first line | Reviewer: Erick | 4/19/09

the first line in the song i think when he says "I'm missing you so much, I'll see you die tonight
Just so I can get to you before the sun will rise" if shes dead alls he would have to do is kill himself to see her. thats just my opion.

<3 | Reviewer: anon | 4/16/09

i luv this song. it is soo sweet.

But there is one line in the song that throws me. the first 2 lines, where he says "I'm missing you so much,
I'll see you die tonight,
just so i can get to you before the sun will rise"

I dont get that one, why would he want to see her die??? is it a metaphor for something? i dont get how her dieing will let him see her before the sun rises. anyone can explain?

awesome song, luv itt:) | Reviewer: chris | 4/16/09

this song is really awesome. it makes me so happy to read all the reviews about how so many people are in love and this song is 'our song' ^^ its a rly sweet song, and yes, it reminds me of my girlfriend as well. shes really awesome. reading all teh reviews has also made me determinded to do something really sweet for her, because i neva got the chance to, because we both liked each other, and sorta just between one day and the next we were going out. :S. but shes soo amazing^^

Anyone got an idea of what i can do thats really sweet? she doesnt to go my school, but she does go to my swimming club. thanks XD

"Would it be okay, would it be okay if I took your breath away"

Not about Twilight. | Reviewer: Ale | 3/22/09

I wish everything was instantly compared to Twilight just because they think it's sweet.
What I do think is that this song is amazing and is good for both friendships and boyfriends/girlfriends. I, myself, think about my friend, we had a situation that resulted in me taking her back.

SWEET | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/09

i stumbled upon this song just today since i researching about that line: you had me at hello. then i happened upon this song, it's really sweet. ;p
would it be okay, would it be okay if i took your breath away?
you gave me butterflies at my mailbox.

:[ | Reviewer: katie | 2/8/09

this was mine and my boyf's song, and we listened to it literally all the time we were together. broken up now though and i literally can't listen to it anymore cos it makes me cry too much, which is a shame cos its a beautiful song. brings back too many memories - he had me at hello :[

fave lines:
"but none of that ever seems to matter when im holding you"
"would it be okay, would it be okay, if i took your breath away?"


Touching | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/09

I first heard this song about three weeks ago. I was in a production for my school on tolerance which opened with a scene about a boy killing himself and as he faded away we played just the intro and the first two-ish lines. I cried every time i listened to it and watched him fade out. From there i've been completely obsessed with it this song just says so much about life that's so real.

light of my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/09

I've known about ADTR around 2 years but I never really listened to this song. I had my iPod set on random and this song started playing and I couldn't stop thinking about this girl I'm talking to. The part that reminds me most about her is the part "I've never seen a smile that can light a room like yours" because everytime she smiles it feels like nothing on earth could go wrong.

Perfect | Reviewer: Allie | 1/11/09

Im listening to this right now. Im doing a performance in cambridge later this year and i came across this song. I feel it doesn't only reflect a boyfriend girlfriend thing but also close friendship with someone who you can trust with you life. Girl or boy. I agree with Kristenn. This song is perfect for twilight. The film is awesome and the characters fit the song with great ease. I feel this song is a little over played. It was better when people didn't know about them about a year ago. But now everybody is singing their stuff. Its great for them though. I love all their songs. They also remind me a little of the goo goo dolls who i also love yet with small differences. Love this song. Mine and my boyfriends song :) keep it up guys this is good stuff. Love allie xxx

Wow :] | Reviewer: Kristen | 1/7/09

This is the best song ever. But I agree with Chris, I liked it better when no one ever knew about it. I found A Day To Remember like a year ago too and I fell in complete love with it when I first heard it. It's the sweetest song :] My favorite lines are also

would it be okay, Would it be okay if I took your breath away? But I also love I've never seen a smile that can light the room like yours, it's simply radiant, I feel more with everyday that goes by. It's amazing. :]
<33 one of the guys I'm talking to is going to play it for me on acoustic guitar sometime soon and I'm uber excited for that. He's amazing..<3

perfect<3 | Reviewer: julz | 10/30/08

the first time my boyfriend and i met was at work. whenever he would walk by me he'd say "hello" and just kind of continue on his way. it was totally cute and he definately caught my attention. we've been dating for a month now and this song is just perfect for us and everything he's gone through. my favorite lines are "Would it be okay,
Would it be okay if I took your breath away?"

you are so cute | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/08

this is me and my boyfriends song. :)
i love it so much. the lyrics are wonderful.
it's perfect.
just like him.
one time he let me fall asleep on the phone with him because i knew i wouldn't be able to sleep if we hung up, and i as was falling asleep he played this song. it was the sweetest thing in the world.

good song. | Reviewer: Chris | 10/21/08

i really like this song. but i liked it more when no one really knew about it. i found out about A Day To Remember like a year ago and no one i knew had heard about them. now everyone knows this song and its been overplayed but i still enjoy it.
i love the lyrics to this song.

I've never seen a smile that can light the room like yours (like yours)
It's simply radiant, I feel more with everyday that goes by
I watch the clock to make my timing just right

i love this verse its just...awesome. ha

screamo? | Reviewer: ninette | 9/8/08

so i basically love this song with all my being. i was reading the comments and how people say they like how adtr added just a bit of screamo into the song but i honestly dont hear it. come on now people? do you even know what screamo is?

Loveless | Reviewer: Ben Moores | 8/13/08

I LOVE this song,i stumbled over it about 5 weeks ago while going through all the crap ive got on my computer, it remind me of this girl i really like but dosent feel the same, but ADTR are one of my favorite bands and the fact is has really sweet parts and then goes into screamo supprised me at first but they do it really well unlike some other bands who just throw in screamo for the sake of it.