you gave me butterflies. | Reviewer: austin | 8/22/09

this song reminds me of my girlfriend cassidy. she means the world to me and its our song, i love her so much and im never letting her go.

'would it be okay,
would it be okay if i took your breath away?'

ah! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/09

this song is so amazing. it makes me think of this girl i like alot named jacquelyn. every word just reminds me of her. like "iv never seen a smile that can light a room like yours" and shes grounded so i havent seen her in awhile so i am missing her beautiful face

you had me at hello | Reviewer: jana. | 8/21/09

awe this song is amazing. it reminds me so much of my ex. we were in a distance relationship. this song is so easy to relate to. like the part when it says you gave me butterflies at the mailbox.. he would write me these adorable love letters and mail me them.

you had me at hello. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/09

i love this song, it reminds me of a boyfriend i had a while ago, his name was fabio. :) when he has lyrics of this song on his name, i have it on mine,:) as its been a year now i still miss him so much, although were still talking, were like best friends now. but thats not enough :/ we were great together, and i miss him alot. its just a very popular song for couples as its such an amazing song :) i miss youu!!! xxxxxxx im sorry for what happened between us :(

first line | Reviewer: Jeff | 7/13/09

the first lines are saying hell say anything just to have an excuse to see her at any time.
He's not wishing her dead, shown by the word(capitalized for emphasis), "SAY".
I'll SAY you die tonight
Just so I can get to you before the sun will rise

basically, he'd say she was dead just so he had an excuse(JUST to get to you) to rush to her at any time, no matter how late(before the sun will rise)

hope that clears it up. i love being an english major haha

:[ | Reviewer: Alexis | 7/12/09

This song makes me sad. I miss my ex so much. i just wish he knew how much i really loved him and how much he still hurts me till this day... even though its been a year. You have my heart boy<3 forever and ever!

:/ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/09

There was this guy.
And this was our song..
And now its over and i'll never love like that again.. Ita like all i found was lost. I just with i could have you back.
And eve though were talking still, its like a reminder of how much i lost..
I love this song so much..
"would it be okay if i took your breath away?"

she had me, and now i messed up. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/09

this was our song, she literally had me hello. and vice versa.
but i messed up really badly, and will never be able to have my beautiful ex back.
this was our song, not meant to be a cliche, but whenever we were together it was heaven.


facethenew. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/09

I knew about a day to remember when they still played basement shows, i knew about this song before they played it live in Ocala for the first time. So you all complaining about how you liked ADTR first and you're all pissy because their getting the recognition they deserve then you're a shitty fan. Share what you love.

this song means so much to me | Reviewer: greatful | 6/7/09

my boyfriend showed me this song and i feel inlove with it!!!! he had cancer and it is a miricale he is still here today!!!! he is cured now and i am so greatful for that!! i had a lung deaseas and almost got lung cancer and came really close to death to!!! i was cured and so lucky to be here!!! i love him so much and he is my world!!!! he truely does give me butterflys every time i see him he had this song playing when we where laying on this bed and told me that he loves me and how much i mean to him and how he never wants to lose me and wants to spend the reast of his life with me =) i guess god saved us for a reason then brought us together!!! we both had such a hard past but now we are healthy and so happy to be in eachothers arms!!!!! this song means so much to me exspecaily the first three lines!!!=)<3

:D | Reviewer: hmmm. | 5/30/09

I love this song; i heard it for the first time last night, when my boyfriend sang it to me, and I just simply fell in love with it. ADTR is an amazing beyond belief band, and I just love love love them <3

"Would it be okay if I took your breath away?"

you had me at hello =] | Reviewer: jasmine | 5/28/09

this is a really cute song =] i have a bf of two months as of the 25th and he DID have me at hello =] i dated his X best friend and he was dating mine and we liked eachothe r the whole time and everyone broke up and now im with him =]

you had be at goodbye. | Reviewer: jayybella. | 5/29/09

well, this song reminds me of one of my ex boyfriends and it brings back a lot of beautifu memories i miss him so much letting go of him because of distance was one of the stupidest things i've ever done and eventhough i say i have no regrets i have more than that...

about the first line | Reviewer: logan | 5/31/09

I think it says "I'll say you die tonight,just to see you before the sun rises." because if you love someone and you know they are going to die or think they are, you would get to them as fast as you can to stop that from happening, and he wants to see her that bad that he wants to get to her as quick as possible

wtf? | Reviewer: Valorie | 5/18/09

I adore this song in soo many ways bc it makes u just reminise about love and who u wanna be with. and it also gives u butterflies at the mailbox? lol

but what i dont get about u ppl, is ur so worried about " well i knew this song b4 everyone else did it makes me mad that now everyone knows adtr" ?? thats the most stupidest comment ive ever read. ADTR deserves to get famous and recognized. and knowing them 2 years b4 they became big doesnt make u special hahaha im jus sayin.. get over it. its a band. its a song. it has nothing to do with who discovers their music first.