Incorrect Anon. | Reviewer: Xyphos | 7/1/10

God allowing something to happen has nothing to do with punishment. It's His will and most of the time we have no business trying to understand His will. As for questions on praying for stuff that doesn't come true. God isn't Santa Claus; just because we ask for it doesn't mean we automatically get it... That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard and the stupidest reason to doubt God's existence.

LMAO | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/10

Alright, first I feel compelled to say how funny it was to read all of this. I love this song, I totally get it. I get how other "christians" talk about how its God's will or a punishment to be terribly sick. I mean how many of you have prayed for something with every fiber of your being to not have God answer? I was 12 when my dad died 3 months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, on thankgsgiving morning no less. I was very angry with God, I couldn't stand listen to every one in the church and their interpretation of why God allowed this. This song is more complex than just being anti-God. Anyone who has wrestled with their faith could see that in this song. And if you are anti-religion and interpret it as so, and like it, who am I to tell you what to think. Artist put songs out there for people to enjoy and interpret for themselves.

We're all a bunch of inbred retards, right? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/10

I have one question for anonymous' Preaching... If God breathed life into Adam and Eve, that means he was expecting them to fuck and conceive right? So he created humans and DEMANDED that they sin (lust) for the sake of humanity... hmmm, sounds kind of like a contradiction to me, but ok.

Here's where I sorta' lose hope in the bible. According to it, Adam and Eve were the first humans on Earth. This means that every single human being's ancestory should be linked to A&E's, right? But here's the weird part. Say Adam and Eve have passionate, lustful sex, 9 months later, out of Eve pops out a little Girl. They fuck again and once more, from Eve pops out a little Boy. This boy and girl are the only other people on Earth. They are also brother and sister.

Should I go on or is that enough? Well, for the sake of this discussion, I'll persue. If God intended for Adam and Eve to begin populating the Earth, he would need to get their son and daughter to mate and have kids of their own, right? Isn't that incest? Doesn't this cause birth defects?

Well, according to the bible, we're all a bunch of inbred retards with a history of banging our own siblings. Really says a lot about the credibility of this novel, huh?

excuse me | Reviewer: Your mother loves it | 6/18/10

First off, apc kicks ass. second "anonymous is a bastard"comment is completely retarded. apc is not anti religous nor is maynard, he has said that it's not an anti religious song and has no reason to lie. if it was who cares anyway? we gave the churches too much power in the first place, and they act like god makes anything possible.Really? where was he when 9/11 happened? or all the other horrible shit? i'm not a bleeding heart cause i don't give a fuck but i'm sick of you religious fucks not minding your own business, "oh this song is satanic, this song is not glorifying god" you can turn anything into a shitstorm with your whining. this is sad when there's a clusterfuck of people crying "evil" just cause they're too retarded to live their lives and leave people alone. this is not church btw so don't preach to me about anything. To the guy preaching and saying maynard should get religious, do you know how many bands break up because of that shit. yes religion is shit! no one knows what the meaning of life is so don't control others lives. I'm not a heretic either i don't believe in religion

hillarious | Reviewer: Seph | 6/13/10

I read the first comment at the top of this page preaching about how we don't know what he is talking about..... well its simple he's talking about what he's saying he's made it clear on more than one occasion that what he means is what he says don't read into it its that simple jackass.

Out of place | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/10

I feel all of you need to relax. None of you are the artist in this song, none of you can say this is exactly what he's talking about because these aren't your feelings, your words all you have place to do is voice your opinion, so all of you are wasting you're time arguing over the internet.

Its all good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/10

We all have to realize that God is living within each and every one of us whether we choose to acknowledge Him or not. God breathed life into Adam and Eve and from them that life was passed to each and every one of us. Since this is God's breath that we're breathing, God has the right to take that breath away.

I think that what Jex said on 5/4/10 is that Judith trusted God and God betrayed her but that isn't true. Everyone has to realize that none of us deserves anything and should therefore be greatful for each and every blessing that we receive, ie clean water, food, shelter, children who love us, family, friends, etc. Think of how many people in the world don't have the basic things that we have such as food, water and shelter yet they are greatful to God for what they do have such as family and friends. Some people don't have family & friends but are still greatful to God for whatever they do have or what they had but lost such as loved ones. Judith probably didn't expect anything from God but her salvation. If God allows a disease to take your life then it is God's will for that to happen and you should accept that and be greatful to God that you have people in your life that care enough to write a song in mourning for your life.

The man who wrote this song is obviously in pain and in mourning for the life of his mom, anyone would be but he is on a journey. I respect his right to feel whatever he feels but I pray that one day his journey will lead him to realize that there is a reason for everything and that he is so blessed to have had a mother that loved and cared for him because there are so many childrn that don't have a mom/good mom. Hopefully this entire experience will bring him closer to God because you can't hate yourself (God is in you) forever.

About the being kind to others thing. The bible teaches us that each and every one of us has sinned (lying, hatred, gluttony, murder, stealing, etc.) and will continue to sin and that each and every one of us deserves to be wiped from this earth at the very moment that we commit our first sin and never be spoken of or heard from again. On the other hand, the bible also shows us that Jesus walked through the exact same life that we are walking through and He did it without sinning and He is the only person who truly earned a right to go to heaven but instead He decided to give His salvation to us if only we accept that salvation. So you can be a "good person", a "kind person" a "law abiding person" for your entire life but if you have not accepted the salvation of Jesus your soul will be lost forever. The thing to remember is that every single day you sin and every single day you deserve to be wiped off the face of this earth to never be heard from again but that you don't have to choose that for yourself.

Last but not least Judith's friends were wrong, her departure has nothing to do with anything that she did, it was just her time to go and death (departing from this earth) isn't a bad thing its actually a blessing. Death is only bad for the people who are left on this earth to miss you and to suffer the consequences of being on this earth. When people make the transition they are with God and there is not a better place to be than with God. I pray that we will all get there, including everyone who posted on this site. I pray that we all accept God's salvation and that we all see each other after we depart this earth. Amen.

BTW, I believe that the Muslim man is right. Muslims, Jews and Christians are all serving the same God we just have to realize that and come together and accept each other as brothers/sisters under the one true God and be at peace with one another.

God bless all of you. xoxo

Nick | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/10

It's weird, when I first heard the song, i thought it was called judas, like from the bible. After reading the lyrics and thinking when judith was said I read judas, the lyrics actually make sense. I konw this is about Maynards mom, I just got the name wrong at first, but reading the lyrics and replacing judith with Judas, the song still kinda makes sense. I didn't think Maynard wrote the lyrics for APC, so maybe the song was originally called Judas. Just an interesting though.

the buy below me is a moron | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/10

If you knew anything about Maynard you would know that what you said is completely and utterly asinine. Maynard is the last person to ever give a shit about what anyone thinks about his reputation or beliefs. This is the guy who used to dress up as a Religious Rite freak and harass his fans before his shows. moron

anonymous below me is a bastard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/10

this is so anti religious regardless of what anyone said in any dvd...dont u think stars have to say things sumtimes to keep from being bashed for their art or beliefs..this is definitely anti religious. u can tell by referring to any line in the song.

If anyone new anything. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/10

Maynard is talking about all of his mother's hypocrite friends who gossiped about his mother's illness being a punishment from god. It's not an anti-religion song. Watch the DVD where he explains it.

Ummm... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/10

Why the need to base your feelings to the desire of one god or divine being or giant spaghetti thing? Can't you decide what's best for yourself and not use a excuse like a god or sometihng like that? What if god doesn't decide that you have to love each other? What will you do? What if god tells you you don't have any right for living? Plx people stop shielding your existance behind someone that you don't even know if it's real, I know it gives hope but hope can be achieved by mortal means, hoping for the good of all the people of the world is more than enough, stop asking yourself if there's someone watching, if he's going to judge us etc. And start doing something for those in need here in the earth. Don't try to convince others into your own beliefs and goals just help them to live in a world where anyone can have opinions and be happy with them

To Jex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/10

Firstly, I'm not trying to antagonize or be judgmental of Hayden. I'm merely trying to have an intelligent discussion on a pretty important topic. If I came off as a jerk, I apologize.
In response to your comment: we are to LOVE everyone unconditionally. Unconditional acceptance means accepting their beliefs AND their actions and this isn't viable because some things cannot be accepted by Christians OR nonbelievers, things like murder, rape, incest. Such things are repulsive to everyone who doesn't commit them. And you are taking the "do not judge" thing out of context. When Jesus said this he was speaking to hypocritical Pharisees. The word "judge" itself has been given a negative connotation in modern society. Judgement in and of itself isn't wrong, it is the motivation behind it that determines its
value. I don't judge Hayden's or your beliefs out of spite or anger, I'm genuinely concerned about how such ideals can negatively affect your life
and beyond.

To Anonymous | Reviewer: Hayden | 5/6/10

To me that makes it all the more important to hold them closer while you have them.
In all honesty, it's very liberating to have these bonds. Just because there is nothing after death dosn't mean they should be taken advantage of or neglected.

To Jex, I am not a Christian :/ Read into my comment some more, heh.

So Much Wrong Happening! | Reviewer: SShakessBEAR | 5/9/10

hi, im a muslim.
I just blv, there's one Allah, GOd, whatever somebody might call Him.
I have noticed that it's not that person's fault who is criticising any religion.
It's a true fact that so many ppl and org.s have used religions for their own uses, vastly adultrated rules and statements of it.
What i blv now is, i dont even want to call myself a "Muslim" because i think that'll become racism. I mean to say, that all the Prophets and Messangers that came never defined or named themselves anything. They all had the same message, God is one. For instance, Moses(pbuh) never said he was a Jew, Jesus(pbuh) never said that he was a Christian, or Muhammad(pbuh) never said he was a Muslim.
All preached the same thing, so what's the difference. It's we who make the difference and name ourselves this n that.
SO many things happen, that are not in our, power, life, accidents, calamities, or anything that happens naturally.
We know we have to die, at least some day. It's inevitable.
We all know there's a life hereafter. I beleieve patience is our only way out in a most comfortable way. I think Judith does the right thing. She is an example of my point of view.
May "He" give us the power to face anything in our life. I know there's a reason behind everything.