Use your brain... | Reviewer: Mike | 9/8/07

First of all, i dont think any of us have the right to judge James Maynard, after everything that he had to go through with his mother. I'm pretty sure if i had been put through that i'd have HUGE doubts about god. 2nd of all to all of you that are offended: noone is forcing you to listen to the song, he's not telling you what to think, do, or believe in. If you'd listen to 10,000 days by tool you'd see that he is not Anti-God. He had doubts because of what his mother was but through, and who are we to tell him that what he believes or doesnt believe in is wrong. Its none of our damn business what religion he is and what his views on god are. So if you disagree with what he says fine thats your choice, but dont tell him he's wrong. Just dont listen to his music.

Credability to Useful Idiot | Reviewer: Black... | 9/9/07

Hey, I'm likin what you had to say. If you ever get this, please reply. I enjoyed reading your comment on God. I got my thoeries of my own...

steve | Reviewer: steve | 9/3/07

It's obvious that maynard has serious problems with God & Christianity in general. I personally believe in God but it does not distract from the incredible talent that maynard and the boys have. Everyone has a free will to accept Christ or not. In the meantime, I will continue to jam on judith and their other awesome music.

Judgment without thinking.... | Reviewer: Bleeding_Ecstacy | 8/29/07

This song is merely Maynard's reaction and question as to how and why his mother at the time placed so much faith in a God who appeared not to be there at all. That was then and this is now. If any of you have listened to 10,000 Days, then you will find a different opinion. v,v

So there doesn't need to be a religious debate, brought into what people think the song means. Perceptions will always be different, even though they may bring the same motivation, things will still go along the flow of differentiation.

Why people cannot see that, I will never know. *shrugs* It is pretty much common sense anyway, or so I thought. But then again, not everyone sits around thinking about little things like meanings either.

Maynard did not write this song intending to offend Christians. v,v If you actually listen to and read the lyrics, it is about his mother, who at the time was paralyzed by a stroke, but still remained religious, and even more so, due to the situation.

Then comes the thought "Think before fucking posting". That quickly floated into my mind just now. Or at least read the damn lyrics before posting, instead of a previous post someone had left before, so as not to attack anyone's modesty.

ABOUT JUDITH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/07

think of this evry one of us have one reason why we are here in the world for what reason?beceous ders only only one reason to show love to evry one.devil didnt show love to every one they hate each other they love hate,killing,angry and any else of a bad things to do.the song is about the one who really dont know about god!!!!!!!about jesus who save uor lives from the fires of hell!!!!!!!

----- | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/07

It's just a damn good song.
It means something to them (being Maynard or the band in general), but why does it have to get all this criticism?
People believe what you want, you have a right to. But this song is just REALLY FREAKING AWESOME. So..I think this should be appreciating the song, not so much squabbling the meaning.
All in favour?

Wrong. | Reviewer: useful idiot | 8/19/07

"Well, for those who don't know..." As if you know? You don't know anything, quit pretending like you have some sacred knowledge above and beyond anyone else's. All you have is a comforting lie.

"God places challenges in our lives that we will never fully understand..." Wait, huh? I don't see cause and effect having any motive to challenge us. Blood clot hit Judith the same way it hits everyone. If you want to say it's a learning experience for all involved then go ahead, but don't say that there was some motive in a natural occurrence.

"God never abandons us..." Again, you can't even say for sure WHAT god is doing right at this moment, let alone if it is 'abandoning' us.

"For example, I was anorexic I can be angry at God for a 5 year struggle in my life or I can embrace it..." Or you could place the blame upon your genes but credit yourself for getting help and willfully overcoming what you did.

Maybe one day you will open your eyes and quit living in a world of fairy tales.

think? | Reviewer: Mike | 8/11/07

Maybe you people should just take the song as an expression of anger, and not the preaching of a psychologically disturbed threat to the whole of christiandom. Why do people feel that others expect their opinions to be taken as gospel? Do you think that Maynard is trying to tell you what to think, when he writes these songs, or is it possible that he might be intelligent enough to expect (or at least feign it out of a sense of quality) each of us to make our own intelligent choices, regardless of what some celebrity tells them. Maybe this IS how the guy lets go of his anger? Maybe it's not. Maybe he lets go of it in some other way that he doesn't let the public in on? We don't own these people you know. How do you know enough about the guy to start the verbal diarrhea because of 40 or 80 lines of text he sang to us once?

This song owns | Reviewer: asfklnasfln | 8/6/07

I don't care what you newbs are saying about all this god bull shit, I know the song has a meaning but I just really love it, it's fucking pwnage shit... Yeah...

My Opinion | Reviewer: Mickey | 7/23/07

Personally, I think the song is what many should religious ppl should do, I was a christian for hmmm . . . 20 yrs and never got to taste the stuff "god" said in his "holy" book. Im now an athiest and will stay that way till I find a reason to change.

Judith | Reviewer: Julian | 7/13/07

I think anybody that has taken offense to to this song(generally christians) shouldn't even bother posting your comments. I was born and raised catholic, and I can't say I ever had what you call an "enlightening experience".
Correct me if I am wrong but religion has been the cause of war for thousands of years. Also there are so many different beliefs, and religions that have existed for thousands of years before christianity. So it's really ridiculous for you to sit hear and criticize Maynard's lyrics. Christianity is just as solid as greek mythology, sorry but I am not going to believe in something unless I see it. I never asked to have a life, so why should I have to suffer and get dealt shit all the time. If there is a god he doesn't seem to kind and loving, and unless you show up at my house with God himself standing next to you, I will remain to believe that it was just a lie to gain power. I mean just look at this world, it's completely fucked!

personally... | Reviewer: sami lu | 7/8/07

seeing as how his mother is judith marie this song was obviusly written with his feelings surrounding her faith. she was in a wheelchair for over 27 years and continued to believe in Christ desipte what had happened, and apparently maynard found that disgusting and sheep-like.

but if you go on to the new tool album 10,000 days and read the lyrics to the songs dedicated to his mother who passed away, i think you'll find a different opinion coming from him.

Great song | Reviewer: Walter | 7/10/07

This song was written about his mother Judith Marie. She was confined to a wheel chair for reasons I don't remember. She was devout in her religion and he feels that someone that followed God that close and faithfully for something like that to happen means her god betrayed her.

possibly... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/07

I have heard that the song is about his mother judith, who was a devout catholic she died and the blanks pretty much fill themselves in from there..

Personal opinion | Reviewer: Brian | 6/30/07

I've listened to Tool and A Perfect Circle and seen them both perform live. I also know now what his mother went through after everyone who has commented on this song mentioned. However, I enjoy listening to the band mainly for their music, not lyrics. He does have a right to use his freedom of speech. It is poetic and well written. However, it's very unfortunate that he has these opinions. I understand his anger with what his mother dealt with. At the same time, isn't he disrespecting his mother by making a mockery of the God that she herself chose to believe in? Hopefully someone someday will help him deal with his emotional issues and he'll write some songs that have more taste than F*CK your God. Doesn't sound like it took too much thought to come up with that line. I'll pray for him and I hope others will too. And to clarify, this isn't me passing judgement. He's a very talented man with musical abilities way beyond my own. I'm just saying it's unfortunate that such a gifted man is so obviously depressed and confused.