awsome lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/14

I like this song so much better, after knowing the lyrics, I love religion especially christians they get so upset, that whats so good about religion we can disagree, hate each other. kill each other . give are pompus ass opinions, we dont have a clue, neather do I, you think your special, important have meaning, yea ok,,,me tooo

Maynard is right | Reviewer: Yggdrasil | 8/15/14

All you fools who don't understand the song are retarded to leave a message that you know what he means about the fruit. You have no idea what he means. You ass clowns are Christians only because you are afraid not to be. You follow a book that has copied all of its writings from pagan religions and depicts Jesus as a god. Jesus was nothing but a criminal peasant who got what he deserved for claiming such lies. What a fool he was. Go make me a fucking table and chair and a club so I can tie you to the table and sit on the chair while my god Thor beats you with the club. You fuckin Christ cock suckers have no clue what's coming to you after you die. Expect a lot of pain

True to yourself. | Reviewer: Dimensiont3n | 7/29/14

The song simply depicts what has at one point or another crossed everyone's mind. If someone so righteous can allow us to live in world.of such cruelty then Why? Why would you give such faith into such an idea. I myself don't know the answer and anyone who claims to I would question Why? Energy my friends can neither be created nor destroyed. We are energy. In essence we are all a part of God. Since logically God would be the accumulation of everything. That's what I think when I ask Why?

I finally understand | Reviewer: Michael Goff | 2/28/14

This song finally makes sense. In a world ruled by wickedness, in a country ruled by tyranny, everyone should be in mourning. And the most evil people in the world are the fake christians. Most politicians are fake christians. They use the Savior of the world as a prop to launch their foolish agendas for a short time until hell opens up and swallows them whole. When Jesus said, "thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it," he wasn't talking about keeping the major churches in business. He meant his saints will always live, and live through Him. And this song is the perfect example of what Jesus meant when he said, "If you don't hate brother sister mother father wife--even your own life, you cannot be my disciple." And God said that cowards and hypocrites would not enter the kingdom of heaven. Also that if you love your life you will lose it. You are supposed to hate your life here on earth and be poor in spirit, then the kingdom of heaven will be yours. If you are happy here, rot in F****** hell!

The "God" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/14

This song is a punch in the face on all those hypocrites out there, subjected to a religion however it may be defined (major religions, new age, astrology, science, you-name-it). In other words, any system of belief that contains some sort of paradigm.

Some people know the real spirit/God/whatever, the all everything, the thing is, that it is impossible to explain, one cannot explain "God", as "God" itself is everything that is. Everything cannot describe itself, so to speak.

There are some factors that is good and bad, right and wrong, but it doesn't have to be defined in any way whatsoever, because every sane living being in this universe already knows what is right and what is wrong. You don't see a three-year old killing another human, do you?
So this is what I would say a punch in the face on all those "believers" out there, but who doesn't understand what they believe in.

Because you see, "God" is anything but stupid or judgmental. "God" is everything that is. Everything. But it extends free will on every scale, therefore this fucked up society. "God" didn't screw things up. We did.

Typical Christians | Reviewer: Joshua | 2/5/14

This song is all about blindly believing in an asinine, unoriginal religion. Religious fanatics can't understand these lyrics. If you could reason with religious zealots, there would be none.

Philosophically perplexing | Reviewer: EJ | 7/12/13

I find this song logically contradictory. The substance of the argument seems to rest more on emotion than reason. In example, without a God who defines "fruit," there is no "fruit" to "taste." All fruit is just fruit without God. To taste the fruit in a secular sense could mean anything- sex, drugs, rock n roll, meditation, or following a guru like Jesus. In other words, for some people who do not find fulfillment in "fruit" such as sex, they find fulfillment in gurus like Jesus. Why would Maynard hate Jesus fruit but appreciate sex fruit? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to appreciate any fruit that personally fulfills a beloved relative?

Also, Maynard claims that Jesus did something horrible to his mother Judith. He seems to believe that Jesus- through neglect or malice, caused her great pain. That belief would require a 2,000 year old dead Jewish man to have a real and tangible power over Judith in the 20th century. It is ridiculous to try to blame something on Jesus, or hold Jesus in contempt, if you do not believe he has any actual agency or moral authority.

In the end, Maynard is just mad at god(s) for not giving Maynard what Maynard expected in life. This anger requires faith/belief in god(s).

bitter-sweet | Reviewer: sumrbird | 6/4/13

As a Christian, you can't help but find the lyrics offensive like I found myself getting. But the love of Christ in me trumps the offense. The love of Christ in me also wants him to have peace in his heart before he exits this world b/c one day "we shall all bow down to Him."

idiots | Reviewer: alan g | 4/1/13

Heresy by nine inch nails comes to mind. Your god is dead. So I do disagree on one part "fuck your god". No, fuck you weak minded flock of sheep that follow a dead Jewish is a band with a hit album and they still didn't make as much money as the pope did that year.

Ah... how sad | Reviewer: Lamb | 3/29/13

Sad lyrics. I feel bad for his mother. I feel worse for him though. I was a little disappointed in the lyrics. I draw a faith message from it anyways though, irony. He wrote this song to send anger towards God and here I am finding not malice but faith in it. Goes to show you that you cannot go again the Will of the Lord. He will use even songs directed against Him for Him. I like the way the song sounds. His mother has the right idea. Maynard is a lost man. Hopefully he will get it one day. His mother's faith angers him at the time, but one day he will understand what it means. She has it right, Christ would be proud.

Wow | Reviewer: Morten | 1/3/13

As I get these lyrics, they perfectly capture the sickness of our society and morals today. People might be ditching jesus and god in name, but they are holding on to the morals without asking the most important question, "why?". While people were still christian at least there was a long tradition that balanced out this most ugly moral. But as it transmuted into humanist christianity and then pure humanism when christianity became unpopular, now there is only that bare naked moral left. Can you guess what it is?

Maynard... | Reviewer: Lou S. Cipher | 8/28/12

Once again Maynard has created yet another brilliant piece of work! It will draw extreme prejudice from the brainwashed "Holy Rollers" of today-who believe every word of the man-written "fairy tale" book they call the bible-If there is a God-Who is to say that we can speak for him as to what is right and what is wrong??? "never question why??"...It is our nature to question things-our intelligence-our minds...were created by a higher power in this image. FREE WILL....They say your trip to heaven is nearby-You may believe it but SATAN wouldn't lie!!!!!!

I could be mad too. | Reviewer: Crazy legs | 8/3/12

Best song ever. I can relate. The love of my life, whom I have dedicated myself to, is a huge hypocritical christian. I have been able to look past it, because I agree with her ad her belief that Jesus was a great man. She has been afflicted with a crazy 20 year marriage to. So called christian and he mentally abused her and drive her to the edge of clinical depression and craziness. I come into her life and teach her what real love is. You know the things Jesus speaks of!! After all this she wants me to move out of our home because we're notarries and she can't live in sin anymore. This is for you baby. Because he did it all for you.

Alright listen up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/12

This song as mentioned before as being about maynards mom "judith" she became paralyzed and still loved god and thanked him and prayed for him. What he wasnt doing was praising her faith(i have no idea where you got that from) he was angry at it, that his mom would still love and worship a god who left her like that. He hated to see her suffer and wondered why she praised god when he would have been at fault. Its not like she deserved it but apperantly he did it to "help her" hence the he did it all for you part.

Love the message | Reviewer: JD | 1/14/12

I have been a Tool fan since the first album. Maynard and those who write with him have long explored their uncertainties with faith through their lyrics. I am a Christian and currently attend a Christian university. I love every single Tool song. I love them because not only are the songs tales of what Maynard struggles with, but they also hold personal meaning for me. It is ok to question. Jesus himself (in my opinion) struggles with his faith when he prays on the Mount of Olives (Luke 22:39-44) and I feel the struggle is part of the journey.

You come to faith on your own terms and on your own time. If you don't agree, don't listen to Maynard's testimony. He didn't understand his mother's undying faith. He is angry with what he watched his mother go through...anyone of us would have felt the same.