for people that this ong reminds them of.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/09

if your not with the person this song reminds you of, and you still love them, go for them. life is lived with far to many regrets. if we all shared our true feelings and thoughts for a day i think we would find a happier world. you never know what will happen they may feel the same, and if they dont you might find it will help you to get over them and move on as hard as it sounds.

Answer | Reviewer: JON | 11/19/09

Hey dude go after her!!! Im goin after this girl that is amazing and im just some nerd that she didnt even care for! and she now likes me just from bringing up a topic that we had in common :)... guitar and playing this song for her! GOOD LUCK!!!

:) | Reviewer: Lauren | 11/18/09

this song reminds me of the just about five years i've spent in love with my sixth grade sweetheart. we're still the way we were even now. this song just illustrates our feelings for eachother in words. he means the world to me. and so does this song for reminding me of all the times i've ever spent with him. he's basically my husband, and i'll love him forever.

this song tears me apart evertime i listen to it | Reviewer: Sean | 11/19/09

dont get me wrong i love this song but everytime i listen to it i think about my ex-girlfriend this was our song.... its been almost 8 months since we broke up and i cant take it i miss her so bad. the worst part is she left me for another dude.... so if this song said something about killing your ex's new bf it would be perfect.

I WISH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/09

This song makes me think of this girl I would love to be with. Her beauty, both inside and outside makes me get butterflies. The only thing is that I know I can't have her. Will I always feel like this?

why me? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/09

Okay, so me and my boyfriend.. or should I say ex-boyfriend... well, this was our song.. and I hate that he broke up with me... hes confusing the CRAP outta me.. I HATE being sad... and this song come up on my Ipod, and I just couldn't help but look up the lyrics.. This remind me of him, and I mean.. He's not the cutest guy in the world.. but that didn't make a difference to me.. because he was mine, everyone told me he was cheating on me, and I didn't believe it.. I'm to forgiving.. and i HATE that! ....I just want to be happy... :\

Megan <3 | Reviewer: Schmoker | 11/2/09

this is excatly how i feel about my girl she is so beautiful and sweet and funny and everything :) and i love her so much and this is excalty how i feel about her i listen to this with her all the time :) <3

you had me at hello | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/09

This song is great, it brings back memories of my girlfriend, I loved her and still do, but I broke with her for the worst reasons. I miss her and this song just makes me feel like I'm still with her. This is a amazing song and no one can change my mind of that.

you had me at hello | Reviewer: | 10/28/09

i love this song..but it reminds me of my x bf! he was my evrythng..& then he ended it & i was hurt so bad til this day i still hav those days when i break down & cry 4 many hours @ a time..idk i guess he didnt realize how much he meant to me! :'( he was so sweet & carin & amazin..but idk i miss him tho..but we will nvr b 2gether..not evr ik that! :'( if i cld hav him hold me 1 more time..i wld do anythng! :'( ugh..i miss him! :'(

Danni<3 | Reviewer: Cruz. | 10/16/09

This song makes me think about the girl I'm in love with...she's just so amazing...She had me ever since we first met haha....we talked about balloons, to technically she had me at balloons<3 adtr is amazing :)

~thisoneguy~ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/09

reminds me of the guy Im in love with we went out for a while then I broke up with him because of things and its been lik a year now and I still love him and everytime I see him he gives me buterflyes lol maby one day we will be together again hopefully.!

teen_in_love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/09

i don't i have a car and neither does one of my best friends. they always walk me home and before we part ways we talk at my mailbox. :) why do i love this song? it's pretty much everything I'm feeling about them.

aww | Reviewer: Lauren | 10/3/09

i love this song, makes me think of this guy i like. when we first met i was sitting on a mailbox lol. ive known him for years and we dated once but i broke up with him for stupid reasons. never stopped liking him though. we're kind of talking now though, so hopefully we can give it another chance :]

you gave me butterflies at the mailbox
you had me at hello

:/ | Reviewer: Em | 9/25/09

This song reminds me of a boy I like. We dated for a long time, but it ended. I've liked im for a few years and I feel like I need to just go on, but I can't. Everytime I hear this song I think of him. Maybe things will go my way. Were kind of talking...hope! (;

everyones wit everyone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/09

I think this song is amazing, I thought I was inlove once but the girl couldn't stay in a relationship... and she cheated on me 3 times and I kept taking her back, I loved her but she didn't love me... I am really good friends wit her... but I want to be more then that, that is it.... thought I would put in my problems :) this songs is the best ADTR is an amazing band