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Performed by A Perfect Circle

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it is about drugs | Reviewer: ed | 8/12/08

the whole album the "thirteenth step" is about addiction for different perspectives, Maynard said this himself... "calm these hands before they snare another pill" Yeah def, not about drugs. "someone feed the monkey while i dig in search of china white as dracula as i approach the bottom" CHINA WHITE=HEROIN. EVERY SINGLE SONG IS ABOUT DRUG ADDICTION FROM ONE VIEW OR ANOTHER, its not that hard to figuire out.

maynard is amazing... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/08

I think too much emphasis is put on drugs. Its not BECAUSE of drugs, its the effect it produces, the opening of the mind. I believe this song is about his own inner struggle with finding himself, whether through drugs or a walk in the park, which seems to be supported by his recent work (Puscifer is AWESOME)and an interview I saw on ETV. Regardless...why analyze him to death...hes here, and hes amazing..enjoy!

Maynard Fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/08

I don't think the song is about drugs. Maynard has been very clear about his use of hallusinogenics, and his distaste for junkies and regular drug users (The pot, Aenema, Lateralus, Third Eye).

If I had to hazard a guess, I would suggest this song is more to do with his mother's paralysis as also mentioned in Judith and Wings for Marie/10,000 Days. Perhaps he is expressing how he would feel and how he would need help if he were in her position.

Maynard is a very complicated man, but i don't think he's really one for a heavy drug addiction like heroin. But who, knows. I could be way off.

interpretations. | Reviewer: bk | 4/13/08

one of the great things about this song is that it can be interpreted in many ways. something that comes to mind when i listen to it is someone with a serious illness trying to decide whether or not just to give up and let it kill them.
"surrendering to gravity and the unknown" could be a reference to dying (gravity as in falling and 'the unknown' as in death); then he says "catch me, heal me, lift me back up to the sun, i choose to live" meaning that for now he's decided to live. later in the song, though, he says "calm these hands before they snare another pill", meaning he just doesn't want to deal with the disease, and "drive another nail down another needy hole" could be a reference to nailing down a coffin lid. "please release me" could mean him just saying, 'please just let this end'. at the end, though, he chooses to live.
i think this song is one of a perfect circle's best. it's so beautiful and sad and amazing. maynard is a genius.

... | Reviewer: wcely | 1/6/08

This song is related with Stinkfist, hope you know why. It's not only about drugs addiction, it's about every vice or sin people have. Ineffable!.

Too Sides | Reviewer: JPDunbar | 12/28/07

Maynard relates to both sides of the story. He tells a story from both sides. And what fable tale has the attention of so many? Christianity... Uriel is on.

The Desolation of Self | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/07

There is a lucidity to the lyrics of Gravity, and at times an allusion to something much more personal. It is both somber and serene; a great work to express the depths of self-sacrifice. In this case, the sacrifice may very well be the choice to live.

Hmm | Reviewer: Alex | 9/12/07

I believe Maynard isn't exactly the type to write the cliche` song about needing help to solve a drug problem. I feel like this is probably in response to an experience on a hallucinogenic drug. Possibly, but not definitely, Salvia Divinorum. The feeling of reliving one's infancy and the feeling of gravity playing a much larger role on one's body are both often experienced while on Salvia.

Another Needy Hole | Reviewer: Chris | 9/5/07

In response to kvk's theory about "another needy hole" i dont think that Maynard was talking about heroin. I understand your point of view and thats what I initially thought as well. This album is about addiction and recovery, so it would make sense. However, you drive needles into your arm with heroin, not nails. He chose to say nail for a reason. This could mean a couple of things: There is an old saying when you're dead: The nail is in the coffin. If theres another nail in a needy hole then perhaps he is one step closer to death. Also, this album has some religious connotation to it as well. Perhaps its a reference to the Crucifixion? I am more inclined to go with the coffin theory though.

Substance abuse | Reviewer: kvk | 6/20/07

This song is obviously about substance abuse and how Maynard is asking for the help of someone close to him, perhaps his wife or drug counsellor.

Calm these hands before they
Snare another pill and
Drive another nail down
Another needy hole
Please release me...

refer to an addicts need to keep on taking drugs (pills, h, whatever) because of the inner turbulence that defines addiction in each of us. Drive another nail down refers to the death that awaits if he continues taking drugs. Another needy hole is a heroin reference to a hole in your arm that is calling out for more.

At least that´s what i think. want to add that i think tool and apc are some of the best bands in the world. i love both the music and lyrics.

the freakin best song ever | Reviewer: jesse whitten | 6/5/07

this really is really a good song but what can i say ita A PERFECT CIRCLE they always make the best

I wish | Reviewer: A | 6/1/07

...I would have never read g's thoughts on that one. It clearly makes sense that way. But even if the song is meant to express some kind of addiction,...

arh screw it. i'm going to bed now people really lack clue | Reviewer: g | 4/24/07

How can you people mistake an obvious comparison between the forces of gravity and addiction for anything else? First, go read a wikipedia article on Icarus, then listen to the song again...abusive narcotic injection is not a daily affirmation!

Very good. | Reviewer: Spiral | 4/23/07

This song is really awesome and talks deeply through simple words. It some what reminds me of universal surrender and trust. Many times we are not where we want to be but exactly where we need to be. This song lifts that analogy to higher levels. The music is great too. So much more than meets the eye to a lot of a perfect circle's work.

julio drival | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/07

excellent song that inspire hope (for me), because make you feel in a desolate way where the only place that you can go is to fucking sun.. aaa yhea awesome song

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