Reviews for Freedom Of Choice Lyrics

------Performed by A Perfect Circle | 07/01/2006 12:00:00 PM

A "Perfect" Remake

"A Perfect Circle" has beautifully reworked/remastered this classic Mark Mothersbaugh hit! The entire album "eMOTIVe" retools classic seventies and eighties "pop" hits with a dystopian feel ... and this ex-Devo tune is not immune to the nihilistic overtones that create a definite sense of unease. The song (much like their remake of Lennon's "Imagine") has a haunting feel and resonates in the listener's mind long after the final note. Although I'm not certain if the band or Mothersbaugh rewrote the body of the song, the shift from Aesop's fable of the dog that sees his reflection (in the original) to a voiceless, powerless peasant trying to be heard perfectly exemplifies the connecting theme of the album -- that we are all merely formless pawns and have no control over our own societies and lives.

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