Harley iv been waiting for you | Reviewer: George De Vera Davey | 4/15/10

For a year i have liked the same girl!, her name is Harley, but she always considered we lived to far away from each other. she pushed me away everytime i asked to meet up with her, we only ever talked on facebook. but in the last 3 weeks weve started talking again after a 2month spell of no contacting, and i have fallen in love with her. shes the girl i think about 24/7 all the time !! we only met the first time a week before my birthday at a show, we looked at each other! her smile is what i remember of her! shes so beautiful! but ever since the first day she talked to me iv had a huge crush on her! iv made some mistake by going out with 2 other girls. they ended quickly , but i cant say how much she has changed me, shes kept me waiting, iv been paitient, but atm weve clicked! shes starting to like me! but she also likes her ex bf again! i dont mind that tbh, ill still keep waiting if she choices him! but it will be hard! but thw main point is i sing this song about her, cause i like her so much since the day we met,. but yesterday we actually met facetoface for the first time in our life! i was nervous got no sleep the night before. she was so cute, later that day she told me to relax around her! its hard sometimes for me! im naturaly a shy boy , i just cant believe i saw her i feel privallged ! man i wish i could be with her! i feel it would a relationship that would last years she seems so perfect for me ! i dont see a cell in her body that makes her not right for me!i just hope she choices me tonight over the other guy! just cause i deserve a chance , but it depends on who she likes more.. i have a feeling shell not go for any of us! <3 we talked about how girlfriends take there boyfriends hoody! , well i dont care but she can have any of my 13 hoodies , id rather she had my heart! she may think i say alot of sweet things to her, and that i probs say that to everygirl, i say nice things to my ex's when i was with them
but there not to the extent of what i say to harley, caus what i say to Harley i actually feel and mean it to her!.... so harley if you read this! i want to let you know, i like you so much! i know you like liam but he is actually a nice lad tbh but i want a chance to be fair! but i know its your choice and its your feelings that are mixed! but i feel like that you havent seen what i have to show you, or how i can make you feel, i dont want to be with you, for action as we have called it , or to say i have a girlfriend, i want to be with you cause your extremely pretty, your so kind! and are a really nice girl, your really funny, our last few convos you have made me laugh so much!, i want to be with you cause it will make me happy but most importantly i want to make you happy and make you feel special and loved! its your choice baby! ill accept your decision but dont just go with me cause of what i say here, go with me or liam cause you want to, and you feel that there the one who will make you happy. but you dont have to like either of us so. :S i just thought you might like to know how i felt!

<3 its you and me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/10

this song was discovered by a friend who thought this was perfect for me and the guy i like. we liked eachother right off. :) this song is about us because he has been treated like dirt and cheated on and never wanted another girl. until he met me. we are so good together it all just clicked..... thank you ADTR for giving me the song that i will listen to for the rest of my life and think of him nomatter what. <3

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/10

this song is awesome. gbecause i learned how to play it on guitar and sing it, and performed it at the talent show, i got hooked up with my current girlfriend. this is only one song in a long line of many that i love by these guys.

Love this song snit then hurt | Reviewer: Jose/ | 4/4/10

I love this song it reminds of this girl well I still love her we were the hole best friends thing and I asked her out after a week she breaks up wit me saying it doesn't feel right she saw me as a friend well weeks later I was still in love wit her and I tell her this... Later she made out wite but then turns around and fucks some dude and she is alll obessed eit this guy every time he comes around she's ll over him and she fliers wit every other guy she see and why am I the idiot who keeps trying to get wit her I feel like she is hurting me she treats me like shit and now she is not even talkin to me well I'm trying to get over her I'm trying to find someone better....

Love Addict | Reviewer: Madi | 4/4/10

oh boy oh boy.. this reminds me SO much of me and my ex boyfriend kyle.... & it's sort of a sweet story... he um... he liked me my first year of middle school & its been a patteren that he's asked me out twice and i dumped him two days afterwards... :( BIG MISTAKE! so one day on the rewards trip bus me and him talked... (: i was falling for him... on another field trip with about nine kids for something we actually held hands(: and it was AMAZING. the following wensday we had another field trip that i was unable to make.. so i frankly said kyle my answer is yes! and so there on we dated and we liked each other a lot.. he always talked to me and stuff.. when me and my family decided we might go to oregon i was like kyle since you've been wanting to kiss me lets do it on friday! so we did and no i did not go to oregon... good thing right? but it was so ironic because the same day i kissed him he told me he loved me<3 awwwww(: and yeah yeah i loved him back and i dont know it was just a teenage love... our song was actually first timer's by tyga, cupid's chokehold by the gym class heros, & the way you do the things you do by the temptations and anyways later he dumped me on march 13 2010 it was a two week relationship:( ANYWAYS the point is i looked at this song and it reminded me SO much of him because the one i thought i never wanted was the one i needed most.. and even if i didnt know it but, he had me at hello(: i'll never forget my first love...

I <3 KYLE!!!!!

Life goes on. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/10

A message to all you complaining about relationships: Yes, it sucks, but shut up and get over it. If you don't stop whining about it and move on with your life, things will not get better. There's no magical "make things better" fairy. You have to do it for yourself. So get off your rear end, stop bitchin, and move on. And don't say I wouldn't understand, because I do. I have been there done that, but after I moved on, life has been amazing. I'm so much happier now. I promise you, if you sincerely try to move on, things will get better.

JLO <3 KLG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/10

This sonnnng is fuckin amazing. Katrina this reminds me of you sooooooo much!! I've never seen a smile that can light the room like yours. It's true! Hahaha I love you babe. You give me butterflies all throughout my stomach whenever I see you. I didn't know it was possible to love someone this much and didn't know how happy I could be until I met you. Your beautiful and I'm the luckiest guy in the world to be your boyfriend. I LOVE YOU KATRINA!!!!! <u33333333 :D

Hurt. | Reviewer: Isabella | 3/31/10

This song reminds me so much of my ex, one day he was driving us back to his house to hang out and we just got out of school, he put on this song, and we just started singing it together, i looked over and i saw this whole bus full of people just staring at us like wtf? But yeah.. :/

September 4 09, we started dating.
I was really scared to be with him cause he screwed over two of my friends but i guess since i really liked him i tried to ignore it., but of course. He screwed me over the worst. We dated for like 6 months but it feels so much longer than that. Nothing wrong went on until like a week at the end of our relationship, i gave him so much freedom and trust, i wasn't a jealous girlfriend. But than i found out he got high and was trying to hold this girls hand who was on my cheer team, he also was trying to kiss her and that stuff. I let that go after we fought, Than this girl kept going to his locker to see his "friend". And i let that go, than one day this guy was hitting on me and i told him to back off cause i have a bf and that was the end of that one guy hitting on me, and my ex got mad cause he wanted to talk to him but since it was done i didn't let him, and that was the "reason" he broke up with me. We talked for like a few days cause i wanted him back, and he would say he loves and missed me. And i would say it back. Than his best friend wanted to hang out since his gf of a year broke up with him and mine broke up with me, we just wanted to talk about things. Than once we were done talking he was like "i have to tell you something, cause i know if this happened to me i'd want to know too... he was having sex with another girl." (She had a bf at the time too of like 2 years) I was so hurt and confused i couldn't stop crying, than it just turned to hate cause of how can someone do that to someone,. It's so ugh. Butt now i can't even look at him and he's with that girl.

sigh. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/10

this song reminds me of my ex boyfriend.
we've both found different people,
and we're both pretty happy. but no matter
what, i can't get him off my mind. he was
my first love, and we really did fall for
each other at first sight. i'll never forget
him. <3

wow | Reviewer: ry | 3/28/10

this song is amazing....it touches me so much with sheer emotion. Every time i hear it it reminds me of the girls i fell in love with during highschool who all rejected me like dirt.....i'm still waiting for my soul mate but it feels like she'll never come for me :(

the one who got awayy.... you know who you are.. | Reviewer: .... | 3/26/10

I don't even know where to start..
This song touches on so many points in the story I'm about to tell...
It was the summer of '07 when I was just a immature freshman and she was a shy eighth grader. It was at a soccer game. We were both from different schools. She was with her friend who was dating my friend who played soccer. I was going on up to the game for support and thats when I saw her..... even from a distance I knew she was the one. I like to think of it as destiny cuz that day I had gotten ungrouned and had I not....then I never would've met her.. she approached me and I think, due to my shyness, I said a totally of two words to her, hi and bye. And that's how she really did have me at hello. A week passed and we started dating. I knew she was the one. Nothing could get between us to tear us apart. Yeah, we did have our fights but NOTHING was getting us away from each other. She completed me, I felt like a totally different person when I was with her. Just being next to her gave me butterflies, holding her gave me cold chills, and kissing her..... She was not only my girlfriend but my bestfriend. I could go to her for anything knowing that she wouldn't judge me. Years past and then...it ended....we didn't see eye to eye anymore and for that reason we had to end it..a month went by and she got another boyfriend. It KILLED me to know that she was gonna be with someone else. That I wasn't gonna be the one to hold her anymore, give her hugs, or comfort her. Its been a little over nine months now and we've moved on...well actually she has... not a day goes by where she's not running through my head. Ill never be on a relationship with a girl as perfect as she was. Whenever I hear this song I cry, whenever I look at her picture I bawl.... knowing that she's never gonna be mine again kills me, but I'm gonna have to accept the things life throws at me and just go with it. I'm always gonna care for you and be here for you and always know our day to remember... 6-21-08...I love you..

Kalani | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/10

Here's my story,
I like this girl, when I first saw her, there was something bout her,
anyways we talked and went out in 6th grade, and broke up, come 8th we were best friends, and I asked her out again on the last day of school (DO NOT DO THAT. . .) no response.

Here comes freshmen year, and I started talking to her again. I told a bunch of my friends I liked her, (BIG MISTAKE) and it got to her. She confronted me, "Hey do you like me?" I said yes and I asked her the same and she said yes. Now, we are talking and hoping to ask her out soon. And to all the stories that touch me, the stories are inspiring just like this song.

3 out of 5 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/10

the melody and guitar progression throughout this song is quite extensive and very catchy, even the vocal melody is written well. but the lyrics could've been defined a little better. There is a point where plain and simple becomes too plain and too simple.

ADTR is still the best mix between pop/punk and hardcore to hit the music scene i might add.

M. Ambrosia | Reviewer: Superted | 3/11/10

Amazing song, but i just wanted to say to M. Ambrosia, your story gave me goosebumps! with a heart like that, You will find an Amazing girl again. Don't waste time chasing something you wont get...

Fate will help you out, but you will also have to look :P

Take care dude x

...great song | Reviewer: anonymous | 3/5/10

my brother showed me this song like a while back, and he said he was gonna learn to play it on guitar...sadly, he was killed in a car accident, and i requested this song be played at his funeral. When i heard it then, i felt that i should accomplish this goal of his.
i have been playing guitar for about 5 months now, and i can play this song perfectly...every time someone asks me to play this song, i almost cry, but i play it for them, because every time i play it, i feel that he comes back to life for that short 4 minutes...