awesome song | Reviewer: diluted | 11/13/07

i cudn giv a rats ass abt all d religious freaks who gets offended by d lyrics cuz ths is one song dat u can never get bored of listenin to..d music is awesome..nd quite frankly d lyrics fit well wit d music..nd besides i thot rock wuz d devils y r u religious idiots even listenin 2 it...shudn u b off prayin sumwhere...:S...neway...ths song rocks nd neone who is offended...well there isn nethin u can do cuz its already been released nd well....u can jus go crawl under a rock or sumthin..peace out..\m/..:D

It's a two sided blade | Reviewer: Klimbatize | 11/11/07

If you listen to the song "Eulogy" by TOOL (The band that was always meant for Maynard to be in)
he does a similair thing...except its a bit longer and a bit more descriptive. That's beside the fact though.In the lyrics "Fuck your god,your lord,your christ" he's taking one side and disproving that there is a god and that many people believe what they are told with no questions asked. They follow like sheep and never really think for themselves because they are told what to believe and anything else that doesn't believe it is wrong,wicked and demonic. At the same time Maynard is taking the other side and saying that Christ did die for everyones sins and that he did it for us. All in all...he is taking an athiest and christain point of view,But its to hit some of the focal points in huge arguments about this subject (just look at the reviews lol...there's quite a few that are qutie one sided)using simple words.
for one last thing though.It is about his mom so while it raises controversy around god and antichrist it's mainly written around his mom. It may have been written in anger if you really look at it and feel the song out as well. Like what some others said (I agree with Amy on a lot of things...but I'm not trying to take sides here) it's just music. Love and know it. This is an amazing song. Then again...doesn't damn near everything that Maynard has written been amazing???

RE: Stop and think before you write | Reviewer: Toast | 11/6/07

I am not a Christian or religious and like most of you i adore the song. there was something that "lamar" said that i feel needs ammending tho he said, "there'd b peace if people would just learn to keep their goddamned options to their selfs"
what i think he should have said is "there'd be peace if people would accept other peoples right to voice their opinion and not find offence in it just accept it as the way they feel.

Why not... | Reviewer: Kyle | 11/2/07

just realize that Maynard wrote this song in anger.....not because he doesn't believe in god and crap.

If I'm not mistaken...Maynard is very much a christian....maybe to the point of apocolyptical...but still a christian....

so just accept that this song is awesome (renholder mix of this song is my favorite) and get on with it.

can u stop and think before you write? | Reviewer: lamar | 11/2/07

im a christian and i like the song. while i believe the line "Fuck your God, your Lord, your Christ" is totally disturbing to us i also believe that its very very troubling to go through what he had to go through. there is something called freedom of choice. if u like the song, cool, if u dont guess what... its cool too. but u dont have to turn this in to a debate and insult us church goers. if u dont believe in God. thats your problem. if u do, thats really and trully your problem too. there'd b peace if people would just learn to keep their goddamned options to their selfs

Interesting... | Reviewer: Amanda | 11/1/07

The reviews you guys left got a little heated. It's funny to me that such a simple song can create such a debate. This is a completely healthy topic to debate about. It appears that the atheists get aggitated easier than the Christians. This is just a simple observation I made while skimming through the reviews. To all the non-Christians, here is a word of advice the next time you debate: don't work yourself up into a temper, it floods your point and you turn into a moron. State your side of the argument without name calling to avoid looking like a tool. Christians: if you get the hankering to leave anti-Perfect Circle remarks on a page for Perfect Circle music reviews, just keep in mind you are going to make people angry. Sparking anger in the hearts of others will not bring anyone closer to God, it will only push them away. Remember everyone: This is a place for music reviews, not beliefs. Just because the song is about Maynard's views on christianity doesn't mean that is all the substance of the song. There are also instruments and a voice. Try commenting on the song... not God. Duh.

Refreshing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/07

I find it refreshing as a Christian that Maynard's mother Judith had the strength to remain faithful to her savior even though all of these horrific trials happened in her life. She is a shining testimony that even in times of great heartache and pain you can find comfort with God. I just wish that Maynard could follow his mother's example.

Judith Lyrics | Reviewer: Cingular Beyrz | 10/30/07

I'm a Christian and I don't care what the lyrics are saying. To Christians like me, just enjoy the song don't mind the lyrics.


Lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/07

I love how short sighted you Christian freaks are.
"Christ came to set sinners free!"
Well, whatever.
Christ was made up from a series of letters some guy wrote to his friend about a guy who knew another guy that was really amazing.
All these stories were made to teach lessons and crap.
Like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf!"
Then along came some King who wanted order.
So, he took out the the stories in the Bible that told you to question your beliefs, question your leader, and question everything else that exists.
Then rewrote the stories with God in every other sentence, and made the perfect tool of enslavement.
This book was so effective, it works to this very day.
Honestly, why would you put your faith in someone you constantly threatens you to eternity in hell, if you do not do his every wish.
Why would the almighty powerful God need you to worship and serve him, if he is, well, God.
And yet, the man who is shunned and spat on, Satan, is the only one, who will take those who have made mistakes, those who have freewill, and those who have been cast out by all the others.

I am not Satanic.
I am atheist.
Just looking at all sides of the table and,
Just letting you know how fucked up this wonderful children story of death is.

freedom and grace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/07

Christ came to set sinners, all of us, free. If you don't think that even christians struggle with Jesus then you are mistaken...The Jesus I know would welcome and prefer the welcome anger and struggle. Not reject it. Maynard, if nothing else is being honost, which even a lot of christians fear. All of us I think would struggle if one we loved was going thru "Liliths" situation. Gods love is stronger than ours. It's why we need him. He would have been crying with Maynard not against him...That was the old way not the new...THank GOd.

Church? I thought we were talking about the music! | Reviewer: diosa | 10/18/07

I just wanted to agree with those of you that can admit Judith is an amazing piece. The powerful simplicity of the lyrics balanced with unmistakable musical perfection is so satisfying because you don’t have to sit through 4-5 minutes of screaming and mindless entertainment. Judith captures the spirit of what music really is – a chance for the artist to share their emotions. So when you are deciding whether or not you like something, don’t just assume your own opinion of what the artist is trying to tell you; sometimes music is an intimate glance inside the mind of someone you will never meet.

My point – If you are sharing a review of something that just aimlessly plays in the background of your life, don’t waste space with petty bullshit about “how the song makes you feel” it’s not about you; it’s about the music. And for the youngsters that are submitting these – check out a magazine/newspaper article and see how music reviews are approached.

literacy | Reviewer: amy | 10/8/07

this song does have a lot of can take it however you want to take it.personally i dont believe it was about god.his mothers name is judith and why else would that be the title of the song if not for her.the thing is you are so quick to jump at conclusions to defend your everyone is out to get you and its like your so afraid that one day someone is going to prove god doesnt exisit.i have found myself in just about every church.religion wise.and i am agnostic to this day.i will not attend a church cause it is nothing but brick and stone.a chruch is truly in your do not have to go to a house to worship god or whoever you worship if he is in your give 10 percent of your paychecks to these pricks who molest your children in bible study every sunday.not everyone who goes to church is good.and i dont believe that god really only wanted 10 percent of your you really think he gives a shit?if he is everything of what you say why dont you think about what you are saying?the only reason why you give 10 percent is so that church you go to that repeats themselves constantly can keep their location.i mean you take notes in church just so you can remember what they say each you not look at the news and see how many corrupt people run the church?just the other day on the news their was a man that convinced a 14 year old to marry and sleep with her own cousin!they just went to court for it but it happened about 7 years ago cause shes 21 now.religion to me is nothing but large quantities of organized cults.if you are christian you need to take a minute go to the mirror and dont just look at yourself see into your own gather up to 4 times a week to worship something youve never touched or seen before in your speak in have crosses which is your symbol.but when another smaller religion comes around that speaks another language that worships that also has a symbol you say its all about hypocrites.and you know what.if you truly believe this song is about god and it offends you so much...why dont you ask yourself why?listen to the damn song.this this is the case and the song is religion this song reffers to you.

I love this song | Reviewer: Kim | 10/7/07

I can't believe people had to be stupid enough to post how they don't like the song because it was anti-religious. Why post something on a song if the majority likes it?

It's an amazing song. I'm not going to let some stupid religion or other peoples' beliefs tell me I can't listen to it.

Judity | Reviewer: rachel | 9/26/07

this song is not about religion! don't be stupid hid mother... judith... is paralayzed and dying if not dead, read between the lines, jesus not everyhting is a god damn debate about god or anyhting else, even if he heated god or christ what does it matter who in the hell ae we to judge, think about that,

As if anyone really knows.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/07

No matter how hard anybody tries to disprove God, there will always be a space left missing where he can certainly fit in. I'm not saying God does or doesn't exist, I'm saying everyone has their own opinion. Respect them for it.