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Performed by A Heartwell Ending

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If Looks could kill. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/2008

AHE is a wicked amazing band, but this song is their all time best [in my opinion]. The lyrics just speak to you, and the actual song is just straight up amazing. :D

if looks could kill | Reviewer: clorissaxcarnage | 8/10/2007

i too have heard this song long ago and fell in love with it.

What i was really suprised with that not many bands can pull off.. is making the song sound just as good or even better while doing it live.

A heartwell ending does better. this song along with many others is GREAT live. they we're awesome.

<3 | Reviewer: Nyah Orphelia | 7/29/2007

I heard this song so long ago but I'm absolutely in love with it still. AHE are an amazing band, but this will always be my favorite. <3

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