Time to abandon fairy tales | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/09

This song examines only one aspect of the "God" situation. It reflects anger that a supposed God might inflict or allow torment to his loyal followers. It is time for believers to understand that there is no more evidence for God than for any imaginary friend. It is time to examine the roots of Christianity, and discover that objective evidence exists that Christianity was founded upon much older man-made myths. Humans created God... God did not create humans. Christians... what objective evidence can you provide that God exists? The answer is none.

Preachy people | Reviewer: Layla | 6/1/09

This song's lyrics are saying things that made me cringe at first. I was raised Catholic and everything, but even I went through times where I felt like this. I think everyone feels like this at times.
It's a damn good song.
People who get all preachy about it are in denial. You WILL go through this phase when you lose a parent, when you lose a friend, or when you, yourself, are dying. I understand him completely.

anti-christ song | Reviewer: jasper | 6/2/09

Sorry guys but this song sucks its an antichrist song jesus never leaves us he is always there seek and you shall find always pray and have faith in him. Its all about faith its hard to understand but I hope this will be an eye opener to you. Please read the bible and believe in him repent your sins , its never too late. Godbless u all

save it for someone who cares | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/09

it's a song people get over yourselves. of course if I believed in the bible i'd be worried too. it's only a matter of time before science proves that the whole thing was made up by a bunch of guys that wanted people to conform to a set value belief. i think people believe this crap because it makes them feel better.jesus is gonna take away all my sins! yeah right i'm a little too old for fairy tales...

I get it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/09

I relate heavily to this song...my mother is a devout christian who has prayed all her life and put others before herself...she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer...at the time I already questioned my faith...and "god's" exsitence...and to see her gain this new life threatening burden and still pray to and believe in this "holy entity" has helped me establish a disbelief in the faith and ponder how she could be so devouted to a god that punishes his followers....and I didn't read the christian reviews that apparently think this song bashes your beliefs....it doesn't...it just questions them

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/09

Please listen to the music I'm so tired of Christians whining "But snivle*he said fuck...your god...snivle*" This song is about his mother he wondered why she didn't do these things and the song Eulogy isn't fucking about Jesus it's about Bill Hicks the entire album is about Bill Hicks.

What some of the christians on here are missing... | Reviewer: Dark Matter | 5/13/09

This song isn't in the vien of "I'm mad at/hate god because of what he did". Not at all. Why? Because one would have to actually have a belief in this "god" in order to make such claims... and Maynard most certainly does not.

This song, while indeed about his mother's tragic situation, is Maynard spewing his vitriol toward this form of "herd/sheep" mentality known as Christianity, and the very negative effects of such a distasteful belief system on people's lives.

The "if" this god existed and this is how much so-called love he has for his creation is what is being put on the stand, in a matter of speaking.

Christians always point to "the devil", but that in itself carries about as much water as a sieve. A cursory study of the jewish religion/bible would clearly uncover the fact the "Satan/Devil" is a later christian creation, and NEVER a belief in the original jewish religion. Just another fabrication in which to tighten the grip; among numerous tactics, such as "Original Sin". (as disgusting, and destructive as that doctrine is)

These lyrics are calling this putrid religion on the carpet for its dedication to controlling people. Maynard is not angry with your god, christians, he's angry with what you stand for and the brainwashing fascism you all spread over the earth. Even in death, and in complete contradiction of the words and teaching in the New Testament addition to the jewish bible, people are still enslaved by this oppressive religion, and ultimately, an imaginary god. And I'd imagine that Maynard was somewhat upset with his mother for submitting to this torturous fallacy allthewhile; and essentially robbing him of a truer relationship with his mother during her illness.
So I concur with Maynard on this matter. It's not, "fuck your god" as much as it is "fuck your disgusting belief system" and all that it TRULY stands for.

Closure | Reviewer: William | 4/29/09

I remember this song from years ago. I thought it was well composed, and had enough variation to make me want to listen to it many times. At that point I was not as religious as I am now, and now see the true meaning behind the song. He is obviously angry at God for a perceived injustice against his mother, and more importantly himself. Whether true or not, it speaks to all of the insecurities humans face when trying to understand God's will. Everything happens for a reason. His mother refused to question God even in her darkest hour, and that is a powerful statement, "I'm dying Lord but I still love and pray to you." This is something that Maynard, being disillusioned about his mother's untimely death could never do. Maybe writing this song helped him deal with her death....helped him get some closure on his feelings toward God and his mother's passing. Psychologically, all people go through the 7 stages of grief, and anger is one of them. Maynard needed people to pray for him. You can't go around with so much anger in your heart toward anyone, much less God. What he fails to realize is that death is not an ending, and anger at death is irrelevant because it's inevitable. If she was as faithful as he portrays in this song, then she is in heaven, and has moved on to a better life..free of pain, and finally able to see missed loved ones. This song has powerful negative emotions, but that's what makes some of the best songs ever written. His mother seemed like a wonderful woman, and he could have honored her memory and God with the positive aspects of this life changing event. Although a song about the positive aspects of death in our culture doesn't sell albums.

Hurt by God..... | Reviewer: Destroyer | 4/27/09

First I am so sorry for both Maynard and his mother, he must have loved her very much and to see her suffer for ten thousand days and to hang onto faith that did not yield the result we would have all wanted for him and her it must have just been devastating . I hope that he has found peace with himself and his God. My father dropped dead one day in 1986 and it was horrid and I am still lost to this day without him. I am not a lead singer with an awesome band behind me to create art and product such as this. This song is a mix of both and while I have stated it as truth, I don't know what happen to his mother for sure. The entire story could be fabrication to sell music for all I know. Would music sell if it came from happy clean cut people? someone your parents would approve of? Our immaturity is played on and profited from. But what does it matter if you like the music. As a Christian I love the music and the lyrics I see right through. But it is nice we could come together and discuss this wonderful piece that APC created, if God has a tab to settle with Maynard that has little to do with me.

Read this | Reviewer: David | 4/27/09

Well, i answer the questions. God is a righteous Holy God and the reason Maynard literally blasphemes his Name throughout all of his bands is bc, he is living proof of Satan, all these ppple think its poetic and to make pple think and to be counter cultered or to breake barriers to open thrid eye and spiritual dimensions. well in a sense it is, but what all you fans dont realize is that your serving satan literally, everything the bible says is true. God saved me. I use to worship (practicallY) maynard and now I understand all of his lyrics in true spiritual essence. What most are blind to. Bc they are blind Jesus says. heres something for suprise, God loved those whom he foreknew since the beginning of our time and he will Save them as he did me. Repent(turn from your sins and trust in Christ) and believe that he died and rose again and you will be saved. Thats not a direction for a decision, its a command and promise from God To those who hear his calling. If you want Faith, read a bible NKJV preferably and ask the Lord to reveaL HIM SELF , IF HE DOESNT ITS BC YOUR TRYING TO PLAY WITH HIM, INSTEAD OF ACTUALLY GIVING UP YOUR WILL AND YOUR SIN to live your life for Him. May this bless those who hear it and Give Glory to Christ Jesus My Lord.

Haiz.... | Reviewer: The_Observer | 4/27/09

this song is ok...though not really my type...but the lyrics are good to ponder on. Looking at the reviews here, yes according to Anonymous 12/30/08, it is about understanding, but the people who believe in religion have a right to defend against anything bad said about their religion right? Therefore you cant just call them fanatics. Also the main theme of this song is why is there so much suffering if there is a God, and it seems the singer feels that way after what happened to his mother, but has anyone actually thought about it really hard? Like would there be a difference between happy and sad if there was no such thing as 'sad'? How there would be no distinction between triumph and failure if there were no such thing as 'failure'? Like in the singer's case, how he wouldnt be great and famous if there was no such thing as tragedy? Would he even have a song to write? Would he have felt any great emotion if there was no tragedy in his life? How do we say we are great and happy and beautiful and lucky if everyone around us is great and happy and beautiful? Would there be any difference? Compare that world of utter singularity to the world in which we live in, where we are given many situations. And about God? take this situation, you are a parent, and you have a child. Would you let him skateboard? Or ride a bike? Or even go to school? If you say yes, would you run behind him every single time he skateboards? Or whenever he rides his bike? Or follow and sit beside him in class? If your answer is no, then why do you do so? Because you want him to learn right? You want him to learn frm his own mistakes right? Sure you won't leave him totally isolated, but you would let him learn on his own right? Why can't you picture God in the same way? He too wants you to learn from your own mistakes. Though he does'nt leave you high and dry, he provides religion, which maybe flawed, but only because MAN is flawed. But you reject religion, and say that if a staunch Christian like the singer's mother died of disease, all religion should be rejected. And then you ask yourself, why so much poverty, murder, theft, corruption and others, but you don't see that if they followed RELIGION, they wouldn't have done those things. At least try to think on this, and please reply...TQ!

rob | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/09

maynard loves to make people think. he wants you to get off your couch and turn the tv off. his lyrics get you to see things for what they really are, open your third eye. i dont think maynard really believes or acts out the situations he writes about,but rather does it to prove a point.

Great Song | Reviewer: The 4 Guys | 3/24/09

Maynard James Keenan explains on the aMOTION DVD how this song is about his mother Judith Marie Keenan, who suffered a stroke, was left partially paralyzed, and was restricted to a wheelchair for the rest of her life when Maynard was only 11.
In the song he questions his mothers continued faith in Christianity after her stroke. How can she still believe in her god once he has left her in such an unfortunate condition?
Religious extremists who bash this song, why don’t you go ask your “God” why there is war, famine, and poverty everywhere you look in the world. Or ask him why a group of teenagers died in a car accident over the weekend. If you get “God” to fix these problems then I will start believing.

Boy, was I wrong... | Reviewer: Barry | 3/20/09

I've never really bothered to look at the lyrics of this song and I honestly don't know enough about Tool or Maynard to have followed the backstory that led to this song's conception. I just caught "Jesus Christ", "drove that ________ spear into his side" and"did it all for you" and have been thinking that this was one of those Creed-ish "I love God and I rock" songs. Boy, was I wrong...
It makes me kind of sad.
I still like it, though.

... | Reviewer: crown. | 3/17/09

I completely agree with the meaning of this song, along with "Eulogy" by Tool. They are basically about the same topic, and very similar, lyrically wise. I honestly wonder all of the time why people never think about their religion. So many people are just born into a religion that their parents follow, and they never stop to think twice about it. I believe that there is something out there that must have created us, but there is really no proof to this idea. I have mad respect for Maynard and the way he thinks and writes.