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gotta love NFG | Reviewer: brenda (:P) | 11/16/2007

you just gotta love it! they're awesome... i love all of their songs.. it's a new sound that you've never heard be4... too good to be is really good... all downhill from here and truth of my youth are like anthems for me!

RAWK ALWAYS!!!! | Reviewer: Lantzz | 3/6/2007

NFG is my influence...i never lose NFG album till now!!!
For Cyrus...may i be ur girlfriend??hahaha...
just kidding...
don't stop ur moving,guys!!!

Coming Home With Sticks And Stones | Reviewer: Brandon Tillman | 9/20/2006

New Found Glory, Easily The Only band My Collection that Has Stayed Consistant And Never Failed To Please Me, With Their Wide Range Of Lyrics That Still Fit Into The Small Box Containing All That Is Relationships And Heart Ache.

the New Album, Coming Home, Came Out Yesterday, (September 19th 2006) And Let Me Tell You This, Its Pretty Fucking Sweet. With Songs Like "Hold My Hand" "When I Die" And "Boulders". The New Album Is a tad Different In My Opinion Then the Other Things, But, Its Impossible To Truthfully Say That NFG Kicks As Much Ass As Ever.

If Your New to New Found Glory, Heres A List Of Suggested Songs To listen To...

All Down Hill From Here
Hit Or Miss
Sincerly Me
Better Off Dead
This Disaster
My Friends Over You
Head on Collision
I'd Kill To Fall Asleep

And of Course

Their Whole New Album, Coming Home

I LOVE NFG | Reviewer: cara | 6/26/2005

i think nfg is great and i love drive thru recoreds... sticks and stones is deff. my fav my fav song is my friends over u.
love ya

new found glory rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/2005

new found gloory rocks!! their newest cd, catalyst is really good. i think the best song is all downhill from here. i guess they'd be a rock group. if you're looking for something new and good, then you should check them out.

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