Jesus is our Redeemer | Reviewer: Praise God | 11/21/11

I yes an yet one more thing..
About 6 months before my grandmother passed away she was sent to ICU because her potassium was 9.6. The doctor on call said he had never seen anyone with it this high live through it. As we sat in the hall I heard her begin to cry out to God an we told the doctors to do eveything they could reguardless of the fact of them saying she had no chance of making it.. About 3hrs or so later.. She was recovering.. Not thanks to the doctors but thanks to God for what he did an made them able to do..
Next key and point.. My grandfather worked his entire life farming an in the military.. When I was three years old he had a stroke an was paralyzed on his left side an left bed ridden for 10 years before he passed away. Not once during this time did he or anyone else try to bash God for it..
As of right now as I stated previously i'm down to one family member that I praise god for having an yes it's been hard an we've had hard times. But god has a time an purpose for everything. If his mother was a devoted Christian I know it still may be hard on the family losing her more than I can imagine but Chirst can bring anyone through anything. Also back to if she was a devoted Christian she is in a much better place where there is no sickness, pain, hunger, or sadness. Am I saying losing someone you love is easy? No not at all I agree it can be unbearably hard but it's something we have to cling to god on an march through continuing to seek God for he will neither forsake us or forget us.. Just like my brothers suicide was to me. But there is a creator who loves us an his name is God an sent his only begotten son who loved us an chose to die on the cross to save us from our sins. Also to though who have the comment or question here is the anwser. No I'm not someone just making stuff up to sound good my life has been hellish at time an I've lost more people that I love than I can count on both hands, suffered a addiction, and other problems but I continue to cling to God an Jesus Chirst our Saviour because I know that he is always there with us an for us an I praise him. I pray for all of you that you may be blessed in a way that changes your hearts an minds. As my final wind up note.. People look at all the good things in there life an say well that was luck or well I worked an deserved that my ship has came in.. Then when something bad happens they want to blame an bash God.. When really nothing good could happen an there would be no ship to come in if it wasn't for the father, son, and holy ghost. Praise God!

maynard is wise | Reviewer: alayna | 10/23/11

maynard isnt actually an atheist if you read up on his interviews. he states that when he wrote this song he was in such a dark state of mine and was filled with anger that he wrote this song with passion. it is part of a chapter in his life when he was the lowest of the low. now he says that he understands why his mother did this it is because she had faith and beliefs which is what we all have no matter what they are. he published this song not to cause controversy but to show a turning stone in his life and share his story with us all. LEARN YOUR FACT ABOUT APC AND TOOL

Stupid people are stupid | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/11

His mother had a stroke and she ended up paralised and was dying and it took so long, she prayed and pray and he knew it wouldn't help. God tormented her soul. He questioned Why? Why? She didn't do anything, she didn't kill anyone, she was innocent

Fantastic song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/11

I can really relate to this song. My mom is also ill, and she may not have long to live, but she's still a devout christian even though her saviour is letting her suffer. And her entire life she was faithful to the core. I was the one who finally asked "Why?" and realised what a lie it all was. What a lie we had all been living. I still haven't told her this, and we still go to church together on Sundays because it would break her heart if she knew. I've never done anything bad to anyone my entire life, neither has she. If I go to hell then so be it! I am a moral and just man my ex-god should look up to, because if he created me, he created someone better than himself - and this goes to most good people I know. I don't need punishment, I don't need salvation, fuck you for destroying my mother's life! If you loved her half as much as I do she wouldn't be fucking dying, fuck you, monster! I made myself - you were made by us.

God is love | Reviewer: | 9/24/11


I think god is love dont hate on god he does things on propose you dont know if your mom had any problems and thats why she got sick your mom is very lucky that she died because now shes happy in heaven thee only reason shes happy is because she belived and u wat her bad so much u should try beliving in god ask for forgiveness give your life to him u might have some problems but much more people have even bigger problems dont just sit there crying over poor misrable life just putting the fault on god because ur making ur life even more bad god died on the cross for all of us even for u he loves us all u are worth even more than all the money in the world let god into ur heart if u want to see ur loving mom or else u will rote in hell for ever and ever by the way i belive this and im only 12 ur to old to wine about it u shouldent have a kid telling u wat is right from wrong.
“lord i give u my heart and my life im urs and i live for u every step that i take every moment im awake i live for u my god"
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nada | Reviewer: Amanda | 9/7/11

I believe religion is a bitter/sour idea. Some are truly happy believeing in God. Why discourage there happiness? Why bring them down? thats only directed towards religious people who are kind and midn their own. Now radically religious people who push their beliefs need to hush up. Everyone and I Mean EVERYONE needs to respect others beliefs. Maynard wrote this in a horrbile state. His heart was broken. He isn't bashing religion I don't believe. He only questions it because of his mother, which I think is a damn good reason. His mother was very religious and still all these horrible things happened to her. I relate to Maynard in this sense. He watched his mother suffer. He questions God because why would his mother, whom was a devout christian, be made to suffer? Where was this mericful god when she had a stroke? No where. Every review of this song has comments pages long of debates about religion vs. science which is dumb. He isn't pushing science. Its about his mother for gods sakes! Its his way to express his feelings of his mothers passing. Let it be. Arguing on YouTube and lyric websites doesn't change the fact that NO ONE knows for sure about the workings of our universe. And our tiny human minds will never know.

Leo is right | Reviewer: Anette | 9/1/11

This song is very obviously about his mother Judith. Tool song 10 000 Days (Wings pt 2) is also about her and refers to the fact that she spent approximately that many days paralyzed before she passed away.

Igor is wrong... Its about his mother | Reviewer: Leo | 8/25/11

This song isnt telling you to be anti-christ, its a song about his mother Judith Marie Keenan, who suffered a stroke and was restricted to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She kept praying to God, and it didnt help her at all.

Judith | Reviewer: Igor | 8/18/11

thing is: this song is about God, the meaning of song is simple. do not believe in Chruch and the bibble, because they make you believe all that stuff that you have to go to hell for your sins!? I mean WTF? if you believe in God, you believe, that is the pint!

''It's not like you killed someone
It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side
Praise the one who left you broken down and paralyzed

He did it all for you...
He did it all for you...''

they want you to fell guilty for His dead, but He did it all for see the point!?


Now I understand Judith | Reviewer: Joseph | 8/15/11

After reading a handful of responses to the lyrics...they make more sense to me. Rock music is an outlet to angst...a feeding frenzy of saying what you feel, no matter if it is right, wrong or a massive emotion of grey matter. Here is what I know if Judith she is who I think she is ... I have known some Judith's in my time. Maynards mom knows strength, she knows the heart of Christ Jesus, she knows God didn't do this to her. IF there was no God would there be no Judith? Would there be no one suffering? Oh and contrary to popular belief that religion causes war and strife etc. PEOPLE cause the aforementioned. Who, if there is no God, if Jesus did not pay for it to blame for the pain of devoted people like Judith? WE ARE. We have screwed up this world we live in, our sin causes war and disease and pain. Our self-centered need, greed, lust, hate and masked with all facets of human frailty, including religion, but not exclusively religion, causes all the bondage to the death that people experience in life. It is easy to blame a God you think you understand. Why does God allow it? He gave us his son to reconcile us out of it... WE ALLOW it. Judith, if she doesn't already know, will know how very fleeting this life is. He did it all for you Judith. He knew first hand the pain you are experiencing and so people like you suffering in a fallen world would not live in pain and die in pain, in vain. I pray with you that your son see that one day and be set free and know the peace you know even in your pain.

Rebuttal to "What a Joke" review | Reviewer: Monica | 8/13/11

If you want me to respect what you are writing, please use proper English and full words. You demand in your writing style for people to listen to logic. if you want that, then be intelligent. Do not fall into abbreviated ways to write. Don not fall into the technological hype of simple terminology. Be smart and be on point. What are you talking about. This is about human emotion. Keep it straight brother.

Judith | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/11

People think this is Maynard lashing out at god, when he is questioning his mother still having faith in God after he 'abandoned' her.
Also this song may deal with the Book of Judith in some way but i don't have time to review that portion

explanation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/11

ok u can all talk about religion and jesus...this song is about his mother,,,if u all followed maynard's life a bit u would have known his mom was heavily religious and was stuck to a bed by some illness for a very long time(10.000days of tool is also about that). Maynard doesnt believe in a god but she does. And if god excists *he did this to her*...thats what the lyrics is about.

What a J0KE ! | Reviewer: s0m1 | 7/27/11

OK people everyone has his own beliefs in life my advice to you guys is to try looking 4 something LOGIC ! like for instance : did every thing like planets galaxys earth life trees animals humans micro stuff are made just like that by it's own like without a creator and how about before life started was everything dark or white now that's a bad question lol, but me i want to learn more about religions and find the true one cuz i do believ' that there is a GOD or if u want a CREATOR, but i found that the true islamic religion not the fake ones and terrors has more logic explainations than others and it's all about peace and good education that we don't realy c in some fake islamic countries try learning more on it and u'll c and i don't say that i am one well what bring me to that song hope this help a bit and remember don't talk about things u dunno try 2 learn more about it first and that's it guys .. C ya !!

stop hating on God | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/11

I can see why he would be angry at God; everyone needs to understand that everything is done for a reason. The problem is not God; the problem is with us attempting to judge God’s actions regarding things we know nothing about. He is lashing out at God like a child who has had his mother taken from him, go figure. Just think if God had not allowed the settlers to kill off the Native Americans would we all be speaking German? If God did not allow slavery what kind of life do you think all the African Americans would have today? I do believe in reincarnation but not like the Hindu version, for peat sake they worship cows. Religion is not the same as spirituality look inward for guidance, if you do not know what is proper in Gods eye’s find out what is. The Bible tells us to educate ourselves so we will not be deceived.