Everyone just chill the f*** out! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/11

The only thing religion has brought to the world is hatred. It starts wars and ends lives not in the name of God, but money. Money is power. Religion has a lot of power, especially in government.

They are tax exempt!!! I pay 25% of what I earn and I work damn hard for it. The church just feeds some bullshit to you for your money. Sure, they do missionary work, the bulk of which is to convert the world so majority rules, but the cost is pocket change because all they need is supplies, usually paid for by government and humanitarian aid. They reap the profits. A lot of profit.

Do you actually think the leaders of the church are men of God? No, they are fucking business men. And you are the slaves. You got duped man. Swindled. A scam, nothing more

not a real person | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/11

for the little shit up there saying that there is no God and no Christ. you are the closed minded idiot, in my believe God is simply a symbol representing the infinite. yes i would agree in the corruption of churches, its a fucking racket just like NC's traffic court. created to control, and keep us scared and dumb, just like school is. and just like the news is. but dude, i challenge you to read Ernest Holmes the Science of Mind. spend some time in your own head, learn to meditate and you will see that we are creators, in a since we are creators, we are gods. we are the gods of our own lifes, when jesus said he was the son of god he was saying that he was special, we are all sons of god. jesus just simply figured it out. because he wasnt a fuckin sheep like you. i bet you believe in the american government, the news, and you just sit and drink code red mountain dew and play call of duty, Fuck Off. you have no idea what powers lay in this Universe. yes i agree the people that take the Bible in a Literal since, and believe word for word all the stories in it a truth, are fucking blinded, there is Truth to find in the Bible, you just have to decode it, but people are so distracted by outer chatter that they have lost touch with what they really are, CREATORS. No god is not some bearded man in the clouds. there is no saint at a golden gate sayin you fucked up so your going to hell.

Meaning | Reviewer: SyS | 7/18/11

How is Maynard an idiot? He's one of the few people in this world who has the balls to see past the religious bullshit and witness the truth and show us what we've been missing. And he's not a complete douchebag about it. He admits to having opinions on certain things, you can clearly see them in his lyrics. Just because he's angry at the Powers That Be for letting his mother be paralyzed for 27 years means he's a cynical asshole? Tell me this:
If someone paralyzed your mother for 27 years and then let her die, all the while being forced to see her endless faith in this person, would you just sit back and let it happen? Would you not feel one ounce of fury at this thoughtless person?

In Judith, he is just letting out his feelings in the only way he knows how. He doesn't want to say it to his mother because her faith is the one thing she still has.

"It's not like you drove a spiteful spear into His side."
Which begs the question that every one of you religious and atheist bastards is thinking, Why would the one who created us let this happen to a devout Christian woman who never harmed anyone?
I would say that maybe it was because of what she did in a past life, but you Christians would dismiss that Hindu belief as mumbo-jumbo. So, why? Does anyone have an answer? Then shut up and let Maynard voice his rage.

The real purpose | Reviewer: Glen | 7/13/11

Jesus was a way to light, he was not the light. His purpose on earth was to show us that God is within us and that we needed to look no further than in our souls to find that oneness. I think he would be amazed how people have taken his teachings and twisted them and have made him a God and Idol, I don't for a minute think that was his intent. He was trying to show people the way to the source so that we could have communion with that spirit - God, Nature, Life etc... The spirit of the Universe and existence. Simple minds cannot understand this so they made him the medium to get there. And now because of this and other Dogmatic teachings we have Religious wars etc.. How fucking insane. The world needs to wake up - read Eckhart Tolle's New Earth and The Power of Now. He sums it up perfectly.

memoirs from a psych facility | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/11

...My favorite (as in polite, very innocent and friendly) patient is deeply religious and emgages in forms of self-mutilation because he believes "the lord" commands him to do so. He and I are the same age (23), and I cannot begin to verbalize how tramuatic it is to watch a peer get dragged down the hallway while dripping in blood to be placed in 4 point restraints because he bashed his elbows in to the ground for "transgressing against the lord"... Or watching him fast... Or observing him sit against a wall with his knees at a 90 degree angle until he collapses. Kills me every time. i

Hah | Reviewer: Kyle | 7/13/11

Religion is dead. It cannot survive in a world with free speech and freedom of thought. That's why religion focuses so much on destroying knowledge and freedom. Beware of any organization that forces children to believe things. Truth stands on its own, nobody has to preach on a street corner about math. Nobody needs to repeat over and over that 2+2=4. Because it has evidence!

judith | Reviewer: todd | 7/10/11

Maynard wrote this song about his mom, how after she had her stroke, she was left paralyzed, thus STRENGTHENING her relationship with God, and all Maynard had to think of is "Why would God do this to you? You never did anything to deserve this."

Your all blinded | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/11

Dudes, there is no christ, no lord, no god. Period. It a make believe story just like santa clause, MKAY? It just something to make us feel better bout those who suffer and give us er u a reason to forget that people have REAL problems and that well u should live the way ur PARENTS taught you. Grow up!!!! Get a pair and BE ADULTS!!!!!! Teach ur kids the right way and live the right way. Not because sum fake god told u to but because it the right way to live. You all listen to people who drop these claims years ago yet today you will put them in a straight jacket!!! We all have to look at it two ways, A.There is NO GOD OR 2.He doesn't care bout us........take ur pick but that where it at!!

klwrejh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/11

'but in order to be a true and right you must respect anyone's beliefs'

Bullshit. Idiotic beliefs do not deserve respect. Do you respect the man who believes there is a pink elephant trying to kill him? No, he's insane. Do you respect racist beliefs? No, they're idiotic. Same goes for religion.

Please stop | Reviewer: JR | 6/26/11

Arguing over a song that is purely about a man's anguish is silly, nobody has to accept anyone's beliefs, but in order to be a true and right you must respect anyone's beliefs, bashing and forcing beliefs is a childish and quarrelsome act that is no good, no matter who you are, silence your scorn, it does no good to argue but bring conflict unto an already dying world, please leave no more comments disrespecting anyone's beliefs. Christians and atheists and men of all beliefs are both capable of doing the same measure of evils and rights . Please stop all of this.

Lyrics seem good to me... lolz at the athiest foxhole comment... | Reviewer: Lolz Inyourface | 6/25/11

"You never find an Atheist in a fox hole."...

If there's any reason why you won't find an athiest in a foxhole... it would be most likely coz no athiest is stupid enough to go to war.
Particularly not a war in a far away land like Iraq or VietNam where it has nothing to do with their personal freedom...or even that of someone else.
Religeous people are generally deaf and dumb and blind and born to follow (thanks Maynard ;P)...their loser leaders into war and whatever else.

dumbass theists | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/11

"You never find an Atheist in a fox hole."

Why do you believers so often refer to this stupid saying? So in a situation where one might be facing imminent death, they resort to believing in a being that likely doesn't exist. What does thought process of an animal in fear for its life prove - as if this somehow negates all atheist/agnostic arguments.

Look Guys | Reviewer: Israel | 6/20/11

Maynard is just explaining his feelings. He is entitled to his own opinion just as the rest of us. I love Maynard. He is amazing artist. With that being said, my opinion is that he's a complete idiot.

You never find an Atheist in a fox hole.

Why? | Reviewer: David | 6/5/11

Why would people fight against a song? for me listening to songs make me happy when i am sad. and strong when i am weak. Fighting again i do not personally believe in God, but i respect everyone who do and especially my girlfriend. sometimes when i see someone extremely strong in their belief i question myself why? but i never rat it out on them. that's common sense of respect. Either way if you believe in God or not you are not getting anywhere in life with lack of respect for others, their belief and their thoughts.

I just find this funny... | Reviewer: Martin | 6/4/11

Why are you all even discussing the existence or lack thereof of a god? Maynard isn't saying there's not a God. He's just saying he's pissed off at "Him" for leaving his mother paralyzed for 27 years before she died and that he doesn't understand why she kept praying when God clearly did nothing for her.

Look at it this way: He's desperately trying to make sense of why this happened to his mom (and by default himself) and he's lashing out like a child. For all you religios people who've never had an experience like that, I can see how it can be hard to understand. But if you truly believe that Jesus was right and true, you have to forgive this man for his anger. After all, even Jesus had his doubts at times. Are you better than Jesus? Probably not. Let this man be a human being and have the feelings he needs to have.