vanilla coke | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/09

okay first off, this song (along with all of Maynard's other work) is freaking awesome, and obviously pretty deep. from what ive gathered, it's about his mom, and the fact that he cant understand how a person can have so much faith in a god that lets so much go wrong...also, he's not "christian bashing" he's bashing all of the people who blindly follow their organized church, and never really stop to ask questions or even try to go gain an accurate knowledge of the bible, they mostly just just listen to some old pastor and then pay up.

maynard hates religious fanatics because of the ignorance they show... and im sure he hates all the ignorant atheists that call other people who believe in god idiots just as much...

so seriously, keep your judgements to yourself, and just enjoy the fucking music.

I Like This Song | Reviewer: Q | 3/1/09

Wow I didn't know what this song was about because I couldn't pick out all the lyrics over the radio, but I loved the instrumentals. This a powerful tune...As far as the debate on Christ, I'm not going to get into that. I don't think that's what a review box on is for.

nothing matters. | Reviewer: Jared Oday | 2/21/09

everyone is dumb and blind to the fact that religion is just something pulled over our eyes to keep the believing in line and makes the sinners repent. thats all and the ones who dont belive. actually live literally... i went to catholic school all my life. kindergarden to graduatiopn day of high school. its all bullshit.

Elle you ROK!! | Reviewer: Jamie | 2/13/09

It's a tragedy really - how his mother seemed to have such a strong faith in God, and that seemed to be the thing that drove him FROM God. And I believe this song definitely does speak to how he feels about God. I gather from the song that he blames God for the condition of Judith. And he's incredibly bitter about it. I do think it's interesting, that even though he does blame God for his Mother's condition, he does admit there is a God. I wonder who he believes God to be if he does indeed believe He's real. He must think he's a real asshole. Just a thought. Anyway, Elle, I agree. Not the "My Religion vs. Your Religion Forum For Those Who Cannot Spell"... MRVYRFFTWCS (That's not very catchy is it)?

The meaning of the song is much simpler.. | Reviewer: Paul | 1/9/09

.... than all of the religion and establishment related suggested. It's simply a dedication to Maynards mother, Judith Marie, who is paralysed and has been from a young age.

It's succeeded by the track "10,000 days pt. 2" on the album '10,000 days'. Judith died aged 27, which roughly equates to 10,000 days.

It's all subjective | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/08

Great song!

It's interesting to see how sensitive people are to what is commonly refered to as "bashing christians". They seem comfortable throwing around the word "respect" as if to say it is disrespectful to express your perspective on such a influencial belief system as christianity. One must keep in mind that christianity has caused much pain and suffering to many over the years. If an artist wants to express his or her perspective on something that has caused pain... then so be it. Isn't that what art is all about.

It's not about respect, it's about understanding.

umm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/08

the fact of the matter is that now religion is starting to impede the spread of important scientific information because people become offended when the science does not coincide with their religous beliefs. think about what will happen when we start to create species of animals plants planets and even galaxies who would be a god then. no one thinks to redefine the meaning of god and his capabilities. and for those of you who say the creator of everything. then what created him another being we are just part of that chain. we evolve into "godliness" as a whole. we use live off everyones knowledge via internet movies books history. we pick up where our predecessors left countinue the conciuos ideas and expand as one.

kinda weird aint this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/08

sweet song. weird that it starts a big thing bout christians and all that. Everyone should probably not talk anymore. it's getting no where and proving nothing. Some of you preach that we should respect each others beliefs then turn and start going off against the other persons beliefs. Why not just leave it at "Respect what others believe." You don't believe in God, don't make someone else prove there's a God. You believe in Him, don't try and make someone believe who obviously is not interested. Way easier. And you don't need to go verbally attacking people and stuff on the internet. It does nothing. Just blows off steam (in a way) kinda annoys others too.
Alright I'm done.

Great song.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/08

Great song. The fundies will never get it( they are the Borg/zombies of no reason ) Religion is just myth and superstition. I have never met a christian that could prove thier Jesus actually existed? Everyone knows the Great Pumpkin is the one true God, or is it puff the Magic dragon?I get confused..

Out of mere curiosity... | Reviewer: Elle | 11/30/08

How the hell did this turn into a debate about religion? This is a website for song lyrics and the significance or impact they have on you. It's a place to post your interpretaion of the lyrics and generally, if you're a fan, to spread your LOVE of the band. What you THINK the lyrics mean or what you interpret them to mean is OBVIOUSLY going to be very different from the point of view of an opposing listener..
Just think about this before you start throwing tomatoes over the internet.
Oh, and if you are intending to sound intelligent and make a decent point, there's a little tool called SPELL CHECK in the web browser of most internet providers so that you don't sound like a fool. Personally, I glossed over half the things I read on this site simply because it wasn't said intelligently or with civility. Perhaps using this little device next time will give most of you the necessary means to make a better more legible argument. Also, profanity never helps prove a point in ANY debate.

idiot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/08

for the first comment,you say don't judge other people's religion and beliefs and yet you go ahead and judge someone just because they don't believe in something,that's very sad,just because you don't believe in A or THE god does not mean your ignorant,it means they live the way they wont so FUCK OFF you hypocritical little fuck!

Please, Please, Please! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/08

All of you should not be so judgemental, ALL OF YOU!! CHRISTIANS, ATHIESTS, SATANISTS, MUSLIMS, AND THE REST OF YOU!! Respect others beliefs, when we die you will all find out who God really is, if there is a God. I personally am a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ, but I think that people like Maynard who don't believe in anything are ignorant. What are we put on this earth for? Is life just a random mistake? Our lives, our minds, our consciousness? There has to be some purpose, something that drives us. You have to give God and Christianity a chance before you go and bash it! That goes for any other belief or religion. I personally have experienced the Power of God, and am reassured that things have not happened out of coincedence, God works in mysterious ways. Give him a chance, he's there and he's waiting. If he wants you it's futile to resist, he will have you, eventually he will reach your heart, and then the light will click... I think that the fact that Maynard's mother had such a strong bond with Christ up until her death, and through her state of paralysis, is a beautiful thing. Most of you will never experience this bond through things of the world, because the things of the world don't last. Eventually everything will die, rot, decay, and be forgotten. Eventually the memory of all that you have done, known and unknown will be lost. So focus on things that go beyond this life. The minute you truly experience God you will know exactly what I'm talking about. So please, focus on the things beyond this life, beyond the things that will be forgotten, live your life with purpose, and enjoy it to the fullest, I personally believe that that is the reason
God put us here. To spread the word of salvation and assurance beyond this mortal world, and to live in happiness...

Absurd | Reviewer: Dick | 11/13/08

Ya know kids, if I wanted to know what the artist meant when he wrote a song I'd ask him or her. In my opinion the lyrics are poeticly stated in a rather grungy, 'sand for lube' manner and I personally enjoy that. I also extrapolate my own meaning from this song as is usual among listeners and fans.

please shut up about him God bashing | Reviewer: gray_ham | 11/11/08

As many people have said, it's about his mother, who was called Judith... it's not a case of Maynard being bitter towards God, it's more him not understanding why his Mother still prays to God after he left her "broken down and paralyzed", trying to convince her that she doesn't need to pray for forgiveness as she's never done wrong ("Never taste of the fruit, never stray, never break, never
Choke on a lie", "It's not like you killed someone
It's not like you drove a spiteful spear into his side" ) and that her continued faith is something he'd never agree with; "You're such an inspiration For the ways that I will Never, ever choose to be"

what i think he is REALLY trying to say | Reviewer: Ist | 10/30/08

at this point in time maynard WAS making this as an anti-christ song. He is criticizing the traditional established forms of god, and what people expect from this "god" (mainly from Christianity since those bastards have taken over the WORLD!!! no offense to christians, i support the bible and the ascended consciousness of christ, but the christian movement is fucked!... dig for some answers, there not all gonna be found in one place)

he essentially is saying that you are not saved, your savior has abandoned you with obvious results, why not look into your deeper nature to ask why? (almost all large religions share the concept that man was created in gods image, everything you progress through is a reflection of the Divine)... go out and taste the fruit... if your definition of god is being "loving and caring to all." Simple curiosity and human nature could never apply to being "evil" or wrong to an entity with such loving qualities.

NOW........... after Tool's 10,000 days was been released, if anybody wants to really be serious about what maynards perspective on things roughly are right now.... they are probably around the points of abolishing his and other's "dualist mindsets" (if you dont know what that means look it up)