Uhh | Reviewer: Isshin | 7/26/10

This is all stupid what Jamie said about the song is right, I'm atheist and I love it, Christianity is wrong in my beliefs alot of Christians hate nonbelievers and destine their life on making nonbelievers lives miserable I'm fine with christens christanity as a whole pisses me off no other religion has been able to succeed except christainaty congratulations for making my school and science class miserable. I owe you one

open your mind | Reviewer: Glenn David | 7/27/10

Great song and the video is not bad either. check it out on youtube.
Stop all your whinging about about GOD vs Evolution. God is a part of our evolution, a child like necessity we eventualy will grow out of. whoops Ive said to much. Enjoy life Be nice and love the music!

What?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/10

Narushatov there are many historical non-christian documents (like Tacitus for examples) talking about Jesus and telling that he was a prophet killed by Pilatus. Christians were already numerous in Rome around 60. That people didn't hear the story from a 2000 years old book (considering also that Gospels have been written between 70 and 100). They talked with people that saw Jesus and told them the story. None of the books of that age (Roman, Greek and Jewish) that talk about Jesus ever mention the possibility that he was never existed. Now this doesn't mean, of course, that everything is written in the Gospels in true but anyway at least what is certain is that a certain Jesus has been around around 5 BC/BCE and 30 AD/CE.
About that, as a matter of fact, some of the texts I was referring claim that he wasn't anyway the Son of God and that his disciples stole his body to demonstrate his resurrection. This is where history ends and faith starts.
Anyway according to the Gospels Jesus talked essentially about how people should act with each other and those things are not related at all to evolution or any scientific evidence of it. Everything he said is still valid no matter what you believe about the origin of the universe and human kind. I think that is so wrong to consider Gospels and the rest of the Bible on the same level: Jesus is some thousands year ahead the rest of the Bible... but that is just my opinion. I think that believing in every single word of the Bible is probably wrong. The Bible is not an historical book, it doesn't have to be taken literally...

James, Interpretation... | Reviewer: Narushatov | 7/19/10

James, now listen, can you honestly believe that universe-creating, life-changing, human-creating EVENTS can be left to INTERPRETATION? From a BOOK, a BOOK, let me repeat again, a BOOK, from over TWO THOUSAND years ago? Based on NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE, and scientific evidence not meaning "the Devil's work" but factual DATA.

James, I will offer you a counterpoint. You say you cannot refute the Bible if one has not read it (I have), so you cannot refute science if you do not know the FACTS, correct? And, my child, these facts are based on DATA, not a book that was written over two thousand years ago with the authors being who-the-hell-knows. Evolution is NOT a myth, my child. It's a fact.

And guess what, there is NO real evidence of Jesus Christ's existence. None. Zero. And, my child, the BIBLE itself does NOT include as evidence. That would be insanity. That would be the same as saying Aslan of Narnia exists because "it is written."

Please, please join the rational world...

WOW u are all lost | Reviewer: jamie | 7/18/10

this song is about his mother finding out she has cancer and him not understanding why her faith does not falter and his anger in god is with him and god so why dont you just as ever one else on here say use Your Brain and leave a broken man to his problems

Food for Thought | Reviewer: James | 7/17/10

A good quote from the bible in my modern interpretation is, Seek knowledge more than any other riches and you will find it.

I would not call myself religous. I try not to limit myself to strict "religous" standards as the world I have been born into seems to have few boundaries but more and more surprises. However I am a christian. I do not go to chruch because every church that I have attended fails my expectations. I also believe those who claim all religion is ignorant and that it is ignorant to believe in a god need to realize they are molding themselves into a "religion" a cult or whatever name you choose. The bible is a collection of books and in reading it, you should understand the time line of these books are without knowledge of modern discoveries. It has been harassed through numerous interpretations and illustrates a majority of ideas and points through metaphors. Page 1 of genesis says we were made from dust. Now we call it atoms and molecules. Page 1 also describes god creating the earth in stages through (and i hate to say it because of the popular connotation associated with the word) evolution. You will read that we are created in his image. My interpretation of "image" is not a picture of god (how could god be omnipresent and omnipotent if he is in a human state) but more of god's idea of us. Again these are my understandings.

My only true suggestion is to discover the world for yourself. You cannot disagree with the bible if you have never read it. It will be easier to read and understand if you do not maintain a biased opinion as you read it.

I have listed my name and email for those who would like to further this discussion.

If I can act better... | Reviewer: Narushatov | 7/8/10

I understand the need to believe in a God (I personally don't) but it confounds me that people believe in the God of the Bible.

Ask yourselves this: Could you act better than the God of the Old Testament? Would you not spare all those "sinners" and also not lead Moses in a Hitler-like slaughter campaign? Wouldn't you even act better than the God of the New Testament? Instead of "only through the son," why not just everyone?

God foresaw everything, right? He's omnipotent. So why is he judging us? "Free will" is your answer and that "we decide"? No. If God knows all, ALL, then there is no choice. You guys have to realize that paradox.

If I can act better than God does then there is no way I can believe in that kind of God. And if he really does exist, and he is the same God of the Bible, then there is no way I can love him, because, well, he's kind of a douchebag in that book, now isn't he? Satan was then really rebelling against a Tyrant. God slaughters people throughout that entire book. Point to one section, ONE, that Satan kills someone. There aren't any.

Think for yourself | Reviewer: Casey | 7/7/10

I belive in god less and less everytime i see and 8 year old kid with a walker. Call it a test of faith to plead your faith but hen you think about it logically it's bullshit. Believing in something is an excuse not to think. Further, a mans believes and morals from 2,000 years ago are no longer relevant. We have the technology to become great, the religous leaders are holding us back because it may prove their believes are bullshit.

Wow... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/10

Wow. Just wow. In this world people have not been able to respect anyone's religion, whether it's the total opposing one or not. I'm a Christian and I respect Buddhists, Hindus, and even Muslims. Look. I don't care what you think, but you gotta make more sense. News flash something doesn't exist. Woooow awesome proof! Yaaaaay. It's such an educated response... Gosh you guys are lucky you're anonymous at the moment. Anyways. Use your brains please. I like the song itself, not the lyrics that much, but I kind of understand him. He's angry for the wrong reasons and bye bye people. Anyways. Before you make any profound insults to people, look deeper into what you're saying. And I wish some people would actually realize how much proof there is in the different books of the Bible...

roflmao | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/10

okay to we're all inbred whatever it was, yeah, I don't really get that part, and you know what? It's not like the Bible was done for us to understand every part. It's not worth the time breaking your head trying to find out if Adam and Eve ate an apple or a plum, noooooo. I'm Christian (in case you haven't noticed >.< ) and you know what? Brothers and sisters get married aaaaall the time in the bible, and somehow they mate. Dunno how that works out but tada now bye bye now.

okay, laaast comment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/10

Christian again -.- To excuse me, Listen up. VEEEERY CLOSELY. Well, you know what would happen if God just started hating us? You know what would happen??? We'd all just die, sploof, splat, and we'll have nine hundred 9/11s, got that? Okay good. Alright, now, I have a question. Who believes God exists but hates him? Okay I believe he exists and I love him. Alright I'll be checking this site everyday so please answer bye for real now.

okay, I'm starting to write too many reviews | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/10

To: Its All Good, I don't really agree. I'm Christian, again, the one who's been writing a ton of anonymous super recent comments. No, it's not God's will. He just let it happen. That's all.
And, basically, we should really just be super glad with what we already got, and, whoever's dad died on thanksgiving, that is very sad and I understand your struggle and I am very sad. Well goodbye I gtg to bed.

religious dumbfucks. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/10

just throwing this out there. im pretty sure this is nothing about religion. its just about his mom praying and the bad things happening. which doesn't make it anti religious. maynard would make that up to keep from getting bashed. this man is a genious. if there is a god, then its maynard.

LMFAO | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/10

News Flash God doesn't exist and the catholic world lied to us all. they have omitted 30+ gospels and many more books. Christianity Arose from greek mythology after Jesus died. And if you weren't an idiot you would realise that jesus was against the institutionalization of religion becuase you can too easily control people. That is why he fought against the rabbies and constantly discredited them for making money and personal gain from religion. just like TeleEvangelists do today, and then try to justify it.

And another thing all middle eastern religion is derived from the first recording of beliefs in ancient Mesopotamia from the Sumerians. Also King James changed much of the bible in his "translation" so go fuck yourself if you think it is real and needs to be pushed on to someone. I used to be christian until I did my own research on it.

Knowledge is the liberation of the mind. Learn something and be free.

He was WEAK | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/10

This song is about him questioning his mother's faith and his anger towards god. Simply because he cannot understand.

This is a weak man. His mother still prayed to the LORD and was thankful and content with her life even though her own son felt she was treated unjustly.

That is his own weakness, nothing more, nothing less.