Shut up | Reviewer: Mr Kung McBung | 5/31/11

Almost every single comment by a 'beLIEver' on this page is poorly written or near incomprehensible. Your words speak loudly about the poor workings of your mind.

Someone said that without choices there is no free will and we are just robots. Guh huh guh huh. Yes except this has nothing to do with freedom of choice, his mother didn't choose to be paralysed, so clearly it's stupid to pray to a God who happily lets that happen to you. God is all loving all powerful blah blah blah.... Except when it actually comes down to helping anyone, he won't. This is despite the fact that the story of Jesus has him constantly proving himself to people through acts of healing!

If it's good enough for the New Testament why is it that nothing like this happens in the real world? I'll tell you, it's because it's a fictional story is why. Go read 'Lord of the Rings' and pray to Gandelf. You might as well.

True Story | Reviewer: Daniel | 5/30/11

Do you know what? Last night I dreamt god spoke to me. He said, 'It's okay. You are Jesus', as we looked over the world from the skies.

What did I do about it? Run around my neighbourhood flashing cash and proclaiming I've seen the light? No, I looked up a scientific analysis through dream meanings.

Anyway, it said I have feelings of guilt. It's very true, and I addressed it.

Now I am cured.

God | Reviewer: Daniel Will-I-Am Cleve-Land | 5/29/11

God loves everyone, if there was no choice in this life, we would be robots, "animals" that were programmed to love God. That would defy the point of creation. If God gives you a choice to live in his light, or make your own light, aka satan, and you turn back to God, Then you are proved to REALLY Love and Trust Him. Burn Your MONEY, Give it away, set an example to the masses. Do for Others, Bitch people out for doing dumb shit, Then help them. Give your money to strippers druggies and prostitues and tell them god loves them. You'll Find that love is not material, or made. It is Given, Amen. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY. APC IS THE SHIT AS IN THERE BADASS

dad | Reviewer: dont worrie bout it | 5/19/11

this song is about my dad he puts so much faith in god that he doesn't know how to help himself. he makes it an excuse. now hes nearing his 50's hes broke as hell has a crappy wife and 2 young chilldren. an old house thats gonna fall down and lupis that hes not being treated for cuz he has no insurance. fuck his lord he did this! faith has made him weak

Good song, bad form | Reviewer: Chris | 5/18/11

Fantastic song from a musical/technical perspective. Good dynamics, excellent use of the slide, heavy, good melody and harmonies -- just well written.

My problem with it is in its origin. I couldn't care less if someone writes an anti-Christian song. I think it's rather silly to disparage someone's faith, but whatever. That said, I do have a problem with being so blatantly harsh against your own mother's faith, and worse yet, when she is certainly clinging to it in a time of severe need. That's just a crappy thing to do.

Bad form, Keenan. Bad form, sir.

The song. | Reviewer: leon | 5/13/11

"Judith" has all the elements of a great song. Multiple great voices, A top notch drummer, slide guitar in an octave based riff system... AND.... IT GOT YOU ALL TALKING! Sadly not about the review of the song. However, I enjoy banging this out with my mates either on the kit or the guitar. It impresses those who listen and we feel good doing it! Rock on APC.

Pride and Rebellion | Reviewer: Eebleeeeese | 5/12/11

Mankind's arrogance is second to none. 95% of the men, women, and children on so-called "planso-called" are not as smart (wise, insightful, logical, objective) as they believe they are. Objectivity is not practiced, so their mentalities consists of subjective, opinionated falsehoods due to flawed, reactive, personal emotions.
Atheism is a result of religious dogma; atheism is a believe system, which qualifies it to be one of many man made religions. If a human truly believes there is no CREATOR, then that human truly believes in nothing. That's a slight problem to achieve in this reality filled with numerous something.

Truth | Reviewer: Ryan Mair | 5/9/11

Is god willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? THEN WHY CALL HIM GOD?

Hypocritical | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/11

I find it hilarious that all these Christians are freaking out because someone wrote an amazing song with a negative view on religion. WAKE UP! There are far worse songs that bash religion. Just as much as there are Christian rock songs about Jesus there are ones telling religious zealots to stop being ignorant of the world around them. So feel free to get upset about anti religion songs but remember atheists could do the same to all your church hymns and shit too. How would you like that hmmm? Exactly the same principle.

Walk a mile in his shoes ... | Reviewer: Ronis | 5/3/11

MJK's lyrics are aimed at a specific Judith, a specific event in his life ... anyone who takes this personally or attempts to judge miss the point, IMHO. The words are not for "you" they are a rhetorical and pained inner discussion questioning praise for her G_d. Not disrespecting her at all- more of a praise for her strength and faith.

Judith | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/11

I am disappointed in who wrote this if he so loved his mum then he should have considered what she wanted more than his feeling. My name is Judith and i am a Christian and if i ever die nomatter how unfair pple may think it is. I wld be honored if they respected my right to believe and didn't deface me.

youre all generally dumb. loosely speaking of course | Reviewer: nickolas j crabill | 4/25/11

the song is about whatever you make it to be. its called artistic expression. same with religion. same with life. thats where the whole, "made in a creators image" comes from. we are all creators of our personal heaven or personal hell. religion is about hope and faith. a lot of you people seem hopeless and lost, and i pity you. do some research. atheist simpletons.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Nietzsche | 4/23/11

Don't tell them they are wrong or attacking someone's faith. The FACT is that the Bible has many hypocrisies and loopholes. Many failures... irregardless, if God or gods exist, they must be unlike anything portrayed in the great religious works of fiction... And if Christian's have the right to profess their faith in public, so too, do we have the right to profess their idiocy in public. Freedom of speech is a double-edged sword, but remember... "We killed God".

Mer. | Reviewer: Anon | 4/19/11

You atheists are JUST as bad as the Christians ho push their religions on other. Just because you don't believe in God or religion does not give you the leeway to bash people who DO believe in God and religion. It's not your place to judge ANYONE, just as it's not Christians place to judge and admonish those who do not believe in God. I was taught to respect EVERYONE, and that mean to respect their beliefs. I am a BIG Maynard fan, whether it's Tool, APC, or Puscifier, and I respect his beliefs about religion, even thought I DO believe in God.

There is no god | Reviewer: Arielle | 4/17/11

No, the truth is, for the morons who think that god really exists, that humans created religion as a way to cope with everything bad that happens. It's a buffer. It's their way of thinking that some all controlling being is in charge when in fact, it's just the cycle of life. It's a crutch. Shit happens, good and bad. Deal with it. Life isn't fair, but there isn't some a-hole sitting 'in the heavens' judging you. Life's what you make it and you only get one shot. BTW, Maynard rocks!!