us and Matt your flunking. You feel that way because your a quitter. Too much for you to have too many morals to keep you from doing the right things in the name of fun. And you rather burn in hell? You are officially retarded.

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