donny | Reviewer: joseph | 4/14/11

first of all Im so sorry for what happend. but she was a good person you said right she loved her god. so maybe it wasnt her sins but for your own thats she is with her maker some times it has to hit close to home for you to realy belive d

Understand the meaning of the song idiots | Reviewer: David | 4/13/11

It's about his mother who had an Aneurysm and was left "broken down and paralyzed." She was a very pious women who prayed all the time yet this is what she gets,a painful death. I could say the same for my aunt with stage 4 breast cancer who never stops praying to him with no avail. "It's not like you killed someone! It's not like you drove a spiteful spear into his side! Talk to Jesus Christ as if he knows the reasons why!!

Think please | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/11

Hmm... Hmm... Don't you people realize that Christians hang on to their faith to live a happier life and not spend an eternity (that is, ETERNITY) of suffering? Think... If after life, our souls turn into nothing and we're 100% dead and gone, then what's the point of life anyways? Life is suffering, and suffering makes us stronger, especially if God helped us. Most people don't even realize how long an eternity is. It has no ending. NONE. How would you like to have that nasty surprise of after your life you end up being thrown into the fires of hell for the rest of... Hmm... Actually for the rest of time, and time will never end. Realize the truth before it's too late! Don't be a fool.

Re:Selfish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/11

Not at all selfish, He wrote this about his mother... Judith Marie, Who was sick, in a wheelchair etc i believe, And she believed in god, Prayed, And she got a sack of crap thrown at her.
If that is selfish in your book, You can take it and shove it up your ass!:D

Selfish | Reviewer: nick | 4/8/11

Great song, but the lyrics are selfish and shallow. just cuase you might not be satisfied with the way you are doesn't mean you can blame god for it. it just means you're a sissy bitch that needs to man up. God is an all knowing all powerful eternal being. he created us and look how people treat his name. If god wanted to take everything away from someone he'd have every right.

Good Points | Reviewer: Jordan | 3/29/11

A lot of you make good points, believers and non believers alike. A lot of you are also misinformed. Religion is a pretty rough thing. It puts people in a box and can really mess up lives. Unfortunately, when people think about God or Christ they automatically think about the American/Christian/Catholic image that the world has given us. This isn't accurate. My two cents is there is a God, but we only know so much about Him and we will never know everything about Him. But please people, realize that Jesus came to die for all people, not just "christians" etc. Don't let religious people fool you into thinking you can't be loved! Jesus preached against religious leaders, they were the ones who put him on the cross! You don't have to listen to Christians or religious people if you don't want to but I encourage you to pray and discover who the real living God is. Following Christ was and is the hardest thing I ever did..

What foolishness | Reviewer: william | 3/24/11

All religion is Stupid. False hope for those who need it. People that fear death, believe in lies to avoid the dark truth that in the end, it's only you who must face your problems. I laugh when people try to defend a "God" that they so dearly love and Barely know Anything about any other religion that states their religion is right when others are wrong. Christians are cowards and fools to the death, awaiting their messiah to come rescue them from the grasp of death. You got to see what everyone has to see, which is a mystery still to this day.

good song | Reviewer: littleeagle | 3/8/11

This song is awesome and expressive. I would probly feel the same way if stuff like that had happened to my mom. as for god if he or whatever god is supposed to be i dont think he would intentionally cause a woman to suffer just cuz. if he would then well dont believe in him

well... | Reviewer: Phil | 3/1/11

"It's not like you killed someone
It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side"

Actually she did. We ALL did. The whole point of what Jesus did was to show the nature of man. He came with a message of peace and they killed him. Even his closest friends (the disciples) that followed him for 3 years denied him and pretended they never knew him. But it wasn't God that paralysed her, it's just the world we live in.

The world rejects a message of peace yet blames God for their suffering. God doesn't cause suffereing, WE cause it. Religious wars are men's greed and selfishness hiding behind God. It has nothing to do with God.

Sorry to get all preachy, I was just giving my opinion on part of the song lyrics :)

this hit home | Reviewer: donny | 3/1/11

in 1978 i fell in love with the most wonderful girl ever to grace this earth,Debbie,
she was the epitome of a lady a loving caring girl who believed in God and prayer who only wanted to be a wife and mother. her only "sin" was falling in love with me and getting pregnant before marriage
we married in april during her senior year and it was the happiest time in my life and then on a sunday morn instead of going to church we decided to sleep in
while we were making love she had an aneryism resulting in me having to sign the papers to shut off life support on my 19th birthday
i later heard from ppl that she was punished for her "sins"
this was 30+ yrs ago and i still want to know "the reason why" a god could justify this
this song expresses my feelings PERFECTLY

Wrong! | Reviewer: Alarm | 2/3/11

This song isn't directed towards God in any way. If you've seen Maynard's interview about the song you'd know that the song is directed towards the people in his mother's life that blamed her illness on god, saying that god planned for her to have these illnesses. The song is a means for him to say Fuck your God, as in the individual's who believed God punishes all unfairly. His mother never renounced her religion throughout her lifetime, which pertains to the lines: still you pray, never stray, never
Taste of the fruit, never thought to question "Why?"

freedom | Reviewer: Ginger_Renee | 1/29/11

We, non-believes, need somewhere to go too. I live in West Texas, imprisoned by bigots, & these songs SAVE mine & my husband's life daily. We non-believers are affected by Christianity as genuinely as believers are. This song is superbly anti-christian, it derives from the heart of a man who struggles to comprehend his mother's beliefs in christianity & the pain of her unfortunate circumstances. Beautiful, powerful & inspiring. Thank you Maynard James Keenan for giving the millions of good ppl in this world, who aren't geared to believe in a christian God, songs to sing. Pure freedom...

Really Now | Reviewer: susan | 1/11/11

Don't any of you see that he has struggled his whole life with his mother paralized and her broken down body since he was a child. However, his mother never failed to praise the lord and give thanks to her God. Maynard could never really understand why she would relentlessly praise a God who left her this way. This is where his own resentment manifested... Because of his mothers undying love for a God who he thinks is the one who did this to her.

Wow | Reviewer: john hancock | 1/8/11

God won't save you. You will save yourself. In those hardtimes you pull through on your own. I'm sure its comforting to think that there's someone helping you through all your little problems but that's not the case. Evil is in everyone, and religion is spoonfed to you out of a rule book. So I see why he wrote this song. At the end you can pray all you want but there won't be some golden light that saves you from death. If you die you die. If you live then that's how things happen. The cross isn't the cure. Get over yourselves.

disappointment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/11

I think all of u are dumbasses. Who cares what the song is really fucking about ppl always got to bing a argument about god into this shit and it really makes me sick. I myself am a christian i love god but i dont try to shove my religion down other ppls necks. Just enjoy the music that this genius has given us and shut the fuck up about all this little baby he made fun of my god bull shit get the fuck over it.