titilating song, if this doesn't prove satan to you, what will? | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/16/09

not an athiest, he obviously acknowledges there is a God but hates Him because his mommy died like everyone else will die. He's just looking for an excuse to rant about God because he thinks his intellectual mind is so supreme and is disgusted by people who choose to believe the simple truth. It is too simple for him cause he thinks he is so smart with his i.q. or whatnot. He is so blinded by his own hatred when there are literally tens of thousands, if not more, of examples of miracles done in the name of Jesus Christ, that have happened in this century alone. But it would not matter if one took place right in front of his eyes because the proud and selfish are in a prison they can't see with their eyes. Of course the song is very alluring and seductive to a culture of spoiled youth who have builtup anger inside and want to express their madness. It will no doubt lead millions to hell alongside him if he doesn't ask for forgiveness.

@"it'll be ok".... | Reviewer: Iiriskuse | 11/5/09

Man.. Every fucking thing we do makes us who we are. Our minds also control all of our actions, well, at least i think so. Which means that how we label ourselves, and what groups we join, matter. Well, of course not that much. *SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER*

On a long sight, nothing matters. Eventually, you die. :D
I choose to live ... Vicariously, i guess. I like having self-consciousness, and it helps me satisfy my needs. I only need myself to be satisfied. Cause life is fucking perfect, if you look at it the right way.

enlightenment | Reviewer: curt | 10/6/09

i have to say that maynard has the mind in which can be opened in so many ways possible he is or source to conciousness. i find that he knows how WE feel in certain aspects in life. and he most likely feels the same. i love this because you are always judged on society for what we are how we look and where we come from. i think this is about more than religion my freinds. open your eyes.

@"it'll be ok" | Reviewer: APCfan123456789 | 9/25/09

wow... my faith in humanity is renewed after reading your post. Kudos, fellow mind. :)

You are totally correct. I'm so glad there's someone else out there who realizes the important parts of life. It doesn't really matter if "God" exists, or if Jesus existed, or what happens after we die... what matters is what we DO, How we Live, how we treat others, not how we label ourselves, or what groups we join.

If believing makes you happy, then good! If something makes you want to treat others kindly, great! If you understand that how we live and love and interact with others is the important part... i think you win at life. That's the whole point... DO right, not just think the way you're told is right. :)

it'll be okay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/09

i dont know if im a christian but i know i try to be as christlike as as i can. when people ask me why i believe in christ, i just admit that it makes me happy. it makes me happy when i try to be a good person and to treat others right even when im wronged. alot of christians out there ARE wackjobs. jesus wouldnt act the way those people act. anyway though its ok to question god when good people are struck down, but its not ok to allow hate/anger to overpower all thought. its hard sometimes but we're only human and sometimes we are weak. we just have to keep trying to do the right thing whether there is a god or not

Yut... | Reviewer: Rev | 9/22/09

manyard is an atheist and always has been. i see some people trying to say he was religious, but not anymore. stop. get a clue. this song is one of my most favorite APC songs. there is no such thing as this "heaven and hell" shit. people living under the ground in fucking lava? please. adam and eve? first things ever on earth? what about dinosaurs? oh wait...the people who wrote the bible didnt know about them yet...sooo that whole theory is thrown out the window. its a nice novel. it makes for a great story. but as something to take as absolute fact? no.

good christians? is there such a thing? every "christian" i have ever seen or met has been out of their mind. im talking lost in space.

i just find it hard to believe god created everything in 7 days. with water and sky and sun and w/e else when modern science proves that planets are forming in thousands of years. just odd...and we're the only ones in the entire universe? come on...there's other life forms out there.

wacko jacko's...

Lost | Reviewer: Tyler | 8/13/09

It seems as if many people are not understanding this song. Yes when Maynard was younger his mother had a stroke. Maynard is questioning his mothers belifs for so many reasons. This is most evident with "Fuck your god your lord your crist, he did this to you, took all you had. Some people have tried to say that maynard is not trying to down god and i could not find that to be further from the truth. Hes saying that if there was a god why would he do this to you, its not like your the one who drove that spear into his side. Hes saying that his mother was a good worshiping woman with faith in god and none of that paid off. He is trying to figure out how people can be so fucking dumb and blind and it pisses him off that he cant.

Some of what i have read in these posts is very sad. I see people trying to find god in anything. They want to see him so bad they mis interpute and situation they can to make them feel some since of security in their faith. One kid was talking about how his dad had cancer and when the father started to belive in god his cancer went away. He was trying to say this was proof that there is a god. I feel sorry for this person and people like him. Of course his father would change his mind and believe in good, he was weak and weak people need something stronger than themselves to guide them. There are not athiest in fox holes. If all someone can see is the darkness of their test results they are going to try to find the light in whatever they can. Religon sounds great, who woudnt want to hear about eternal bliss. Its when poeple start putting all of their time and faith and hope into god that they fuck up. God did not give you that fucking tumor, the Cigs did and thats why he quit smoking, god had nothing to do with it. And then we have another person saying that if it was not for her hope in jesus crist she would not be here today. I feel so sorry for her. The biggest down fall of man is religion. Religion was used as a way to govern people by fear. Back in the day people needed somthing good to believe in to keep themselves going. At the same time they needed to know that there would be a reward for doing thigs good and punishment for doing bad things. People always want an answer for everything. Religion was a fictional answer to alot of these old questions. Now days we have modern science which not only answers most of these questions, it disproves all aspects of religion in general. To say anything diffrent is what i call blind faith in god. Even though all signs point to something diffrent you still want to have your God security blanket the make your self feel meangiful and important. I think one of the central messages of Tool and A Perfect Circle is to do things for your self. Dont devote your self to a higher power and expect things to be done for you. Get out there and try new things, expirince situations that make you uncomfortable and learn from them. Embrace the random. Religion is the down fall of man. like another post said, God did not create humans, humans created god.

Sorry about the spelling, its late and im not proof reading

ambiguity and confusion | Reviewer: zamiLo | 7/31/09

all words written is an opinion. i strongly agree with the other reviewer, Melody. i could feel Maynard's wrath and confusion. and i think he is struck in disbelief why her mother never lost faith. now, he is left with the question: "Why?". a haunting question he could not answer. i never know or ever have researched about Maynard but i could say he that loves his mom. losing something very important, something very close to you, something you love and never knew why makes you blame and point fingers anywhere you want to direct them, but his mom... never. but, why is he?

Eh | Reviewer: C | 7/13/09

Awesome song, very catchy riff and effective lyrics that clearly reflect a difficult time in Maynard's life.

I see lots of Christians here insisting that true Christians are always questioning and doubting. How can you say that your questions and doubts are legitimate, if you always end up with the same answer? Why bother even asking it? You know in your heart that you won't have the guts to leave God behind. You know what the answer will be. If you want to pretend that you're doubting your faith to make yourself feel better about your own beliefs, that's cool. But your so-called questions don't convince anybody that you're actually thinking this through rationally. If a "true Christian" has real doubts and real questions, then I'd expect far more true Christians to wind up as ex-Christians.

I'm an atheist, and I think it would be wonderful if God made himself apparent to me in a glorious display of splendor. That would be very cool. I would no longer be an atheist. But I don't think that's very likely to happen.

Oh Please! | Reviewer: Jordyn | 7/9/09

I'm Atheist so I don't really care for the god aspects in this song I loved when it said "fuck your god" the thing is people never seem to question if this god person is such a forgiving person and appetently loves us so much and created us to be the way we are then why would he send us to hell for sinning? Also to send us to hell for stupid things like divorce, wishing someone was dead, and suicide! For all we know Hitler could be in heaven, not that I want him to be but who's to say who's to say! Also maybe heaven dosent exist either but just a figment of our imagination, for all you know when we die we could just rot in the ground for all eternity. If I go to hell for not believing in god then fine that just further proves his non-existest! I'm just saying this is what I believe, I'm not trying to turn this into a religiose debate but people need to question things more often and not cower from gods wrath just like this song implies! If you don't believe what I do whatever that's your choice. But people who think this song is anti Christ are morans, and that's not an opion that's a fact! Freedom of speech baby! Oh sorry for the bad spelling I'm not to good with spelling I'm only 14.

Faith vs Anger | Reviewer: Melody | 7/3/09

I will start by saying that I'm a Christian, and that I love this song. I understand what it means, and I understand where the singer is coming from. He sees his mom laying there, apparently stricken with disease that God inflicted on her, and still she believes in Him. Of course, he's angry about it, but that's because he doesn't understand what it means to be a Christian. To be a Christian means to be tested constantly about your faith. I agree that no one should just have "blind faith" in God; they should have an effective faith. Every Christian needs to question and explore their faith to get answers about it. That's how you become knowledgeable about God, and that's how you grow as a Christian. Whenever someone makes the change to follow God, they need to expect to be put through a lot of crap in their life. Why? Because He's testing us to see if we are sincere or not. If you think God is cruel for doing this, well, I'd say reevaluate how you judge and test your fellow man. It only makes sense that He do so; I mean, look at how trusting Adam and Eve turned out. The key is to always believe that God is God, and that He will always do what He promises to do. Asking questions is a-ok!

Another thing: CHRISTIANS GET ANGRY AT GOD, TOO! We do doubt Him from time to time because He's doing things His way and not ours, and we can't understand why! Then, we pray that He'll do things our why and get angry when he doesn't. That's not having effective faith; that's being childish. "Your will, not mine, be done on Earth as it is in Heaven." Personally, I think if someone makes the feeble change to have "blind faith" that this song portrays, getting all angry that God's putting them through a hard time, and turns from Him, then that person has a very weak faith. They probably weren't serious about it in the first place or just expected life to be a cakewalk from the time they started leaning towards God. Wrong! The life of a Christian is probably harder than the life of a non-believer, but I can't really say for sure because, like everything else, the lives of people vary.

My dad and I once had a huge blowout about God. It wasn't pretty, and it hurt me deeply to hear from him, my father, that "God is just a state of mind." I didn't get angry at him, though; I didn't curse him. Instead, I feared for him, and, keeping my comments to myself, I prayed. I prayed that God would do something to show that He is not just a "state of mind," no matter how drastic. A few months later, while Dad was getting a physical, the doctors found a 6-9 month tumor in his lung. Just like that, my dad had lung cancer. Many things happened at once: Mom and Dad cried, I grew even more fearful but kept praying even though I didn't know what God was doing, Dad turned cold turkey on cigarettes (hasn't touched them since), and he turned TO God, not away from Him. Last September, Dad pulled through a surgery he had a 45% chance of dying from with a doctor who God directed us towards and who possesses a strong faith in Him himself. (Whoa! A man of science! Believing in God!? Woooooow...what a concept!) Also, the test samples came back that the tumor was benign, the surrounding lymph nodes being benign, also. God uses science, a set of man-made discoveries, to perform miracles, and this experience is MY personal proof that God exists (you know, if there wasn't the whole Holy Spirit experience which is undeniable proof that He exists. People just don't break down in tears and lose the strength to stand in the middle of church or the grocery store from feeling His presence. If you haven't experienced what I'm talking about, I hope you will someday.).

I also understand the parallels between Christianity and some earlier religions. The story of Noah's Ark and the flood is really similar towards a story in the Gilgamesh Epic, but think about this for a second: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are the top religions in the world. Each one of them is based on the same God, and He doesn't, hasn't, and won't ever change. Each of these religions, despite everything they've been through in history, despite how often they have been misinterpreted and warped by everyone, even their own people, haven't been terminated or wiped out like so many others. Coincidence? No.

A big thank you to A Perfect Circle for this song and to everyone who has reviewed here. I have read many of your comments, both for and against God and have taken them into consideration to produce this argument for Him. My faith has been tested and questioned by this, and I have come out of it stronger and more convinced in my faith than ever before. I pray that blessings will rain over each of you today and many days to come.

Quit throwing fits. | Reviewer: David | 6/29/09

The whole point of this song is to point out that you can believe in god, but you can't tell people that everything that happens in the world is because god says it should happen. People blame injuries and tragedies on gods will. There is no supreme being that will willingly hurt, break or paralyze his followers, and no devil that would do it either.
The song is claiming that saying things like "god wanted this to happen" is bullshit.
If a tragedy befalls you, it is neither god's or the devil's (supposing the exist)and niether of them are going to help you get over it.
Shit happens weather you cause it or by pure chance, and you can't blame god, and you can pray as much as you like, but its not gonna make it any better.
In life, you tough it out and survive, or hold on to blind faith and then loose hope when you realize that just praying isn't going to help your sorry ass.

wow | Reviewer: vvee | 6/22/09

I liked this song when I heard it, without fully realizing the lyrics and reasoning behind them. I am and will always be a Christian, believe in the Bible, everything It stands for and what God stands for, what Jesus did. There are many who are angry for these beliefs and don't understand why someone could hold on to it..call it a fairy tale. For those who are dealing with this unbelief, I'm sorry for any circumstances or situations, loved ones lost, that you may have dealt with. Yes, everything happens for a reason, whether we want to recognize it or not. I've dealt with rape, divorce, nearly losing my own children, abuse, losing those I love....yet I still believe, even questioning and doubting. But I will tell you now, without the HOPE I have in Jesus Christ I would not be here today. I've see His blessings, felt His Presence...I see miracles everyday because of Him. My children are miracles.
This song is actually an awesome song, how well composed, written, the emotion evident in it. Everyone can relate to it regardless of the point it may or may not be trying to get to those who hear it.
God bless everyone. I pray God will reveal Himself to you in a real and awesome way that will help you deal with unbelief and anger. He loves all His children whether we want Him or not.

judith | Reviewer: The Fan | 6/3/09

Judith is about how when Maynard was 14.His mom Judith Marie had a stroke and was paralyzed from the neck down, and also praised God so he made Judith and was mad at his mom for worshiping God after she was paralyzed,so he says in the song "Praise the one who left you broken down and paralyzed" and got mad at god for what he did to Judith Marie.

Get a Life | Reviewer: APC4L | 6/3/09

This isn't an antichrist song all you God fearing Christians. It's about a man who is dealing with the fact that his mother was sick and dying and all the emotions a man faces when trying to grieve. Have you ever thought to yourself Why God did this happen?

And for the person who said that listening to APC or Tool is worshiping the devil you need to get outside more.