what it means | Reviewer: ElohimChild999 | 12/22/07

Maynard said "...I'm sure many of you have had that situation where you've, uh, come in contact with someone who you thought you had some kind of connection with, but their behavior was so eractic and over the top and scattered that you're not sure what hit you; kinda like a tornado relationship..."

i love maynard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/07

he can say such mean things in such a beautiful way. He could tell me to jump off a bridge and die with a song like that and I would.

Therapy rocks... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/07

Is it just me, or is Maynard's voice hypnotic? This is a beautiful song wiht beautiful lyrics painted against an agnsty background that somehow works.

A True Work Of Art | Reviewer: Jenni | 1/5/05

The Lyrics in this song as well as the music is beautiful you throw in maynard beautiful voice and you have something more beautiful than an enitre are glaaery. A beautiful song

A perfect circle is Perfect | Reviewer: Anna Mathison | 11/16/04

The song is poetry from beginning to end!