Again? | Reviewer: Tooooke | 3/14/10

I read a couple posts some good some bad. Why are we debating the existance of a higher being on a music lyrics site?

APC is great...but this song isn't the best, comparing it to the 13th Step which was a masterpiece. Far streched was his emotional appeal, Judith, more of a personal song for him from outsiders view looks more like a God-bashing song, however, written to be more to his mother (a devout christian appearently) in an angered state, suggesting her ill-fate to be God's work. Hard to relate unless your in a similar situtation. However, largly popular this song falls miles behind the genuis that Maynard has displayed both before and after.

If your God betrayed you | Reviewer: Ray | 3/14/10

Your God works in mysterious ways but sometimes his ways will make even a believer twitch.

If the composer's belief stems from his mother's death then there's nothing to argue about. Try having your own mother die of a terrible disease and tell me it's easy to swallow. Why can't he sing about what he believes in, that's the first thing anyone will sing about sincerely.

And why not just settle for a more abstract meaning of this song... We've all experienced disillusion in life and seen more fools.

well said Anon | Reviewer: Eric | 3/9/10

dont really have to say much because you said it all for me... @oh yeah Proverbs 13:2 The unfaithful have a craving for violence. enough said on your post

maynard is fucking sic and so is this song

Lawlz. | Reviewer: Jeremy | 3/9/10

So I decided to look up the lyrics to this song for clarification of a few words that appear to have just been changed a bit in a remix. I hadn't realized there were reviews at the bottom... and it was worth a good laugh.

Plain and simple... if you think that Maynard's lyrics are offensive, do not listen to the song. He has the right to say what he pleases, and you have the right to be offended. However, making a long post about claiming to know for a fact that a) a god or gods exist and b) that you personally know exactly the intentions, powers, and feelings of that/those beings, and c) all who don't believe in your superstitions and interpretations are living a sad life followed by an eternity in hell is pathetic. Keep in mind that all you theists likely dismiss all of the hundreds and thousands of other gods that have been claimed to exist except one particular one. Maynard and others simply dismiss one or more than you do. When it comes down to it, there is no rational basis for faith in the supernatural. There is absolutely no evidence to back any supernatural claims, and there is no particular reason for the Bible, Qu'aran, or other presently accepted holy book to be considered any more legitimate than any dismissed in the past.

Bottom line... Either you like the song, and so listen to it; if not, then don't.

Dude... | Reviewer: @oh yeah | 3/8/10

You have serious problems... Dont mess with us because because there are alot more Christians then there are pigs like you. So how bout you just stop while your ahead because i will kick your ass. Not because of religion but because your an asshole

Dear Gentiles, | Reviewer: Anon | 3/4/10

Learn Hebrew and read the Torah.
It's more than what your "Old Testament" claims it is. Maynard will join the rest of us in a fiery hell. The same flaming hell that we all call today as life. Christians, please do not review songs downing your religion. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. And even more, DO NOT try to feed upon us your religion. We don't want it. If we did, we'd ask for it. You don't have to preach. If you like Maynard's music, then tell us about it. Oh, and by the way. Jesus Christ wasn't even considered son of God until Constantine.[/rant]

Maynard, O Maynard!
What a beautiful style he has!
I'm sure he wrote this song simply for this argument against religion. Probably the same reason he covered "Imagine" in Emotive.
Fuck your God!
Fuck your Lord!
And Fuck your Christ!
Take a taste of the fruit of knowledge and escape your cell.

Be reasonable, damn it.

He also will bow | Reviewer: Chris | 3/1/10

The first few times I heard this song, before I actually heard the lyrics, I thought it was pretty awesome. The music still is killer, but, yes I have problems with the lyrics just like some of the others who have posted here. I'm not wanting to attack Maynard or any of you that defend his views. First off it's not my place to defend God, He's big enough, He can and will stand up for Himself if He thinks it's necessary. Besides He's already forgiven Maynard for his words so it's not my place to hate him or wish him ill will. I just want to clarify somethings for those who've never read the Bible or been taught anything about who God is. God didn't paralyze or cause Maynards mom pain. It is not God's will that anyone should suffer. If you have the time and access to a Bible read the book of Job. It explains how many Christian's believe the world works. God allowed something bad to happen to his mom but he didn't cause it. Our sin brought pain and suffering upon us not God. The song says she didn't stick the spear in Christ's side. Well, actually she did, and so did I. Our sin is the only reason Christ had to die, so in turn I can say it was my hands that held the spear that killed Christ. Judith knew this and that is why she continued to worship God. I feel sorry for Maynard not only because he lost his mom and he watched her suffer, but also because his mis-directed anger will only keep him from ever coming to know the God that loves him so much he was willing to die for him. He will meet Him one day though, and I believe with all my heart when he looks in the face of the Christ, that he said those words about, his heart will break and as a flood of understanding fills him he will bow before Christ weeping and beg for forgiveness, as will all of us. Only, for him, I fear it will come too late. Which is so sad. With the talents God gifted him with, He could have done so much through Maynard, and instead of being welcomed into eterniity with his mom he will have to be turned away as God tells him "depart from into everlasting darkness, I never knew you". I hope someone reads this and wants to find out more about who God really is. If you seek Him you'll find Him, He's not hiding. And more than anything I hope Maynard himself comes to understand how his mom could worship the God he questions and come to know and worship the same Christ she did and spends eternity with her.

Author's honest pain and anger over powerful mythical beliefs which are truly powerful but worthless | Reviewer: Garyla | 3/2/10

This is a really sad soul and heart wrenching song about the author's honest pain and anger over powerful mythical "religious" beliefs which are truly powerful but baseless just like everyone once believed the world was "flat" despite the facts to the contrary!!!!

lol wut | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/10

Look if you don't like the song, its message, or your take on its message don't waste your time arguing with people who do. It's a song which simply means it was made for money. I happen to like it, it has a nice overall sound and has a strong steady flow of emotion in every note. It's provocative art like most of the work Keenan is famous for making.
~Have a nice day Internet.

same old story | Reviewer: Eric Roberts | 2/24/10

well first off his mother didnt just die of some desease she suffored for 27 years then died and the whole time this was going on she remained a devout christen. yet she still died. anyone who says fuck your lord or whatever is fully in the right after going through that and having nothing to show for it besides a dead mother. and as for calling them anti god fags your doing faith a favour or is something in some book about loving your neighbour you fucking hippocrate. why shouldnt he blame god? if god created everything he created bad and desease or the means of the creation so bam he had the leading role in her death. and i dont know how putting your hand to a fire is the same as getting a condition you have no controll stumped. its almost like the two comments before mine have never heard nething else by maynard due the pure stupidity in thier words. so fuck your religion there is nothing about it concrete, its a web of lies and old stories. unless ne of you can tell me something unfathemed i suggest you stay from commenting on tool, a perfect circle, and pusifer songs.

Look... | Reviewer: Doesn't matter | 2/20/10

Well, according to me if something that really matters is the MESSAGE because song is basically about giving a MESSAGE. See, here I think that his mother died of a paralysis attack (Not certain if he is really relating to his mother) can't you just be optimistic about it. It could have been worst. How about some other disease which wud have been even worse than paralysis. Thousands of ppl face millions of problems for fuck sake and why is GOD the only one to be blamed. Anyways, when you are sending a message you do realize the consequences. The Havoc that your message might cause. The virus of hate you might spread. Most of all this kinda shit is only done to gain attraction. I don't like this song, But hey, what if i tell some teenager "HEY YOU WANNA LISTEN TO BADASS SHIT GO CHECK OUT THIS SONG, IT SAYS FUCK JESUS AND FUCK LORD" woah and there you go. A singer knows what he is saying, deeply realizes the consequences that his message will cause, despite of knowing that, they still do it... Some of them, specially these ANTI-RELIGION ANTI-GOD kinda typical fags. Better listen to Cannbial corpse or Death Or a better band insted of listening to anti-religion bullshit. Grow up.. If you tell me that your mum died because of bla bla bla disease, then i will refer you HATEBREED-NEVER LET IT DOWN instead of anti-jesus or anti-religion horse shit.

Where is Satan??? | Reviewer: Corey Love | 2/14/10

His lyrics are Fucked Up cuz it has nothing to do to his mother , he stated that he is a anti religion thats all ,, he wants to tell people that he is Somthing Of this shit Fuckem ,, but the thing is that these mother fuckers never mention SATAN as the one who does all these bad things and show people how to commit stuff that violate the human rules i dont understand these stupid people ,,, we do have some rockers that they blame it on satan but they believe in satan ,,, the thing is that they know that satan is the one should be blamed because of all these wars and trubles but they like satan and they say that they want to live this way and their religion is based on bad things ,,,,, okay what i spit is crap okay ,,, he blame God because of his mother right ,, okay i`ll tell you this ,, Open a Fire then put your hand into it what will happen??? you`ll burn your hand the question is who did this to you??? Hell yeah you Mothaphaka you are the one who did that to himself , there is no need for you to blame GOD cuz you did that ,, Dont forget that any bad thing happens to you is from satan and every good thing happens to you is from GOD,,,, dont forget this , is thats good!!! anybody who doesnt and didnt like what i said he can stick his finger in his ass , and Fuck himself is thats good!!!!

1 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/10

I agree with the comment below me, it's a simple confliction of beliefs. It applies to anybody who's been alone in the dark and never heard any whispers. The imagination is a powerful tool, if you put a child in a controlled enviroment until this child grew to be an adult. Whatever items you gave him or ideas you talked about will flourish in his mind. Eventually these mental instruments would develop into his own logical base of thoughts thus creating his own belief system. This could be as simple as worshipping a door-knob so it will someday open itself. Take a step back, think about it. If god does not exist then religion is still a scary yet fascinating facade that a majority of people hold strong, lifelong convictions with.

Judith | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/10

First off The title Judith has nothing to do with religeon. Judith, is his mothers name. His mother is very into religeon even after she was paralyzed. He is trying to understand why she still believes in a god or a Jesus Christ after her paralization. He then says f**k your god lord and Jesus Christ because after her years of faithfulness she got repaid by being paralyzed and he doesn't understand why she still has faith. Wow it is that simple. I don't know why you all start getting religous.

ohhhh yeahhh | Reviewer: leroy | 1/23/10

half of you lack the education to inerperet this song in any aspect. you can twist it any way your heart desires but it doesent make you right. fuck your god. fuck your religion and most of all fuck you and your middle class parents in their ugly assholes you ignorant fuck.