Hope it works! | Reviewer: Dont ever give up | 11/12/12

Theres this girl and i dont really talk to her but i want to get to know her a little bit more. Shes cute and everyone tells me i should go talk to her but im a little to shy to even say hello i hope this song gives us a boost. :)

once in a life time | Reviewer: alex | 10/31/12

i dont know if she will ever see this,
but my girlfriend, me and her met on coincidence, and she walked into my class and sat behind me and it was her first day of school and she was from germany, and im in america, im a shy as hell when it comes to beautiful women,and i had her in class once and the next 3 days i had a fever of 103 and i couldnt make it school and this was prior to me moving back home to rhode island, and i lived there for 6 months and came back and walked into my old history class and she was in the back by her self with 1 seat open next to her and a 10 seats in the front open and the teacher made me sit next to her, and since the moment i saw her in the back of the classroom she looked at me and smiled and looked away, and when i sat down she looked at me and smiled and i told her hello and my name, and from that moment, i fell inlove with her, and i told her that for some reason i couldnt remember her name and when i moved away so i never got the chance to find her on facebook and apparently she found me was to scared to add me and then we exchanged emails and when we got home i added her right away, and then we started talking and i kept getting to know her more and more and i never thought some one like her can ever be interested with me, so i thought maybe i should just let her be a friend and then one day i just told her i cared about her and i liked her and wanted to kiss her, and she told me she felt the same way since i walked into class and then we ended up dating and went out for 2 1/2 months, thats the longest relationship i had, but we had to end things because she moved back to germany for school. and she has been gone for the past year and came back for 2 weeks, she had a new boyfriend that she had for the past year, and she was inlove with him for what i thought, but when she told me she was comming cause we still spoke every day for the whole year i made sure every day i talked to her, and she told me she was comming back at that moment all feelings came back, and i was inlove again and when i finally pulled up to her drive way, i saw her, and my friends who dropped me off where like whoa dude shes fucking gorgeous and she heard them and laughed and smiled and she looked at me like the way she did when i walked into class and we hung out 3 times and at the mall i finally kissed her, she didnt expect it, i told her i wanted to and she said she couldnt cause her boyfriend and was like the cheek? and i said no thats not fair i have to kiss you and i kissed her and she wrapped her arms around me and held on and kept kissing me and when we stopped she smiled really big and went on with our day. and now im currently with her in a long distance relationship and we are inlove again and happy. and i might say, if you play your cards right, the love of your life can come back and i promise you, if she is ment for you, she will come back for you.

The Best Thing in the World | Reviewer: Rory | 10/7/12

I was at school and I started talking to this girl and she liked me and I like her and now we are going through bad thing now and I try to tell her I love her but it so hard and now I have to face my fear by asking her out:)

Nunca | Reviewer: Andrea | 3/17/12

Two years ago I met a boy. It was my friend's boyfriend, and in the beggining I didn't felt anything more than friendship with him, but when I was sad he always helped me, so as weeks went he became more and more important to me. He broken up with my friend, and he told me maybe he felt something for me, and I was so hopeful... But then he started to tell me I didn't deserve him, and for months he made me feel bad. Later, he stopped to talk with me for 5 months. When he started to talk with me again was for asking help convincing the girl he liked to go out with him. I was so afraid of losing him again, and I wanted him to be happy, that I helped him and I did it.
Now, he sometimed talk to me... about her. He told me he would never love me, no matter what happened. And I just keep waiting for him, no matter what he say or do to me. I just can'f forget him, even if the most I know about him the most I think he just can't love.

(If my english is mistaken I'm sorry, I'm spanish)

Maybe hello wasnt such a good idea. :/ | Reviewer: Kristian | 1/27/12

I met a girl. we clicked instantly but she lived to far away. but we were damned and determined to make it work. there wasn't a day i didn't think about her. there still isn't. She meant the world to me! And every time i heard this song it almost brought me to tears because it reminded me of how much i missed her and what i would give to be with her. And then things took a turn for the terrible. she meat another guy...at a rave... i wasn't happy. I'm still not. There was a point that i would have terrors of them just being together. the only way i could cope was by writing my thoughts in a journal...cheesy right?? But the day of my birthday they broke up and i thought that we could try and re kindle what we had before but it seams like we just grew apart. i tried my hardest not to let that happen. On her birth day i bought her a diamond on her

Some One | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/12

When i Heard this song it really reminded me of of my ex and everything thats happend between us,, not a day goes by where i dont think about him.... not even a second. its been almost two years of us not being togeather... but all i got now is hope. or maybe nothing... he doesnt plan on coming back to me, he hates me. and i hate him for hating me for no reason. but life goes on, i know thiers someon else out thier for me someone who deserves my love my kisses my happiness...some one...

Perfect | Reviewer: Kay | 12/26/11

Id never spoken to him.. I was 12.....and then i remember it got cold and he said hello and offered me his jacket so randomly.... We were together till i was 16 and he broke my heart because he was scared to fall inlove, now im scared to let him love me again but im scared i wont find anyone i love as much as him. And he is too

I LOVE COCK. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/11

I simply love this song, me and my band do covers of it all the time, and I just sing it around the house and shit.
A Day To Remember are easy to relate to, and its always a good way to get me feeling better if I'm feeling down.
\m/ <3 <3 <3

the truth | Reviewer: lucy | 11/16/11

This song means a lot to me for it is my story <3 the lyrics are wonderful and just can't stop singing it ^.^ this is my story my whole life I was scared since I got my heart broken by my best friend. I always believed your best friend would be the one but I was sooooo!! Wrong and I'm glad. Later on I was well known as the man eater cause I would never last in a relationship I always eneded them after a week. I was always afraid and the guys I went out with for some strange reason ended in love with me just in a few days... sadly all my guy friends told me I was the perfect girlfriend. I nevered seen it in me and so I didn't believe it. I stayed afraid for 3 years going back and forth wishing my bestfriend would tell me he loved me.... he evetually did but it was too late I had changed....to the worst. I didn't trust anyone with my heart I didn't believe in love anymore. Untill one day I meet this amazing guy he's tall of course he's blashian, he skates and has long hair. For some strange reason I trusted him right away. He did have me at hello. But I never thought much of it so when my new guy best friend told me he liked me I went to him. It didn't even last a month (he broke up with me) but during that time I was with my best friend I kept thinking about that guy lol luke <3 I thought about the days me and him spent with each other. He was the first friend to care about me, he always included me and told me to stop dating as* h**** (I told him my love life x) ) well after I got dumped :D yay! I finally had the guts to luke my feelings. I asked him to go see me perform since I had a solo for the disney show my choir teacher put on. Of course he went after the show I pulled him aside from my friends and it took me a while but I litterly said "so...umm...yeah I have......something to tell you" luke said "okay what is it?" I looked at him then pow!!! I said it "I LIKE YOU!!!" Then I ranned away. He screamed out while I walked away "WELL I LIKE YOU TOO!!!!" At my grauduation he asked me to be his ^o^ were still together he is trully my everything. He calls me his future wife ^.^ I can't live with out him. He takes my breath as I take his. You can say were romantics(old fashion). True love comes in different ways you'll never know when it will find you :D

Wow. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/11

I wasn't even looking fir this song. But my ex sent me part of these lyrics. I was so in love. Then he broke up with me... Tried to get me back.. I was too scared to fall again. Then, he went out with my sister and messed up our relationship. Idk why I'm sad. I don't have feelings for him. I wanna cry now. I'll never feel for anybody the way I felt for him.

7th grade math | Reviewer: sheisgone | 9/10/11

She was my perfect match we met in seventh grade. We were together for 6 months then being the child I was I dumped her, scared to love someone, (love is for everyone, not just adults) which I was starting to do. I got scared and I left. I have been after here for 3 solid years, with each passing day she gets more beautiful to me. All I see is her beautiful face in my dreams. She is with someone she shouldn't be and so am I. I had an epiphany realizing I have only dated around in order to try find someone just like her. It Is impossible. Guys treat them right. She doesnt trust me to be with me anymore. I hurt her when we broke up. She is my had me at hello.case. I still dream about her. It hurts. Every single day when I hear about who she is with. I don't want her gone. I can't get her back. It's like relationship purgatory.

:( fml what did i doo!!! | Reviewer: Giggles | 8/16/11

so i had a birthday party and i saw the guy i like walk in and in my head i was like"omg.....he...he..is perfect". he gave me the biggest smile ever and the whole time he wouldnt leave my side. unfortunately he is best friends with my ex and they were both there. my ex got mad and left early so the guy i like had to leave early to. cause they rode to the party together. but the whole time he was there he kept smiling at me and would hug me and picked me up. later on that night a little bit before he left i spilled a little bit of pop on him and he was like "hey!? its alright" and smiled at me. after the party we texted each other nonstop. we would flirt back and forth and i actually told him i liked him and he told me he liked me too. i was so happy but after 2 weeks he stopped texting me and everytime i texted hey he wouldnt answer i texted him something like"im sorry if i said something id like to talk to you again" he never answered...i dream about him alot but i dont think i should cause he doesnt talk to me...when i first met him at this haunted house we both worked at he had me at hello i always liked him but i have a felling i should try to forget about him. i dont get that he just stopped texting me..:(

my story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/11

The first time I met you I knew, you literally had me at hello <3. I never thought someone as amazing as you would ever love someone below average like myself. We've talked for about 4 months and I knew I loved you. You stole my heart when you said "hi" to me, and now I can actually call you mine. I love you so much you mean the world to me. You mean more than the moon and starts. I love you D.W.S. <3

Our song<3 | Reviewer: Darian | 7/17/11

My fiancé and I love this song. People think it's wrong for a 16 and 17 year old to be engaged. Well screw them. But every time we listen to this song, our love gets stronger and stronger threw every word. Between he and I, explaining our love for each other would be like explaining how water tastes: simply impossible. I'll love him 'til the day I die. And even then after that, I'll still love him all the same<3

To the guy below me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/11

I literally just got dumped I'm listening to adtr to mend my heart. For some reason I feel your pain and your story stands out to me allot... I feel the same way with the whole phone thing. I'm gunna do the same. You'll be okay. Simple as that. So smile if you ever read this.