frenzy | Reviewer: dj | 5/2/11

The perfect title for the song, watch it after new moon, you feel bella is singing it.The voice totally works magic with the rythm and lyrics is just too perfect. Totally awesome work, express the thought,how madly we fall in with someone that moving on becomes tougher. The frenzy is just spreading in me.

100% perfect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/10

So this is not only perfect for me, but for my ex as well. He and I were head over heels in love. Then he moved a state away. No matter how much we loved eachother, we couldn't hold on. Now he's got a new gf who's wonderful for him and I'm falling slowly into place with a close friend...

so beautiful! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/09

This song reminds me of the song from muse 'unintended'. They both are perfect for Nem Moon. I think if you go to the site of Stephenie Meyer, you can see one of these songs in the here playlist for Nem Moon.

what i think | Reviewer: Marie Mnab | 4/30/09

This song is really something. I think that it should be used in the movie, it is exacly what its like for Bella. I love this song, its one of my favourites and I really love the lyrics, its the story.

Twilight | Reviewer: Annoymous | 2/7/09

this song is perfect for the book New Moon ( sequel to twilight) it should be used in the movie!!! and it kinda tells the story about this guy i knew who liked me and liked him but i didnt know what 2 do and i also liked this other guy i see at school everyday and we talk allthe time well the 1st guy told me he only wanted to be friends and now the 2nd guy is the 1 i'm focusing on

perfect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/08

this song just...i can totally relate 100%. i was with my ex boyfriend for 2 1/2 years and i just broke up with him because although it was such a beautiful thing i knew there were big flaws in our relationship. he didn't feel the same way and i noticed it when i was around him. i loved him so much, and i still do. it's so hard to let go. now i met this guy who is really sweet and he takes my mind off of my ex, but not entirely. he's great, but i can't seem to let go of my past entirely...i'm just beginning to heal, and i know sticking with the new guy will help so much.

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/08

Wow my boyfriend died 3 years ago and this song reminds me so much of him. I know its been 3 years but its still really hard to move on and I am not the same person I was before all of this...this song is so beautiful

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/08

this song is my life right now
i just broke up with this guy and i'm still getting over him, but i really like this other guy now so we're together. whenever i'm with this new guy, i feel so comfortable and like nothing bad has ever happened to me. but when he's away, i question wether this is the right thing to be doing or not.

thanks for the amazing lyrics!