Sad | Reviewer: anthony | 1/5/11

I think that it is sad that a man can't express himself and how he feels about a dark point and time in his life without people on the religiuos side or the opposite without people jumping down his throat. If you can't relate then why do you listen?

...well... | Reviewer: loren | 12/21/10

i really dig a perfect circle...i think they're a really awesome band, who has really expressive,interesting songs... but as a christian, i'm kind of hurt by this. i can't stand people who throw their religions in your face in a pushy way- that does far from help anyone. that being said, i also can't stand people laughing at or criticizing someone, because they choose to have hope and faith.i get that he may have been upset, and freedom of speech and everything, but why be hateful?

judith | Reviewer: Trevor | 12/24/10

Chill | Reviewer: Immi | 12/2/10

Why must people try to hard to argue about things? Maynard's mother died, she was very religious, and he's angry and hurt that she's gone and the god she chose to believe in didn't save her, and he wrote a song about it. It's pretty damn simple.

its what this person said and a little more. his mother had a stroke when she was 31 that left her partially paralyzed for the last 29 years of her life. not just physically paralyzed but she couldn't even read a clock. could barely speak. And it may seem scathing or hateful towards his mother. but in my mind it isn't its just honestly how he feels about her beliefs

This song sounds pro christian | Reviewer: Bria | 12/14/10

I dont like this song on many grounds. I dont like that christians are trying to go mainstream. the fact is, he covered up the lyrics with loud guitar riffs, which means to me, that the song is pro christian, and he tried to toss it in mainstream. That is my two cents.

Everyone's Overanalyzing | Reviewer: Gage Cloutier | 12/13/10

Let's look at the facts; as described´╗┐ by Maynard himself in the aMOTION commentary on the DVD. This isn't a song about anti-religion as a whole, or fucking the Christian god. It's specifically about his mother's church,´╗┐ and how the fundamental Christians were talking behind her back about being "punished"

it's too bad | Reviewer: jon | 12/7/10

I never see the point in going after a God you don't believe in for something you couldn't control. The root of all evil is people. evil inside of people is part of all of us. The degree to which people act on that evil is different for each person. Crusades under the guise of religion, robbing a store, or just thinking something bad - it's all bad and we are all capable of it. Only God can save us from ourselves.

Chill | Reviewer: Immi | 12/2/10

Why must people try to hard to argue about things? Maynard's mother died, she was very religious, and he's angry and hurt that she's gone and the god she chose to believe in didn't save her, and he wrote a song about it. It's pretty damn simple.

Christians have their own genre. Stay over there! | Reviewer: Adam | 11/30/10

C'mon guys, don't bring that religious BS over here. Go comment on gospel songs if you want to talk about your god. This song speaks to us like minded individuals who can't help but to laugh at your prayers.

my opinion | Reviewer: brian | 11/25/10

First off His music puts me in a trance and opens my mind he is truly blessed in many ways.

He misses his mother as anyone would. This song is how he feels as a human. His mother is at peace in paradise. And one day her unconditional love for God and her son will have them reunited.

The truth behind Judith | Reviewer: Kris | 11/11/10

Judith was a song named after Maynard Keenan's mother Judith who suffered a stroke in the beginning months of 1975. Judith was a very religious person always begging and pleading to her "GOD" and in the song, Maynard references how He (her supposed "GOD") did this to her, took all she had and left her that way. It's all about not believing in god or jesus christ which is the same in my opinion, If he exists, why let things like that happen to someone who doesn't deserve it. OH wait, most christians will now say it is "GOD"'s way of testing you. BS test this .|..

Opinions | Reviewer: Jarred | 11/9/10

I would like to point out a few things...

DNA is a compound made out of proteins and amino acids. Natural things found in the environment. There, explained.

Cancer is just a mutation in cells that causes the genetic material in them that keeps the growth rate in check to stop functioning. The cell keeps multiplying out of control, causing tumors which are just masses of this tissue made of cells that are reproducing without that STOP button. The only real reason it kills anyone is because the cells either start to decay and rot inside the body or they pressure/clog something vital.

I would also like to point out that the Bible was written by some nameless people centuries ago who wrote it down entirely based on the fact that they heard a voice in their head telling them what to write. All recorded history of the prophets COULD just be madmen going around raving about a God that nobody had heard of before, which was commonplace in that time.

I think that Maynard isn't trying to completely throw down Christianity. I think he's telling people to step back and take a look at what they're doing, why they're doing it, and to what end. That just because Eve ate that apple and got both her and Adam thrown out of Eden and condemned the human race until Jesus came unto Earth to be our savior doesn't mean that we as humans are inherently bad, but that believing in something we either know nothing about or have misguided views on is something that should be remedied. From personal experience, a great majority of people who are Christians, or of any religion for that matter, don't even know what's in their holy book, or even all the basic moral systems and beliefs that are valued in their religion.

I'd also like to point out that almost every major war to take place on this planet had been brought about by either religion or another belief system. Someone got butt hurt that someone else thought something differently, so they decided to try and "persuade" the other to believe their way. The Crusades, anyone? What about Rome? Genghis Khan? How about Hitler? Even Britain, taking over a large portion of the world. That itself was primarily a business thing, but once they got to another place, they invoked a superiority system. Brits were better, and everyone else was to either obey and follow the British lifestyle and convert to being Catholic, or they were exiled, banished, executed, or otherwise ostracized.

I think that's about it. Can't think of much more to say right now. XD

Reasons why. | Reviewer: Matt | 11/7/10

After hearing the lyrics to this great musical piece all I can say is sad. Sad that so many in this world try to rationalize their own shortcomings and misdeeds by dismissing or accusing God. Why does cancer

Reasons why part 2 | Reviewer: Matt | 11/7/10

Ever think about the fact that we humans screwing with Gods earth with genetically modified food might cause cancer? Sinful people like us are the reasons why. Since Adam and Eve we have disobeyed God and killed each other blaming wars on religion instead of our own greed. Great music but misguided lyrics.

To Anonymous on the first comment. | Reviewer: ThinkStraight | 10/29/10

People learn from their experiences, and evolve. You have to understand that Maynard is a person as well. What anybody preaches is not for others to follow, there has to be use of discretion.
When his mother passed away, he realized what undying faith meant, and why faith was more important than god. See for yourself, listen to Wings for Marie pt 2(10000 days) by Tool.
If I could cure one disease, it would be prejudice. :)

my point | Reviewer: Kris | 10/28/10

First of all I like the song Judith and APC...and thats all I can say for it.
Second wether or not there is a God or supreme beings or anything out there, I think the best way is just respect them and who ever is the highest among them...I'm a Christian but I dont go to church like I'm obligated to neither do I look to the bible as a truth I look at it as a fact and a book with so many unparalleled teachings, neither do I look at my religion as a main reality because I was born in a Christian family so I never got to pick my religion anyway...we dont have to fight over something that wont even make things better..first of all if theres a God or not, would fighting ever help us? would it make us feel better?..just stand down put the points in your head and thats for songs I listen to lots of songs with different points, sometimes because of the lyrics or the point or the tune and stuff like that or all of it...just remember not to judge people you dont know...our perception of someone is not always true...remember KNOW is different from know someone rather than judge him/her because you just think of him/her as that..