Religion as a metaphor | Reviewer: biopaint | 1/14/10

This song really seems to use religious terms as a metaphor only. The ‘you’re God, you’re Christ’ parts seem to refer to an all powerful figure who the subject of the song, Judith, is devoted to as if this person was a god. Really most religions can fit this metaphor because they all seem to involve a certain level of unquestioning devotion.
Of course this person is nothing like the kind and just God depicted in any of the branches of Christianity. The song is about an abusive relationship where Judith is the one being abused yet she is devoted to her abuser as if he/she was a God.
I can relate to this song really well. My brother is trapped in an abusive relationship. Me and my family are trying to get him away from his girl friend but nothing we can do seems to help. He is devoted to her as if she was a deity.

Religion | Reviewer: Leon | 1/14/10

If Ken can show me the scientific proof that Jesus was alive again three days after his dead I will convert instantly. Not sure why we should have respect for somebodies religion. e.g, why should I have respect member of the Roman Catholic church, knowing what in their name has been done. Would you respect my choice as being a neo-nazi? deus_absconditus explanation is what it is. Period.

explanation | Reviewer: deus_absconditus | 1/5/10

This song was originally written as an open letter to his mother. She had a cruel man who always smashed and later left her.
She never questioned blaming her god, and that was, what made him so angry and hateful towards religion...

Much ado about Judith... | Reviewer: Vixen | 12/28/09

Everyone is waging war over a song that was clearly written by a very emotional man... Maynard's lyrics are often those that make you think and are open to interpretation but I don't think he meant for this to cause war between fellow fans or people who have heard the song. I think that if religion didn't exist in the first place, there wouldn't be a bunch of people getting offended by this song... but that's just my opinion and since religion DOES exist and Maynard did become angry enough to write this song about it, we should respect and see it or what it is: Maynard's personal emotional experience put into song. People shouldn't be so quick to judge and condemn others over it, but rather try personally identify with it and if they cannot, leave it alone.. Why don't you people stop religious warfare on a song's discussion board and instead do just that? You don't agree wth Maynard and cannot relate? Awesome... Leave his art alone then. I fail to see how it is that mentioning religion in a song suddenly gives people the right to shove their belief's down other people's throats. Religion is such a touchy subject - you honestly don't see people getting so hectically wound up over any other subject - and Maynard could have written beautifully metaphoric lyrics about a young girl who trusts in her teddy bear to take her tears away every time her heart breaks, and you'd see people of all religions adoring the song. But because he put this out there so blatantly people decide that it's not interpretable. If you think about it openmindedly, the main theme of this song is about trusting something or someone even though they give you no reason to do so and how that trust is seen through the eyes of someone who hurts when you do every time that trust is betrayed. Stop using the usage of 'God' as an excuse to be a judgemental bigot. Look at the bigger picture - you didn't write this song so you don't have to try defend YOUR faith, unless this song made you change your mind? To those who say they are Christians and like this song - I admire you and wish we had more open minded Christians like you around. To the non-believers that continue to bash religion in this discussion; you aren't acheiving anything. You are supposed to give your opinion on the song and not religion. I think this is a very haunting song and I really enjoy listening to both Tool and A Perfect Circle.

Ancient Roman Historical Documents | Reviewer: Ken Santarelli | 12/26/09

Actually, there are non-Christian ancient historical documents from the Roman Empire that make mention of a man, named Jesus (or Joshua) that was known as a teaching among the Jewish people, he died via crucifixion, the judge that presided was named Pilate, and 3 days after his crucifixion, he was alive again. THESE ARE NON-CHRISTIAN HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS! Look for yourself if you don't believe me. I'm a man who demands scientific, archeological, and historical proof before trusting any statements, and my demands were satisfied. The only reason you demean the name of Jesus is because you haven't done the research for yourself....or perhaps you're in denial....

right | Reviewer: zeit | 12/21/09

MJK's mom had aneurism when he was 11 and couldn't care for him; the song is about that, the fact she still kept her faith...don't really much blame him and for those bible thumping peices of ignorant @#$%#@...grow up and get a life-really! This musice is way too smart for you.

Re: opinion | Reviewer: SC | 12/15/09

Reviewer: asd: "but it's been proved that jesus existed"


Please site your sources.

I'm *far* from an expert on this subject but the only historical documents I am aware of that "prove" his existence are biblical references which were written years after his "death". These documents only make reference to a individual named Jesus but to my knowledge there is no proof that he is nothing more than a fictional character. If I'm wrong please correct me.

Its just a song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/09

Its just a song. And its perfectly fine for him to feel the way he feels. Im a Christan, but I still like the song. Its got a good beat and tempo. Some of the words and such I dont agree with but God would wants us not to judge, so chill. If you dont like it dont listen to it.

Love this song | Reviewer: Me | 12/10/09

Some of you people are too much...What happened to freedom of speech. He's talking to his mom about what he's witnessed personally with her and her beliefs. I feel the SAME way that he does towards my family. I was brought up around a bunch of Christians and I quickly learned that was NOT my way....I could listen to this song nonstop for the rest of my life and not get tired of it.

Kinda Messed up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/09

I think its messed up that these guys have made a song like that. At least have some respect for other peoples beliefs. i don't think id ever be able to say things like. Its not Gods fault that his mom died, everyboby dies man its not an uncommon thing. It sucks that his mom died but its not God's fault don't blame Him. There are just really bad things that happen and sometimes to good people and we don;t know why but i think one day we'll know the answers we look for.

we got proof | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/09

there is proof that jesus did do the miriclas, the prophacies he made came true, he fulfiled most of the one in the old testement and will finish the rest when he comes back. he did rise from the dead, or else the disiples wont go out there way and die for a lie and all the other people who saw jesus after his death, some crucified or burnt at the stake/ paul he was against jesus and then follwed to death.

would they have died for a lie? and if it was a lie it would of not made it this far.

opinion | Reviewer: asd | 11/30/09

i think maynard is buddhist ..i read it on a fan site some years ago, so he might not be atheist, but he is not christian, that must be true, but it's been proved that jesus existed , but the nothing proves the miracles he he could be like a prophet but not a god

awesum song | Reviewer: Athan | 11/28/09

GOD = FEAR..instal fear in the heart & mind of man, they'll comply & do anything!!
A Christian preist told me that, i come from an Orthodox background, ive read the bible as contradicting an incestous as it may be it doesnt say to cause harm 2 another, thou ur GOD is not a nice GOD..talkin shit about burn in hell, earth is heaven & hell..we live it every day, eg destruction that kills many is hell on earth, when u feel good an ur on cloud #9 thats heaven, u see a beautiful women resembles what u may percieve to be angel like, ur child been born, thats heaven..

God is ur concious..u dnt need to read the bible to kno whats good an bad, weather ur hurting sumone or not, depends on ur actions & what comes out of ur mouth
thou on the contray since human fell out of the trees we have seeked an aspired to belong an be loved, life is to short to think it doesnt go on after this

as for jesus he did exist, but he didnt come here to save u lol thats the biggest load of crap i have ever heard, seriously!! he's a jew an the jews dont even regard him as a saviour

religion & pollitician..lies to us all (we dont even kno the half of it)

hahaha | Reviewer: james | 11/26/09

when in this song does Maynard acknowledge that God exists? Nowhere is there evidence for that. "Fuck YOUR God." How crystal clear could he be in stating that he's atheist? And you religious idiots should stop calling Maynard an egotistical prick who thinks he's too superior for religion. He's an artist in a war against the evil that religion spreads. Sure, some of it's helpful. But he's not singing about fuck charitable church organizations, he's talking about his mother's suffering due to her beliefs. He felt it was completely unjustified for her to suffer and it probably broke his heart.

@ Yut | Reviewer: J | 11/17/09

You're quite incorrect on quite a few things. Number one, if Maynard were an athiest he would not acknowledge that God/Jesus etc... even existed. I'm not saying I know what he believes, but you should know the correct definition of atheism before claiming someone does or doesn't follow that belief system. This song makes me feel as though he hates God/Jesus...and you can't hate something if you don't think it exists.

Beyond that, the bible isn't complete horse shit. Is everything meant to be taken literally in the bible? I highly doubt it. Does the book provide some good, and positive ways to treat others and live your life? Absolutely! I think that's what it's meant for.

And, to address your thoughts on creation...I don't think the 7 days are to be taken literally as 7 24 hours days. Perhaps each day is supposed to represent milleniums. This could also encompass and include evolution into creation. I absolutely believe a supreme being capable of creation exists, but I also don't deny the role evolution has played in history.

So, before you make ranting posts claiming this and that is a bunch of shit, think a little bit more deeply about things first. Oh, and as for having never met a decent Christian, you're an idiot. They're everywhere if you pay attention. Being Christian doesn't mean never making a means believing in God and doing the best you can to serve others...not to say I'm Christian, just that there are quite a few I know and respect.

Be a little more open minded, sir/ma'am. That is all.