Sometimes, I wish things were different. | Reviewer: M. Ambrosia | 3/4/10

This song kills me, but I can't stop listening to it..
I chased a girl throughout junior high school, and high school.. for 4-5 years, I always tried to be as close to her as I could.. Every night I'd call her, every day I'd see her. She went through boyfriends that destroyed her, and treated her like hell, but I was always the "best friend" who protected her like she was blood.. March of last year, we went out for dinner with some friends, and something clicked with her.. Finally.. She realized that I never wanted anything more than her. She came over the next day, we did some things we shouldn't have done, but it was all worth it.. We ended up laying around on my bed, laughing and staring into eachothers eyes, and I could tell something was different about her.. She texted me that night, and told me that she wished that I wasn't so difficult, because she wanted to act on something.. When I asked her what, she admiting to wanting to kiss me once and for all.. The next day, we had our first kiss.. ever.. After all the years.. It was amazing.. And every moment after that was ecstacy for me.. We began dating, and everything seemed perfect.. We had a great relationship, and everything seemed to be all we ever wanted.. She's the only girl I've ever been completely in love with..

Fast forward to now, a year later.. and she's gone.. She's back to her ex boyfriend who treated her terrible, and who she promised she'd never put herself back in.. Her and I no longer talk, and that's my own fault..

I've dedicated so many ADTR songs to her.. We'd sing them in the car rides home, and lay around in bed, holding eachother, listening to CD after CD..

I don't know if I'll ever be over her.. I put everything into that relationship, every little bit of the meaning blood, sweat, and tears.. And she'll never realize that I'm so damned lost, because I'm really good at playing it off like I just hate her..

When in reality.. I'm still deeply in love with her, and I just want things to end with us, and either go back to normal, or us to never see so much as even a stray hair on a shirt of eachothers..

And now, I've been dating a new girl for nearly 4 months.. She treats me amazingly, and she's great.. But.. I just can't come to terms with her.. I can't seem to grasp our relationship, or the love, as much as I did..

I guess it's true, you never really know what you've got until it's gone...

Gentlemen, please.. If you're reading this, and you're listening to this amazingly touching song, and you're stuck debating what to do with a relationship, an ex, or a friendship with someone you really care about.. Take your chances, be stronger than me.. If you've already been defeated, another defeat will only let you know that fate has truly ended it... I just wish I could be this strong...

Thank you, ADTR.. For making me love everything so much more, and making me want to shed blood over everything I've put myself through..


This Song | Reviewer: lexi | 2/25/10

My amazing boyfriend was in basic training. I would sit around listening to this song and write thousands of letters to him. I would right a sentence from this song on every letter I wrote. He really enjoyed getting song lyrics from me beacause he couldn't listen to music. Long story short he fell in love with the song. We both did. He always tell me how much I gave him butterflies and how I had him at hello. Now we're engaged :)

for her | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/10

ive known this girl since we were both in 6th grade. we kinda had a thing for each other but we were so young. i moved and we grew apart but know we go to the same high school again. weve both dated other people but know were about to start dating and everytime i hear this song i think of her "I've never seen a smile that can light the room like yours (like yours)
It's simply radiant, I feel more with everyday that goes by"

my love | Reviewer: TABBY | 2/23/10

My boyfriend of a year… use to be my best guy friend and he drove me home and was getting the mail and he was leaning against his car looking at me… well a few month later we started dating and he introduces me to adtr and singings me this song and says to me… “baby, remember that day I drove you home and you got the mail, and I was looking at you standing next to the mailbox and you smiled at me and said “what’cha looking at?” from that moment on you given me butterflies.”

i always think of her | Reviewer: STRANGER | 2/23/10

when ever i lisen to this song it always makes me think of that special girl and everytime i see her just wanting to tell her how i feel and that ive loved her since the day i met her! this song changed my veiw on many things =)

David. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/10

i've only ever been in love once, and that girl broke my heart...i've known her since i was starting high school and now all i think about is her...i havent gone 10 minutes since meeting her without thinking about her...i love this song, its so beautiful and honest, i almost cry when i think too much about what the lyrics mean to me...

that special someone. | Reviewer: Reid | 2/2/10

I sang this song for my girlfriend at the time. I'd never felt so safe. its over now and it hurts. I just want her to see how much she means to me. Everytime we kiss, the butterflies in my stomach flap the same way they did when we first kissed. I love adtr simply because its so easy to connect to their lyrics. One day I'll be enough for her.

dream come true. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/10

hey, just thought i'd put in my little love story the went along with this song. actually, this song was only part of a whole set list i played for my fiancée the day i asked her to marry me. i'm kinda decent at playing guitar, but i had to learn how to sing and play at the same time. i played this song, swing life away[rise against], fly me to the moon[frank sinatra], and lovesong[the cure]. all that plus a massage sure as hell made me the luckiest man ever.

bast song ever:) | Reviewer: isabella | 1/19/10

this song is really the best. i love it. and every time i hear it i just think of my ex. he meant so much to me and we were going out for almost a year and then one day he tells me he needs a break. so like 2 weeks later, he's dating this girl we had problems with before. so i was very upset. and i am still deeply in love with him, but i don't think he will ever take me back. and this song just makes me think of all the good times we had together, and that our relationship was good while it lasted:) all you can focus on are the good things instead of the bad. i absolutely love this song and a day to remember is amazing:) well thanks and God bless :D

Why i love this song... | Reviewer: Bernie | 12/26/09

I love the lyrics to this song because they remind me of the love of my life! We are forced to be thousands of miles apart right now and so listening to this song gives me some comfort. It reminds me of him and the love that we share and the amazing memories we had while we were with eachother! ;-)

Soooo. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/09

This song, just like everyone else, reminded me of a special someone. We've been off and on since eighth grade. He's hurt me a lot, he's lied to me, and practically played me once. I want to give him another chance, and I will soon enough. He's proved a lot to me lately. I love the kid, for over a year now, I have. I understand how you guys feel, with the whole breaking up and what not. In my opinion, this song made me feel a lot better, and it reminded me of our story a lot. But I can honestly say I love him, with all my heart, and I have for the longest time. It hurts that he just figured out he's in love with me, but he's done so much for me, and he's just one of a kind. <3

I Love This Song | Reviewer: Opomon | 12/16/09

This song gives me butterflies every time I listen to it and I think of someone who I am very much in love with. I agree, go for it, don't hold back tell that person how you feel for good or bad, you're not going to be with them or get over them by hiding from them!

cah loves jrm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/09

my boyfriend introduced me to adtr and I loved them. I found this song and told him how much I liked it and he played it for me. he looked so cute playing and I sang. :) we have been dating for almost a year and he still gives me those butterflies just like he did when I fist met him. I love him so much. <3

I love this song (: | Reviewer: Adelle | 12/14/09

it reminds me of this one lad, luke, he is so amazing, i dont know what i'd do without him :) i remember him and me cuddling in bed, and all of a sudden. He got up, picked up my guitar, started playing it and singing it to me, and then he proposed, Life is all good now(: he's amazing, & tbh, i hope i keep him :)

</3 | Reviewer: Torie | 12/11/09

This song makes me think about the guy that I seriously like and every time we hug it feels like the sparks just fly. I want to be with him but I am not sure that he feels the same way.
All I have to say is if you love someone go for them and tell them how you feel don't end up like me and not tell the guy/girl how you really feel.