Twilight :) | Reviewer: Kristenn | 7/15/08

This song would be absolutely PERFECT for the book Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer. It seems like this song was written just for it. It's amazing to me how much it resembles the book. For all of you who have read it, the part in the lyrics where he sings "Just so I can get to you before the sun will rise" takes my breath away, because Edward (in the book, of course) is a vampire, and cannot come out in public when it's sunny out, although he does for Bella. When he sings "What have I gotten into this time around? I know that I had sworn I'd never trust anyone again but I didn't have to" and of course, "You had me at hello", because Bella DID have him at hello, he couldn't resist her. It's just so astonishing to me how much this song and Twilight relate to each other. It'd be PERFECT for the Twilight movie coming out! It's a great book, and I strongly recommend it! :) The song is amazing too, of course. My favourite right now!

when i met jay at shoprite: | Reviewer: gina mags | 7/5/08

I was totally taken aback by this gorgeous redheaded boy when I worked as a CSA in Shoprite. He was beyond adorable, and had a striking resemblance to Seth Green. Before he even opened his mouth, just by looking at him, he had my heart in his hands.
We met because I was bagging his mom's groceries and somehow we got on the subject of her son and she told me that he was a gorgeous kid and that he was recently broken hearted from his last relationship, and I suddenly connected with him. I had just gotten out of a relationship that was more like a one night stand extended for two months, and it had been a little over a month since I even thought of dating someone. But then, when Jay came up to his mom to ask her a question, I knew right then and there that he was perfect for me.
Now, almost nine months later, Jay and I are as happy and in love as the first few months of starting to be together. The song "You Had Me At Hello" totally reflects our relationship because we were both tired of being heartbroken, and of being hurt by others that we didn't want to open ourselves up anymore, but then we met each other and somehow we just "knew" that the other would be perfect (I guess because we saw the pain behind the other's eyes) and we just fell right there.

This is such an amazing song. Literally, breathtaking and amazing. It has given me a definition of what Jay and I really are and it helps me explain how much I love him to other's.

We started going out on October 21st, 2007.
He's my perfect zodiac match, my best friend, and my everything.
And wanna know something rad?
We rarely fight, and if we ever do, we don't go to bed mad at each other. :)

Like OMG | Reviewer: Papa smurf | 7/3/08

so like omg there's this girl, she's so awesome and like this song totally reminds me of her and I'm learning to play it for her and so of course I had to read the lyrics. Like omg what an awesome song from such an awesome band that totally doesn't seem like the kind to write something this chill and romantic. Seriously I'm like shivering and junk like redic just thinking about it.

=] | Reviewer: Shana | 5/21/08

i love this song so much!!
just one day i hope to be
the girl that lights up the room
when i smile...

there was a guy that had me at hello
but he let me go...tear! maybe soon i cant light up that room again...
i love it great song!!!

you had me at hello. i didnt have him at hello though | Reviewer: jodie | 4/26/08

i love this song but the lyrics are kidna odd.. i love how a day to remember has music that is sweet but goes screamo for one line in the middle of the song.i love the singers voice too!!

my boyfriend is weird. i sent him some of the lyrics from this song and was like what song is that? "you had me at hello" like you wrote that. "i didnt its by a day to remember" ok w/e its not that good "i dont care im just sending it to you because i love you" thanks.
all i did was be nice to him and hes just like w/e

oh well but these are cool lyrics no matta wot he sez

Gvfhffvb | Reviewer: cdgjhfdvnj | 4/10/08

omg this is my favorite song its sooo cute.....this boy that I'm in love with told me that this should be our song and right when i listened to it I got the shivers.... I will never forget this song... I listen to it every night before I go to bed :)

His Boofaceee | Reviewer: Brooke | 3/27/08

heyy everyone ive been talkin to this kid that ive known for about a little longer than 3 years hes so amazing we are so much alike i never said anything to him because i was scared to tell him how i felt one day we were talkin about the album a day to rember and he knew they where my fav band so he got the tatoo A Day To Rember for me and on his arm he got would it be ok if i took your breath away besause thats was the time of our first kiss he sings it to me and weve been datin ever sence then i love him thanxs for this song have a good one guys

reece and aimee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/08

hey there poeple well i was dating this amazing girl aimee about a year back and it was great we broke up mainly cause she was scared cause im preety much stuck on her and anyways its been a year and we didnt really talk in that time but i still loved her and well all things aside shes mine again this song has me and her story so good and yeah i just thought id post it and tell everyone best wishes to everyone else i hope you are eventually as lucky as me and find your one and only

:]] i love it. | Reviewer: Shelby Lauren | 3/5/08

the guy i'm talking to actually just told me about this song a few minutes ago. he told me it made him think of me, so i came down here and download it, & of course looked the lyrics. This is the cutest song, but it kinda makes me sad. i don't know why though. i started telling him about all of these reviews that have been posted so far, & he was like.. "well It'll be our song, if you like it." :] ekkk, my heart melted.

<3 | Reviewer: Just a Girl | 3/4/08

Over the past two months, I broke up with my boyfriend I had for over a year. Then I'd been screwed over by a bunch of other guys over the period of a month. Then I met this boy who I've been talking to for the past 3 weeks. I like him alot, he said he'd sing this song to me :] because everytime he heard it, it reminded him of me.

I love this song and all the lyrics,
and I like that boy alot :]

Luvv ittt* | Reviewer: Chelseaaa* | 1/11/08

This song is amazing and I LOVE ADTR!! Im going to see them in February and I absoultly love all their songs, but this one is the one that pulled me in. It reminds me of the one boy who Im never gunna be with because he lives in Newnan(Robby) but I likeeee* him soo much and this song was like made for us because Robby was the one who told me about ADTR fromt he song 1958 which is another bad ass song.

** and for yall that dont noe ADTR is* a scream-o group and they made a new version of Kelly Clarksons song Since youve been gone and its baddd ass. LOVE IT*



This song made me cry | Reviewer: <3 | 1/7/08

The first time I heards this song, it made me cry. They lyrics are beautiful. And it just reminds me of someone special who tells me every day that everytime I call him 'baby' he gets butterflies. He had ME at hello.

my best friend | Reviewer: Carolina | 1/5/08

so this song is bitter sweet. this is my best friend's favorite song and i kinda like him now but there's this other guy to but this song reminds me of my best friend and how much he means to me

=] | Reviewer: killer kelly | 12/11/07

I love this song, everytime I hear this song I think of the most amazing guy in the world. He's amazing, even if we're not together yet. He takes my breath away and is incredable in everyway possible.

describes everything | Reviewer: bee | 12/8/07

this is mine && my boyfriend's song. (:
we met at my house, && then a soon after
we met, he asked me out. He takes my breath
away. its a perfect song.