OK THE SONG MEANING! | Reviewer: Miller | 7/14/08

For all of you debating
Judith is his mother-She was a christian to the max
She was injured
Put into a wheelchair due to being paralyzed
Now she died 10,000 days later(27 years=)Hence the CD title of Tools CD 10,000(Tool and a perfect circle-same singer
Back to meaning She was made a vegtable and still had a undying faith to "God" and she was dying
Meaning-You loved god so muched and look what he did,You did nothing.
I feel were hes coming i was religios then i converted to paganism for personal resond
Christanity is a jok and i have converted manry christians with proof that there wrong and im right

Fuck your God, your Lord, your Christ | Reviewer: Panda | 7/13/08

I think that the fags here that said "Maynard doesn't know about suffering" didn't read a fuck about the real meaning of this song. JUDITH was maynard's mother, who died in 2003 (or so i think) after 29 years of PARALYSIS. She was a well known christian, so the meaning of the song would be like Maynard asking his mother: "where's your God now?"

sorry for all grammatical mistakes, my native language is NOT English

Jesus is the man | Reviewer: Ryan | 7/6/08

Dude screw you people dogging god jesus paid for your sins your committing every day you wait until you die and burn in hell for enternity. and maynard is a fag anyways he don't know what hes talking about dogging god like that just remeber something good happens in your life that is jesus. JESUS IS SAVIOR FOR ALL

religion? | Reviewer: J-Bird | 6/29/08

religion, i dont want to start a big scene or anything. but religions stupid, its just another excuse to seperate yourself's from other people, because then you can start wars, which is actually over money, oil, greed. people can't stand being together, why do you think the united states is so stupid about legalizing marijuana, smokin dope makes you a peaceful passiviest, and the united states doesnt want lazy hippies, they want theyre people to go sacrifice them selves in iraq for there "believes". oh yeah mysticalmuz about that thing about haveing a struggle and making you stronger, i mean people dont thank god for giving them no money and haveing to struggle, but everytime something goods happens they always thank god for giving it to them.

Its beautiful | Reviewer: Jen | 6/25/08

Well i must say that there was a whole lot of contradiction in the last comment; how is one person gonna say its ok for people to believe in what they want, and they shouldnt talk about people who believe in God...then turn right around and say that the band is made up of emo kids who hate God.

I am a very religious person and the Lord is my life and i must say that i love this song. I loved it when i was 16 and 10 years later i still love it. Back then i wasnt a believer i was "an emo-kid who hated God" but now that i am, i think the song is beautiful.

Im not going to begin to interpret what the song means to the band, but what the song means to me is that whether your a believer or not at some point we question religion. We question if God is real or if the Bible is legite and if so why is the world the way it is today along w/ the people in it. God is the only one who know's the reasons why and we can choose to accept it or not and that is what i think the song is about.

In addition, its just a song...its art; just like a painting or a book or a movie-for entertainment and nothing else.

Whatever | Reviewer: mysticalmuz | 6/18/08

Look I know that there are people out there who don't believe in God or don't believe in religion. Whatever. People are going to believe in what they want and I don't believe people should bash and criticize other people's beliefs, just because they don't believe in them themselves. If you don't believe in God, thats you, but don't get on somebody else for believing in Him. As for Christians, believe in what you want and what makes you feel good and truth, you don't have to try and force your beliefs on others, and anti-Christians, you don't have to force your belief on others. PEOPLE BELIEVE IN WHAT THEY WANT.

I think this band is just made up of a bunch of punk emo's who feel like they've had such a harsh life and that makes them mad at God. They don't understand the trueness of the Christian religion. They believe that if you believe in God, your life is just suppose to be perfect and full of bliss, but it's not like that. As human beings on this earth, we HAVE to struggle sometimes. When you struggle, it makes you a stronger person, a wiser person, and a more grateful person. But out of the darkness there comes light. You just have to be willing to get to it and keep hope in your heart. Without hope, you will be lashin out at people and all like f*** the world. Believing in something and having sone hope will make people a lot happier. I could go on and on but I'll just stop here. People: stop being so closed-minded and judgement. This goes for both Christians and anti-Christians.

fact | Reviewer: eric | 6/18/08

whatever your personal beliefs about Christianity, the fact is that Judith believed and obviously took comfort in her beliefs otherwise why would she stick to them so steadfastly. you can bash religion all you want but you cannot deny people's belief in a higher power and the transformative effect that belief has in many many lives. i love maynard's music and find great spiritual message in it. you should watch any of alex grey's videos to get a different perspective, maybe it will dissipate some of your obvious anger. god bless.

F*ck Christ | Reviewer: Jade | 6/3/08

Uh, I hate to break it to all you good christian's out there but this song is about how your religion is full of shit. Maynard is an enlightened man, he doesn't believe in a bunch of wacky voodoo nonsense.

it's a great song | Reviewer: Al | 4/18/08

I almost curl around the desk when I put on this song it's a little controversial but it's pure rock and anyone who hears it will know what maynards on about.Yeah OK it's hard for the little people to get but the big people will understand and either agree or disagree but the sentiment is universal.Why huh why.

well | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/08

i don't know anything about the guy's personal life, but there's not much you can really counter interpret this as... there is so much religious metaphor in this it is ridiculous.

he is talking to someone who has had very bad times, but refuses to give up their faith in God, despite how terrible of a state they are in. driving a spear into his side reflects on the Romans throwing a spear into Jesus' side before his death which of course would be a terrible sin (it's not like she did that, as in she didn't deserve the state she's in), eating the apple obviously a metaphor based off the original sin of Adam and Eve. the person seems to have lived a very good life by God's standard, yet God seems to not just completely ignore the person but hypothetically if god was real, he is putting the person through terrible times for no reason, or maybe a "test of faith." it doesn't seem like he is trying to convince the person that God isn't real, but sort of give up on trying at the end, instead telling the person to just ask Jesus why God is doing these things, because to Maynard, this person's life reflects the life of Jesus... a person who in God's eyes was leading a prosperous life, but in the end was a martyr for his faith

My opinion | Reviewer: Stryder | 4/1/08

in my opinion APC and Tool are bands with awesome quality, i love the way that Maynard sings and the music is very deep. But somehow the meaning of the song is useless, for me they are just talented junkies (i would like to be like them haha) the songs could be reality and fantasy mixed or completly made up histories. In my opinion Maynard isnt any kind of propheth or knows about Jesus in any way (anyways who does it, you?) we just know what they wanted us to know (yeah i mean the religious people) weve taken a religion from the other side of the world i think every one has a second opinion.

So is he hates judiths god or his own god or even if he doesnt belive in any god thats makes any difference in you? if so you are taking a second opinion.
well is just a new opinion just like a dogma no one knows if its right or not and cannot be verifiably, you just got to make your own decision like we all do.

God? Yes please! | Reviewer: A-rosta | 3/30/08

haha i like how u all say its stupid to put down religion, yet u make blatant remarks such as... fuck him... and all that crap. Im not religious, nor am i not. im in between. i read the bible... but preach against its ways... hipocritical? sure. i read it to know what im up against at the same time i wanna know more about the life of jesus and the history of all who "sought" their god. so before talkin shit, like saying be a good person cuz its right, not by fear of the above, how is sean being a good person by puting down others belief system... check yourself sean, if you were knowledgeable... judith is also a story in the word. who was parylized but defended a country and was looked up to because she did great things without violence (not like you killed someone) Fuck your god can be taken from the perspective of the king who wanted judith's countries land, and she was helped by "her god" whom the king hated because "her god" was saving her and her country and ended up defeating him, even without violence. u cant take a people away if they have a will to stay.

K | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/08

Now the lyrics are so clear. So, I'll start it off with this:

1) Judith was paralyzed for 30 years, and all she did in that time (until her death) was pray to her God.
2) Maynard has a lot of respect for his mom (like a lot of people do :P) and believes she was a very pure person.

Now, throughout the song, when you read, "Never taste of the fruit, never stray, never break, and never choke on a lie." This is basically saying she was somebody of very few "sins", as the religious community may consider. When he's saying "never taste of the fruit" he's using this metaphor (if you haven't found out quite yet, Maynard uses a lot of metaphors in his lyrics) from the times of Adam and Eve. You all know the story, Adam's dumbass picks the apple from the tree even though God told him not to. The point being crossed from this metaphor is, she never did something against God's desire. Now, this whole idea of Judith being so "pure" and a good person holds a very high level of congruency with Maynard's lyrics in "10,000 days" and "Wings for Marie" which were songs contributed to Judith Marie, his mother (however these songs show a more positive level of emotion by Maynard).

"Fuck your God, your Lord, and your Christ." Yeah, FUCK him. Why? - "It's not like you killed someone. It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side." I mean, come on. Why should she suffer 30 years of paralysis if she was so loyal to this God her entire life, and committed herself to being such a pure person? Exactly what he's saying; it's not like she was there in the times of Jesus's own crucification, stabbing him into the side with the notorious spear. It's not like she did something so wrong to deserve this. And then - "Talk to Jesus Christ as if he knows the reasons why. He did it all for you..." Praying for those 30 years, all she sought was answers from God - answers, as though he knew why she was paralyzed. What answers could the mother fucker give her?


He, that divine bitch from above, did it all for her.

Short Minds . . . | Reviewer: Ryan | 1/30/08

Man your all short minded,

Everyone has opinion but so what? Just because someone thinks differently to you its offensive?

I personally think religion is for the people who need something to believe in, that's the people gullible enough to believe it. But I am not going to inflict my views up on people, so why should you be so bothered?

No, Bruce. | Reviewer: Alright | 1/31/08

LOL no. If that was true, you would likely know his actual name. Maynard James Keenan is simply something he uses so he doesn't reveal himself and place his kid in a pre-disposition. And personally, I respect that.

And yes, the songs (lyrics, actually) written by MJK are all open to interpretation, but they were all also interpreted in a different means by him. That's what I'm curious of when I try to interpret any of his lyrics. There are a thousand ways I could interpret the songs, but I'm curious to know what it is that he perceived. In my opinion, I believe the inspiration of these lyrics were because of his mother, Judith (obviously lol), but not in a way that insulted -her- directly. I just believe MJK hated the fact that all she could do for 30 years of being paralyzed is pray to this "God". Even though I don't know him at all, from what I've seen (true or not), he is not a theist. Not sure if he's atheist or agnostic, or somethin' crazy, but I do believe that he isn't theistic. But yeah, with that, just like he said, "Fuck your God, your Lord, your Christ" - That's EXACTLY what he's saying throughout the entire song. But it's in a sense, I think that it's aimed at -Judith's- "God", or "-her- deity". Not yours, there's, or anyone else's; just her's. But in the same sense, it does almost sound like he's shunning her own will or wits, obviously.

Who knows? Him. :P