k-k-kaylee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

I love this song!
Me and my boyfriend always listen to this song. It brightens my day just like he does. Everytime I hear this song I think of him. He always says "you had me at hello" he's soo sweet. This song it great I could play it over and over again and never get tired of it.

i realized | Reviewer: in love | 11/28/07

first time i heard this song, i was alone sitting in the dark. and i was really confused about 2 boys. and then it hit me, that i didnt love either, this song reminded me of this one guy, (my best friend). so i went and called him.
and thats when i realized who i was truly in love with.

-dreams come true

yeahh hate it | Reviewer: shelly | 11/24/07

i love this songg, butt i hate it at the same time.

i was in my room with my boyfirned, and my ipod was connected to the stereo, and this song came on. i hadnt heard it before tho. and he told me to turn it off cuzz he didnt like it and it was a bad song[like emotionally] so i did. and i just listend to the lyrics.. and he broke up with me tonight.. i know whyy he didnt want o listen to it.. cuz he was thinking about breaking up with me

yay you had me at hello | Reviewer: rachel | 11/25/07

im in love with song i listen to it all day
i think of one of my besties when i play this song coz hes so sweet


you really did... | Reviewer: stephanie | 11/22/07

i looovvee this song.
this song describes the best day of my life and i will never forget this day even tho it was just at the mailboxes. i met thee most wonderful boy who took my breath away...

connor baby...i love you to with all my heart =]

omgg.. | Reviewer: Elana | 11/5/07

Acoustic makes me heart melt...but listening to this I was amazed. It so beautiful. I love the part when it says "will it be okay if i take your breath away".
oh god. im crying.
this is beautiful :)

<|3 | Reviewer: maryyy.. | 10/30/07

i really love this song. i used to put this in my profile next to my boyfriends name..now this song makes me cry but i really love it. the lyrics are so cute! i love a day to remember and ive never seen these side of them, loving ittt=]

this song is amazazinggggg. | Reviewer: Whitney | 10/22/07

Wow. So one of my good friends, Tyler told me about this song. I fell in lovee with it as soon as i heard the first note. it is the sweetest song everrrrrrrrrrr. :]

OMIGOSH! | Reviewer: Brookie | 10/21/07

aww....that is SOO sweet! one of my mates Joshieee, he recorded that song and played it to me on msn threw voice recording, n i was like,
"Ohhhh myy gawwwd joshieee, that soooooo sweet!! how did u find this song??"
n he was all,
"i Thought of u n everything felt right, this is our song....." omigosh omigosh omigosh we've been going out for 4 years since that day, n i have memorised the lyrics so easily that a piss my mates off when i humm the tune........

<33333333 iLyoooh Joshieee !!!!

love this songg | Reviewer: <3 | 10/21/07

this song is soo unbelievably adorable! the lyrics are so cute. i love a day to remember, this song is a side of them ive never heard.i listen to this song so much. i replay it over and over. <3

He had me at hello | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/07

oh my god i love this song it makes me realise how much i love my boyfriend he had me at hello and im never going to let him go...........
best song eva
his smile lights up my world everyday

about You Had Me At Hello | Reviewer: Teenie | 10/2/07

this song is soooooooooooo beautiful! love it =D

I heard this song once nd I just remember everything why I fell in love with the girl I love my best friend Katrina! she had me at hello for so long I really want to be with her!I pray nd wish one day that I can be next to her.

love yu Kitty!

i love this songg!! | Reviewer: victoria | 9/16/07

this is mine and my boyfriends song.
everytime i listen to it i cant help
but smile.my boyfriends learning all the
words and says soon he's gonna be able to sing
it to me :]
i love this song!
i listen to it like 1584 times a day!!


I love this song | Reviewer: Micah | 9/6/07

This song is amazing
I get Butterflies too when he sings that Part xDDD
I'm learning it on the guitar w00t me

HE Had me at hello. | Reviewer: Melissa Green | 9/5/07

My boyfriend sings the following lines in my ear softly and sweetly....

I've never seen a smile that can light the room like yours (like yours)
It's simply radiant, I feel more with everyday that goes by
I watch the clock so I can make my timing just right

Would it be okay,
Would it be okay if I took your breath away?

When he does this, I die. It's so wonderful. I love him more than anything, and to hear him sing this is absolutly amazing.