To take the lord's name in vain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/10

So many for and against arguments on the existence of a god, this annoys me. Why can't we all agree that while the great mystery of whether a god exists or doesn't exist will not be revealed to us until we die and eventually all our particular predjudices will do is get us into arguments, for the most part the generalized Christian bible (in which these lyrics refer to) has and will continue to be a fantastic source of inspiration to millions of people and is actually a fantastic source of moral explanation. Example is the ten commandments. I hold no predjudices either way but I will say that the only thing more annoying than someone peddling there so called beloved god like an Avon product, door to door, are these vocal athirst characters who try and spoil the very positive side of religion for those who turn to it seeking guidance, faith or a general
sense of belonging. This song is like "smack my bitch up". The composer revels in self righteousness over his reasons for writing the song and perhaps justifies the statements with "deep personal experience" but cheapens his personal relationships through using them as a poor excuse to say something controversial, for attention, exposure and ultimateley for materialistic gain. Bit sick when you think about it isn't it.

I can't worship a god | Reviewer: Seeker of the Mind's Eye | 10/27/10

that would put anyone in such a situation where we could advance, and live, and die and understand, to laugh, to cry, to lie, to tell truth, to be a human, noting that we are human, and say "NO, you can't do that", and then say the one who let us see is the evil one

Are you serious? | Reviewer: TheAbandoned | 10/14/10

God gave us free will? Guess it was fair of him to let two people decide the fate for everyone. Were we born having tasted the fruit already? An evil deed from an innocent seed in a mother's womb? Why must we be born into suffering and share the world with the wicked. Righteous is he who abandons us. We are like Daniel in the lions den. (except)Betrayed by god* and placed into a world of dangers and evil. We are expected to still love him as if he didn't place us in the horrible world. Would you trust someone if they put you into a den of lions? Hey! Turn them into sheep so they may be like you! And if that doesn't work just lie there and let them be as they are and feed on you. You will come out ok in the end because I love you. I can come at this many ways. Here's just a taste of that forbidden fruit.

It's not a war on drugs, it's a war on personal freedom. Keep that in mind at all times. | Reviewer: Pussyfur | 9/29/10

Everything and us are all one, god is just a perception of omniscience relative only to one's cultural disposition. Only an imperfect god could create an irrational existence, in some ways everybody is perfect but in more ways they are not. Earth is a perfect place for life to exist most everywhere else is not. It is directly relative to an individuals perspective.

Free Will | Reviewer: Tyson | 9/28/10

So you don't think cancer has anything to do with how the pureness of the earth has been compromised? You think that in the beginning, cancer was killing people? It's all relative to our enviornment. The one that we have created for ourselves as people. Did God create cell phones and power grids, nuclear weapons, nuclear waste and radios?

Please explain DNA. If there is no God, how is DNA possible?

meh | Reviewer: lolWUT | 9/27/10

there's always a fucking answer for why gods real, yet still no proof. this is the most truthful song ive ever heard. bad things happen to people everyday and yet there is still no god to show for. God gave us freewill right? so why do people get terminal illnesses such as cancer? because they choose to?

Maynard doesn't understand God | Reviewer: Tyson | 9/22/10

God didn't do this to his mother. People don't seem to understand what free will is and why God gave it to us. If he intervened every time someone was about to do something bad or anytime something bad was about to happen, that wouldn't be free will. God didn't create a bunch of robots. If he did, the we wouldn't be able to love and experience the kinds of things we do and have it mean anything, we would be robots! God doesn't do bad things to people, people make decisions out of their own free will and there are victims, but not God's doing.

MY PERSON THE VAMPIRE | Reviewer: sekhmet sashenka | 9/3/10

i love this song and the fact of that this song talk about the existence and god , its great , this kind of songs like me so much , and no ofense someone , i liked really and i hope that all the people think like me

see yo later.

sekhmet sashenka

Uhm... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/10

You do know Maynard wrote this song about his Mother right. Not to Bash the religion. When he wrote this he was Confused and angry.
His mother who was devoted to Christianity all her life was caught in a horrible accident and was paralyzed. Yet she never stop believing. in fact her faith was stronger after the accident. Maynard. Confused about how she could praise some one for punishing her so severely while she was so devoted to God.
Its in the commentary people. i know maynard likes for people to Look past the simple words and find the deeper meaning. but this one was pretty fuckin obvious. he said enough about it in interviews and commentary.
Stop all this pointless fighting.
Maynard wrote songs about that too.
Passive. Maybe Listen carefully?
He Even says in the commentary he wasnt bashing a religion. he was "confused among hundreds of other emotions, anger of course. lots and lots of anger. but ive learned since to look past it."
Well dont even bother commenting against this if u r. i dont plan on coming back here. XD i dont like fighting over lyrics. i just saw this one was missing ALOT of the lyrics. like this site usually does. and as i was scrolling down to comment about it i saw all this bs.
So have a nice day.
hope u found the truth of my Information Helpful.

Ross | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/10

To Mark Turner:
Maynard has a reason to be anti christian. his mother has been bed ridden and paralyzed from a disease (i dont remember what) since he was a child. He watched her wither and suffer his entire life. She is a diehard christian though and thinks its "meant to be" and "God has his reasons." Thats where the lines "He did it all for you" and "never thought to question why." If you were raised seeing that and thinking thats what God does to you, you'd have problems with it too.

Beside that, such an awesome song!!!

Lyrics | Reviewer: mark turner | 8/3/10

Love the music but it seems like someone having a grudge against Christianity; it is the easist religion to spit on because the vast majority of us WON't blow you up or riot in the streets if you give them crap. Which supporting the radical Muslims seems to be de riguer for the musical and Hollywood elite these days. As well as the media's part. Sign the petition at and stop be ing such an oprah, Obama-fied pussrag. Grow a spine.

Judith | Reviewer: Gary | 8/12/10

As was stated on the Amotion DVD released by the band, the song is about his mother suffering a stroke and being left paralyzed. The references to God and such are about his mothers undying faith and his inabilty to undestand how she can remain so faithful after what has happened to her.

I trust humanity. | Reviewer: Danté | 8/2/10

10 pages worth of people's ideology on this song, or, is it their ideology on theism?

Long story short; the truth is out there. Some call it science, some call it fate/faith, some call it God, some call it "there's nothing after death". But what we all have in common, as we all believe in something - even if we believe in Nothing, because, nothing is something right? Namely: Nothing.

My suggestion, follow what every holy scripture tried/tries to tell you in the first place; Follow the Golden and Silver rule.
G: Treat others as you would like to be treated.
S: Do not treat others in ways you would not like to be treated.

So much for ethics being plain simple, huh?

Human Beings | Reviewer: Marc | 7/29/10

I'm sick and tired of people trying to understand who or what God is. I'm not boasting, but I am confident that I have found the reality and secret of life.

I'm a catholic, but nonetheless, an agnostic (someone who doesn't believe in religion) in every way. I believe in the existence of a supreme, omniscient being (God) but unlike all those others out there, I don't make up bullshit about rules and regulations about God. The bible tells us the life of God and the persons involved with him. Personally, the bible is nothing but BULL! It is made by human hands, and the sad reality is, we are imperfect creatures yet we act as though we are perfect. Line up 20 people, tell the first one a secret and let them pass it along the next one, I guarantee you, the last person will not get the secret right, the same ideology goes with the bible. And for those who are strong believers of their religion, try weighing the pros and cons of that religion, try to think about what your religion has done to the world. I'll give you an example, muslims vs. christians, think about what their religions have done for them. Religion, once again is made by human hands, and conclusively, so are the rules and practices. I mean think about it, if God is an omniscient and all powerful being, why the F does he need priests to do his bidding and to spread his word? I just don't get the logic of it all.

To me, the secret of life is to just be happy, be as good as a person you can, I'm sure all of us knows by instinct whats right and wrong. Take in mind the song "young at heart", it has a lot more meaning than what most people think. And don't complicate your lives with what your religious leaders say, life is a lot easier to understand than you think.

To Anonymous from 7/24 | Reviewer: Narushatov | 7/28/10

I wouldn't say numerous at all when it comes to existing documents about Christ's existence. The one you are referring to (Tacitus), is debatable whether its part on Christ is authentic, since I don't believe we have an original and the one that has survived is a copy from many centuries after. And it obviously doesn't prove that it's the same kind of Christ from The New Testament. Same kind meaning the miracle-making, born of a virgin, son of/is God. And supposed biographers from decades later interviewing people I don't think can constitute as substantial enough evidence for someone being God. But anyway, you know this.

And as for the philosophy of Jesus of The New Testament, it is great. The moral teachings, though virtually impractical today, remain unmatched. But he also (according to that book) told people to leave their families (who knows what became of them) to follow him. He also said that we will burn if we do not believe in him. I can follow some things that Jesus of The New Testament said, I can follow the philosophy of Buddha, and I can even still enjoy the movie "Grease" even though Travolta is a Scientologist. Philosophy and art are one thing, absolutism is another.

The problem is that people do read the book as historical fact. They really do think Noah built a big and sturdy enough boat to house two of every single kind of creature on earth and then God, during one of his many temper tantrums, slaughters the very people he supposedly created. They hear this and nod their heads, like, "Yeah, of course... and?" And they don't question a word. Even question the rationality of such events. They say the biggest scapegoat word in all of religion: Miracle.

All right, done with the posting. No more retorts for me.

One last thing: whatever your belief or disbelief, "Judith" is a really good song. I definitely have faith in that fact.