Shooting Star Wishes Dont Come True | Reviewer: hope is all we got | 6/18/11

i met the girl of my dreams, everything was perfect, not a flaw in the world. she loved me, i loved her, we were ment to be. on 5/18/11, at 7 pm exactly, she broke up with me, she said that i was perfect and that there wasnt a thing in the world that i did wrong and that she just had a change of heart. the pain i felt was the worst feeling in the world. i threw up 2 or 3 times, i lost all my breath, i went into a panic attack, damn near broke my fist punching a wall in anger, and spent 40 minutes straight bawling my eyes out. i love her so much it hurts. i gave up so much for her, treated her as a princess, won her gifts, bought her gifts, made her gifts, did nice romantic things for her, made her as happy as humanly possible; i dont know what i did wrong. even now i lay awake at night crying because i love her still.

i saw my first shooting star with her, it was the most magical thing ive ever seen. i made a wish that what we had would last forever. </3

i honestly thought of killing myself after she left. i contemplated it every day, but i never went through with it though. i live day to day on one thing, hope. i keep my phone on all the time, every day, no matter where im at hoping for a call or a txt message saying she wants me back and that she still loves me. hope is the only thing keeping me alive anymore. hope is all ive got. hope is all there is.

if only | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/11

i would have never of heard this song unless it wasnt for him. the first day i saw him i thought he was cute and he looked familiar and turns out i knew his brother(they look a lot alike). Soon it turns out i was hired to work were he worked. Awesome! and so i gave him rides to school and work and he made me a cd and this song was on it. He made me 2 more cds and idk it sucks because i like him a lot but i have a boyfriend i love more. i like him because we have similar taste in a lot of things but we can be opposites at the same time unlike with my boyfriend we are completely alike so we bump-heads alot.

<3 | Reviewer: I rly Love You | 5/17/11

It was like almost 2 years ago tht I met him. He used to go to the skool in front of me. When I met him he had a gf, which went to my skool. She is a total Bitch. I've always hated her bcz of the way she's all nice and tlks about u behind your back. He had this awesome long hair and always wore a black and purple Jack skellington hat. That always attracted me, I loved that long hair and he did too. One day the bitch (nickname for his gf) was writting to him on a notebook on the morning in front of the school. I come close and when I took a glance at the notebook it said: "I Love You", and I was like o.o is he your boyfriend? And she's like yeeeeeeeezzz, cz she has a rly annoying voice. And that afternoon I sended him a facebook friend request. I say "hey, I'm friends with N***i", and he replied, "hey! Well anyfriend of my girl's can be mine too :)" and there it started, our friendship. :) Well, I had seen him before that walking around and everytime I looked at him I had butterflies. He used to say to his bestie dude should I talk to her or not? And his friend, go ahead, and he was like ._. Meh. Well after like a little time after we talked on facebook, I heard he and the bitch had broken up, so he was rly depressed. I gotta say I rly Loved him already. I just felt like I had met him before. He liked the music I did and he was, he is, a replica of me in boy. Well, like I was saying, I am rly shy and I dislike when people don't mind their business, but I overheard the bitch talking about something like 4 people 4 happy. She was actually saying that they broke up because he was cheating on her! Fucking liar! Well I couldn't help but talk to him and I was so pissed at the bitch. The real thing is that she liked someone else so she told him I think we need a break, so they broke up after 2 months. But then the bitch didn't see any chance with the other guy so she comes back to him, and he was still in love with her, even though he said to his bestie all about me and said he liked me, he still loved her. So, I loved him so much that I encouraged him to go back with her and be happy, because when you love someone what you want for them is to be happy. Even though I wanted to kill the bitch everytime I saw her. I still want to choke her. Their was this one time that he talked to me face to face, had never happened before ( atleast not a real conversation face to face had happened), I was literally stalking him because I noticed he wasn't happy, I noticed he was depressed, so I just stalked him until I got the guts to tell him hey! Omg I was so nervous! So he buys something and I buy the same, so we start a conversation. I was so nervous that I couldn't stop talking because he looked so freaking hot that night, he was wearing his red button shirt with some black skinnies and converse plus he had a sunburn from the beach. I didn't stop talking until I tripped on a rock. And he just smiled at me. :) his sweet "I'm-fine,not really..." smile. So when I get home we chatted and talked. After that night, I was so inlove with him! Well, after that, he and his gf were in a fuck-you-I-don't-wanna-see-you mood so he started talking to me through a fence and he was playing the guitar, and he had this H.I.M. bracelet that I wanted so fucking bad. So I try to steal it and I did but it fell and BOOM! We both took the bracelet, our hands touched, and automatically we looked into each others eyes. We made eye contact for like 3 minutes and, I loved him so much! He was always flirting with me and he always talked to me. I felt special sometimes cause he was offline and only talked to me. Even though he loved her, and it hurted me as hell ):<, I still wanted him to be happy until he told me he wasn't happy, that she made him miserable, that the only real smile was the one I made appear in his face. He always stayed until 4 o'clock until I got out of school and he faked he was talking on the phone to just say hi to me. I remember the first time he hugged me, he was starring at my lips but he didn't do anything. So on May everything was just on and
off with his girl. Once he was so Bored that he told me to call him, it was like 1 or 2 am, and he was off with his girl. So I called, I was so nervous I barely talked! That was so embarrasing :$. Specially when he said, "I Love You!" and I was blushing so hard. Then I said "I love You more" and he was like omg! Can't N*om* be more like you! So inside of me I was like, omg when I say I love you I mean it. It hurted me so much everytime he said he loved her... I even got into 2 relationships, first one is a 2-face asshole that talks about me all the time, and the other one an airhead that I liked only a lil', and believe it or not, I still loved him, and i didn't want to hurt anyone so the first one I broke up with him after 6 days because I didn't want him to be too attached to me, second one, he broke up with me, thnk God, he is nice but he flirts with everyone, and well, once I was talking to the boy I rly love and he was crying and I was comforting him on msn and then he was like, "Omg, I adore you!!!!!!" and I was blushing and I started crying. While I was saying good bye I said I adore you much more than what you adore me and whe I sended him that he " had gotten offline" but it was rly his girl that entered his msn account and when she saw that I adore you she told everyone that I was cheating on my airhead ex,now, with the boy i rly loved. So I received many insults and this friend of mine, I rly thnk him, he has always been there since the very start, If I had a problem with someone I would call him. He helped me calm down. And I really appreciate him! So the boy I love talks to me and he didn't know anything that was going on. The next night the air head broke up with me and all I could think about was the one I rly loved. I felt like shit, so did he. So once he was sad so I called him and like at 4 am he fell asleep, I was singing so he could sleep, and when he fell asleep I told him everything, I told him that I would give anything to be with him, I would give anything to be the one you call yours... I just wish I could be... More to you. I told him. He was sleeping. I was singing. I fell asleep and the next day I called him and since that day, I called him every night and talked until 6 am every night the whole summer. On june 11 he kissed me for the first time on Borders, after 2 months of dating he asked me to be his girlfriend on August 10. He still loved her a little. But I could finally call him mine, probably the first weeks he used me to forget about her. But now we are together still. Holding each other. Loving each other. I Love You, Chris! With all my heart! That's the story of how he had me at hello. That's the story of how he took my breath away. That was the time. :) Girl you didnt appreciate what u had! Cz you even said to everyone I'm single even though u were with him. Too bad for u.

well... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/11

There was this girl called Tracy Eaton pie and chips from Gateshead, she had me at hello. But now shes knee deep in cock with roger, i just wish i could tell her how i feel, even though her flaps are abit wrinkly

I still love you Tracy

love never dies | Reviewer: john | 4/16/11

I dedicated this song 5 years ago to a girl who has always had my heart from hello. Long story short we were together for 2 years and time and distance drove us apart,she lives in colombia but we were together here in the states and she went home. but its been 3 years and we just got in contact with eachother again and we both still love eachother and it wasnt over for either of us, i never thought i would see her again or have a chance again and i played her this song for the first time in 3 years and she cried becausei used to sing it to her. Time can push the things you care about away but time always brings them back. She is the only girl that knows how to make my heart skip a beat and love every minute of it....time changes, people die, buildings burn, but true love lasts forever. For those who dont believe in true love they just havent found it but when you do you will know instantly that that is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and you want to start as soon as possible.

:DD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/11

You've had me at Hello for the longest time, i think its time to move on... I love ADTR<3 & I love this freaking song so much, It's just how he makes me feel gives me butterflies and I've never seen a smile like his & his almost gone and i wish there was a way to let him know his had me at Hello for the longest time. :/

story of my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/11

this song perfectly describes the situation I'm in, from the first time I saw her, I loved her, she had me at hello, but she unfortunately doesn't know it, and I don't think it will make a difference if she ever does, we'll always be good friends, but that's probably all we'll ever be, her smile lights up the room, every time I see it, it makes my day better, whenever she talks to me, I get butterflies, she's going to make a guy very lucky someday... I only wish that guy was me

Rawrr. | Reviewer: Amanda(: | 4/8/11

Kay, So. I know it's only actually been a week, BUT I WAITED A YEAR. :D To go out with him. He makes me smile on the worse of days, And knows what to say. I know that he loves me because he only says it everyone once in a while. We don't get into fights, We actually like each other. We don't care what people think, and we honestly don't care what they say. We'd love each other no matter what. If I look really! bad, he'd tell me I look beautiful. Which is amazing. Because he is Really. really. really! adorablee. (: So yeah. (: I love you Aden. <3 4/1/11. :D April fool's day. at first i thought it was a joke, l: but it wasn't. ♥ Iloverhim. :3 soyer. <3bye.

I Hope You Read This | Reviewer: I Think You Know | 3/30/11

When I listened to this song I think of her. I read these lyrics and everything it saids, it reminds me of you. Your smile does light up room more than anyone else even though you hate your smile, I still love yours. The times I meet you after class, you do give me butterflies. I know that every time I'm with you, I feel something that I never felt for anyone else until you came by. I know it's hard for you but every time I hold you, I forget about everything and everyone and just focus on you. I know I put myself in a crappy situation, that I'm falling for someone who is taken and I know you will pick him because he is your boyfriend and you won't take the risk with me but I want you to know this, you had me at hello since day one. He could tell his feelings towards you but he wouldn't do this, tell the whole world about much he feels for you. I did this because I want that whoever reads this to know that I'm madly in love with you and just to prove to you that I am for you. After graduation, I'm not leaving you and I promise you that. I wish I had the chance to talk to you earlier but you were never around till you came more into my life and I realized when I first texted you, I felt something but never knew it would be this big. You Had Me At Hello

30/3/2011 | Reviewer: <33 | 3/29/11

This song makes me think of my boyfriend. We met about 2 years ago on a game, lol. He added me on facebook and as soon as we met, instantly best friends. I felt like I could tell him anything, he was so understanding and he never judged me. I really fell for him STRAIGHT AWAY. That was when he dumped his girlfriend because he found out she cheated. We stayed on the phone for hours that night, I wouldn't leave him until he was okay. I told him, "One day, you'll find a girl who treats you right and really loves you..." And when I said that I was thinking, fuck, I love you! I want to be that girl!
For so long, I sat by being his best friend. Then I started noticing that he was flirting and he was always so nice. My friends picked it up too, telling me he was into me.
On the 12.8.10, just 3 days before my birthday, he told me he had feelings for me. He asked me out, and we've been together ever since. I love him so much<3
Just yesterday, I told him that he had me at hello.

Miss you | Reviewer: Ali | 3/28/11

The first time we talked was after a dance freshman year. We got into a fight over a milkshake because we both wanted vanilla and there was only one left. I knew of him because he was one of my guy friend's older brothers, but he didn't know me too well. Something that night just felt right, talking to him i felt safe and i smiled for days. A couple days later i got a facebook request from him with some corney "hey sup?" written in the message box, and after i accepted that i got a message saying "if i'm ever dying and in need of help can i have your number so i can contact you?". we continued talking all summer long and he first kissed me at his cousins fourth of july grad party. he asked me to be his gf in august of my sophomore year, but our relationship quickly fell apart and we broke up in january. he cried when he dumped me and changed his mind about doing it, but a week later he did it anyways. i promised him id be able to move on and find someone new...i lied. he and i are still in constant contact even though hes off at college and i'm a junior.. and he also has a girlfriend the same name as me. i think things might work out someday though....because youre not supossed t give up on something you cant stop thinking about right? and what if love at first sight is real? wel its deffinatly what i had with this boy. i miss you so much.

Samuel <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/11

This boy, as of 3 years now I couldn't say I could fall in more love with him. It all started with a myspace friend request, I added him because I was attracted to him, there was just something about him. We stopped talking for a little, but May of 3 years ago I had a horrible break up. He was the first one to call me, we were on the phone for 9 hours, he promised me he wouldn't get off until I was done crying. For 9 hours we were having such a good conversation, we told everything to know about each other. He lives 2 hours away from me, we tried to make it work, but it didn't. Our relationship has been on & off a couple times. He'd get girlfriends, I'd get boyfriends. As of now, we are talking again & it has never been better. I'm finally seeing him in June after I come back from Ireland. This song relates to us because this was the first song he sent to me for me to listen to. After that first conversation on the phone, the last thing he said was " You Had Me At Hello". He's the most perfect guy ever, he knows every little thing about me, he takes me in when all else has failed. For Easter this year he sent me flowers & a letter. I couldn't ask for anything better.
I love you Sam <3

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/11

It's quite a funny story. We actually met on a game, and became friends. At first he wasn't one of the people I'd look forward to seeing, but I got talking to him and found out he was the most amazing and caring person, and a little misunderstood - like me. We kept in touch over facebook, and eventually met in real life. We were both so shy, but he was just as amazing. One notable thing was the blue butterflies that were everywhere! After he left, I saw them on rare occasions (very rare) and each time they reminded me of him.

That was a year ago, and I haven't seen him since. I still remember what he smells like, the way he walks and talks, his smile, his laugh... About 7 months after that we broke up though. I was so detached for 104 days. Then one night he asked on facebook if he could call me. When he did, he asked me out! I couldn't believe it, it was just the most amazing thing in the world.

Ever since I've been seeing those blue butterflies again, and we're just as happy. We get to see eachother again soon, can't wait. <3

You gave me butterflies... | Reviewer: Janneliz | 2/23/11

I had this song on my mp3 FOREVER & never actually listened to it because it was a soft ADTR song & it's not my type of music. I actually listened to it & thought it was totally sweet & totally relevant with my life. I LOVE ADTR<3

simply loved | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/11

well abviously its a love story i was picking up my lil brother one day from the bs nni saw him of course i cundt resist i told y fren 2 get his number cuz i was terrified i got it n calle him firsr thing weni got home we clicked jus lyk that its been about a month er so now n now im about in love wif him he knos everything about me even the simple things i havmt told i asked him wut he thinx r aong was n he said this one :) im so in love n wish i could get the guts 2 tell him we dont go a day wifout talking n wen were 2gther all he does is hug me n if i could stay in his arms ferever i totally wud <3