OUR SONG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/11

You had me at hello!!!! this is what i would write about us..

we met on facebook. yes, and it was a bit creepy at first. jk. i commented on a friends status and this ridiculously attractive boy commented on it talking about my last name. then i realized we had the same last name as me. weird. we went back and fourth commenting on her status until finally he friend requested me. from what i could tell he wasnt a creeper at all. he had me hooked pretty quickly. we talked all night that first night and told each other everything about ourselves. he seemed pretty amazing to me. he somehow got my number-- i probably gave it to him randomly lol and we texted a ton. he was so sweet and funny and crazy and it wasnt long till i couldnt get enough of this mystery man. as if he wasnt great enough all ready, he sent me the sweetest package in the mail and little did he know how many points he gained with me that day. we are pretty much the same person and music soul mates. now all this seems so great and perfect but here is the kicker.. we live something like 1176.28 miles or 18 and a half hours by car. its all that is keeping us a part. one day we will meet and it will be perfect- like out of a movie. until then we talk all the time and he never ceases to make me laugh. i tell him completely random and pointless things as he pretends to care lol he loves me-- he just doesnt know it yet ♥

wow... | Reviewer: ANON | 2/4/11

this song is so moving to me. i have liked this girl for the last 11 months and i am crazy about her and she has had a bf for 10 months. all i want to do is tell her how i feel. i had a bad break up and she was there for me. and i can just be myself around her and i dont have to try and be someone im not. but i cant tell her how i feel because it would kill our friendship and also her bf would pound my ass into the ground (he is a tad psyco) this song has kept me going.

my love | Reviewer: asia | 2/4/11

Me my boyfriend and this song relate a lot. I never really listened to ADTR until he showed me this song. Now I always listen to them! Me and him met about 3 years ago, he had me at hello but I didn't. He would always basically blow me off for other girls and I was his back up wheel when no one was doing something. It went on like that for 3 years but I still stuck by his side and loved him more than ever. Even when he would break my heart. On 10-14-10 he asked me out! It was at school for lunch. His best friend asked my best friend out the same day. So we both got the best friends. They sadly didn't last but we are still going strong. He means everything to me. He is my life and I am his. Every time I listen to this song it reminds me of him. He takes my breath away just my looking at me! I love him sooo soo sooo much! 10-14-10<3<3

He had me at hello. :) | Reviewer: anonymous. | 1/27/11

I met this boy my freshman year of high school, and we had mutual friends, and knew each other, but at the end of my sophomore year, when me and his friend broke up, I went to go talk to him (we'd gotten closer since me and his friend started dating) about it, and when I looked upset, he hugged me. That was it, I knew i'd fallen for him. Over the summer we didn't talk, and when school started back up it was our Junior year, and we both had other significant others. By January of 2010, we'd finally admitted to each other that we had feelings for each other. We broke up with the people we were dating, and in March 2010, we started dating. Every time I hear this song, I cry, because it's so damn perfect for us.

Brandon Michael Wolfe <3 | Reviewer: Ayla Cheyenne Crouch | 1/24/11

I didn't really know him. But I wanted to. He was one of those guys that don't even have to try t be cool. So one day after lunch at school I asked him for a hug. Simply because I'm a loving person. After that, just about everything was perfect. We had a class together and I'd sit and stare at him the whole class and occasionally we caught each other looking at the other. I began to like him after a while so I'd say something every now and then. eventually it payed off. then came the day i wasnt thinking and said he was my boyfriend and he thought I was being serious and declaring the we were together, I wasnt being serious though, I was joking. Even though I liked him. I wanted to wait until I knew I had him. Two short months passed, and we had already been telling each other "I love you". We were in ceramics class on september 29th, he sat down next to me, took a deep breath and asked. "will you go out with me?" My face got so red, and i said, hold on. I had to go tell my friend Brooklynn the good news. I walked back over to him as gracefully as I possibly could; grabbed his hand and said "I'm gonna have to say yes :)" He got a really big smile on his face and he picked me up off of the ground and held me. Ever since then, everything has been perfect. We make each other so happy. I'm even close with his family which makes me so comfortable. Thats a given. But all that matters to me is that we have each other, hopefully forever <3 11-29-10

E> gracie <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/11

We met on facebook. Yes, facebook, but it's not creepy. She invited me to be her friend on Dec. 28th, 2010. I didn't know who she was, but we had mutual friends, so I assumed I knew her. Turns out I didn't.
She PMed me, asking if "Nick" was home. I didn't know a Nick, and she explained to me that she didn't know me, but I decided to keep her my friend anyway. It just took off from there.
Over the next 2 weeks, we slowly got to know each other on IM. Keep in mind, I have never seen her before in person. On 1/11/11, she said that she loved me. I thought she was taking it too far, and I let her know. Then she started apologizing for the longest time, and that she had just had this absolutely devastating split with her boyfriend. It was that point I fell in love. We hadn't even met in person, but I had realized that she genuinely cared about me. It was so touching. We stayed up until 4:00 at night on monday talking to each other, but we both didn't care. It was one of the most fun nights of my life.
We finally me in person yesterday, and it was THE most amazing...anything. She was drop-dead beautiful. Her smipe lit up the surroundings, even though it was a little crooked. Her eyes were radiant as they'll ever be, and that's saying something. Her hands fit mine perfectly. At the end I took my guitar (good thing I brought it :p) And played this. This. This...and the rest is history.
I love you gracie. I know we're rushing, but I hope we spend the rest of our lives together. It's so amazing <3

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/10

It's nice to read other people's stories connected to that song. I think its way-out how much people has similar experiences with it. Me too:
My first serious boyfriend shew me this. He wasn't sure in our relatonship in the first times, and he didn't really feel like he loves me, but the time we spent together was amazing. It was a sunny afternoon in August, we were sitting together in a park's bench, I was lying in his lap. We started to listen to his iPod, he set in this song. And for 2 perfect minutes I let myself believe that he meant it straight, and it was marvellous.
He broke up 4 months ago but I'm still missing him so much.

Oh <3 | Reviewer: Kattttttyfosta | 12/6/10

This song <3
There are NO words to describe how this song makes me feel. My boyfriend song this to me every night, I cry everytime. We both had eachother at hello. At every hello he says to me, it's like we just met.

Love it<33333 | Reviewer: heartachee | 11/30/10

This song is just so... Amazing. It leaves me breathless. There's a guy... That had me at hello. And no matter how desperately I hope, try, pray, I can't steal his heart... Every time I hear this I want to cry... </3 and yet, I love it.

ADayToRememberJunkkiiiiieee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/10

This song is literally one of the most amazing, I cover it all the time when I play my acoustic and I've sang it to my girlfriend countless of times...I love it. It is probably in the top ten of my favorite ADTR songs. They are my favorite band and they will always be with the amazingness they provide to me. Eargasm! <3

The past | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/10

Everyones been sharing there stories about how they relate to the song, which is pretty chill.
this has been my favorite song from adtr since I started listening to them.
my boyfriend at the time was the one who got me into them, this song seemed so relevant to me. This guy was my first love, and after things ended badly with us time and time again I couldn't listen to this song. It reminded me to much of him. This song has been a constant reminder of him, but I learned to live with it. even if it has me think of him everytime, I wish it didn't but I'm glad I can remember that I was once in love <3

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/10

this song has so much meaning to me because one night me and my girlfriend were laying on my bed and this song started playing and i looked at her and smiled and sang it to her. this song i can relate to so much. like how it says "I know that I had sworn I'd never trust anyone again but I didn't have to" i told everyone that i would never trust someone again after my last girlfreind. but then my current girlfriend came into my life and everything changed. i was am sooooo happy and she means everything to me. she really did have me at hello.

Just brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/10

this has to be 1 of the best songs i have ever heard... The emotion and passion put in to this song has really gotten to me... My girlfriend showed me this and it does relate to us in ways... As it would with most couples... Everytime i listen to this song it takes me back to the day we met and what we have become... love ya gorgeous!!!

addition | Reviewer: Dougels | 9/29/10

in addition to the review left b4 about the emotion and passion... i told a little white lie.. it doesnt so much make me remember the day that io met my gorgeous girl.. its more so the day that i fell rather deeply for her... And i realy do hope that i took her breath away.. Love ya heaps babe!!!

Harley please dont give up! | Reviewer: George | 9/2/10

well about 4 months ago on 15th of april i wrote on this song, about a girl i love!i was never sure she would date me! funny enough the next day were together! its been a hard relationship tbh alot of downs between us few fights and looking back at each others past is hard! well i must say each moment with her is nothing you can describe! just looking into her eyes makes me want to jump up into the air and scream and celebrate! shes such a beautiful girl! in my eyes she in the best thing i know! every second on the day shes somewhere in my mind making me more and more crazy for her!she scares me at times with the things she says buti guess i just love some things about her, and thats one of them! one thing i said to win her heart was that id treat her like a princess, i dont know how iv done that but only she can tell me if i have done that! but when we started off its ya usual lovey dovey couple! i loved talking to her all day and night! but things changed we started to settle down a little bit, but sometimes she never looked committed thats when we argued she said she started to like her ex! i didnt know what to do! every time i hear his name "LIAM" my body inside crumbles! being with her showing love to one another! showing shes the girl for me! and i love her so much, and seeing the same from her makes me better! i never no what to expect from her! she is as crazy as i am! but one thing she will never be as crazy as i am for her than she is for me! im obsessed! chased her for a year! now were stuck in a situation where.. shes considering our relationship, if she wants to be with me!and thinking she doesnt need a relationship! well fair enough but what have got to loose by being with me! the guy youve liked for ages or am i? i dont know i need security if you do want to be with me! cause harley i am loving you for a long time your glad i kept chasing you! i never gave up till i got you now im not giving up to keep you!yeah i say i dont want anything serious! but i do need you in my life! then thinking of you i think back at my favourite moments with you, walking out the panto, we looked and smiled! that always comes to mind when ever you smile at me! its so amazing when you smile! you just get 100 times more pretty! your incredible girl! then i remember the frist time we spent the day together, i drove over with my dad, i met your parents there so nice! we sat on the beach for a few hours we talked and we did that trusting game with your eyeliner when writing on each others hands! still one of my greatest memories with you! we saw satc2 together which was funny! i dont know what to say tbh! i love you so much!fuck this shit im not good enough for you am i! i dont deserve you!